5 Reasons Why a Job as a Voice over Artist Is Perfect For Readers

Did you ever think that your love for reading could contribute to a freelance job that can earn you a lot of extra cash? Well it can and the main reason for this is because readers usually already have a few ground base skills that is required for doing voice overs.

5 Reasons Why a Job as a Voice over Artist Is Perfect For Readers
5 Reasons Why a Job as a Voice over Artist Is Perfect For Readers

What exactly is a voice over artist?

A voice over artist is someone that voices radio advertisements, podcasts and sometimes even video advertisements or news feeds.  They are mostly paid on freelance base to create advertisements for businesses and these advertisements are then launched live on radio or on websites to promote a certain product or service.

5 reasons why readers become fantastic voice over artists

Those with a love for reading and a passion for literature are perfect for a job in voice over acting because of the following main reasons; 

The job suits your passion – If reading is your passion then writing is likely also one of the biggest dreams that you have been harboring since childhood.  Voice over acting involves a lot of ad or script writing and readers are usually perfect for this job genre because they already know how to present information in an understandable way and how to communicate information so the interest of listeners will instantly be captured. 

It is a versatile job – Voice acting is a versatile job because there are so many different positions to fill.  You can voice different animated characters, create radio adverts or voice video advertisements.  The job is also quite flexible since you can do your work at times that suit you which leave plenty of room for your passion for reading. 

The job is great fun – Another good reason for readers to pick this specific job is because you are paid to have fun.  Doing voice overs is great fun especially if you are creating energetic, positive or humoristic voice over adverts. 

Something new every day – Another good reason to choose this job is because you are faced with new tasks each and every day.  Every voice over is completely unique and every project gives you something fresh and exciting to do each and every time you get to work. 

You meet a lot of new people – When you are doing voice overs you are constantly engaging with new and interesting people.  This is terrific for keeping your job and life interesting and especially for expanding contacts.

Here’s how to get started in voice overs

The voice over industry news service isn’t the easiest career field to enter but is definitely worth your time.  To get started in voice overs you will need to learn all there is to know about voice overs.  Next you will have to invest in the right recording and editing software.  When you have those in place the next big step will be to get in a lot of practice.  Practice your voice, practice your writing, practice your recording skills and above all; perfect your editing skills so your voice overs will be perfect, captivating and interesting.  Finally you can sign up on freelancing sites and start applying for these job opportunities so you can start earning cash.

Reading on Cigar Humidors

Information is power and the more information you have, the better. There are many sources of information and one of the sure sources of information is reading. Reading opens up our minds to what we did not know and helps us to get knowledge on the relevant subject. There are many sources of the information we read and that influences the authenticity of the information.

When it comes to some topics, people don’t give it urgency as compared to other topics and that influences the outcome. There are also some topics that are not widely read. This includes reading on cigar humidors. As much as there might not be many books on cigar humidors, there are many blogs and websites with information on cigar humidors. They include sites such as cigar humidor guy. They will give you all the relevant information you need on cigar humidors.

Fresh Cigars

Some of the importance of reading on cigar humidor includes:

Helps you make the right purchase

It is only by reading and vast research that you will be able to make a wise decision when it comes to purchasing of cigar humidors. Truth is that there are many cigar humidors in the market and what works well for a certain person may not necessarily work well for you. It is therefore important to know the different variants so that you can make a better choice when you have to buy a cigar humidor.

Keep you informed on the latest trends

By reading a lot on cigar humidors, you will able to stay informed on the latest technological trends as far as cigar humidors are concerned and that can help you in decision making to make a good decision.

Know on alternatives

Upon reading on cigar humidors, you will be able to know on the cigar humidor alternatives out in the market and that can help in influencing on the decision that you will make in terms of a cigar humidor. Upon reading you will know the brands and types of cigar humidors and that will help you know what to choose.

Know how it operates

Upon reading you will have a deeper understanding of how cigar humidors operate and that will help you in knowing the exact mechanism that is involved in keeping your cigars fresh for longer. By having knowledge on how it operates you can know how to choose the right cigar humidor since you already know how it works. Knowing the mechanism of the cigar humidor will help you know how to fix the humidor in case it is not functioning properly or in case something in it is broken.


There are a thousand more reasons why reading on cigar humidors is important. Generally the more information you have the better. You can never go wrong with reading and seeking as much information as possible on a certain subject. Good thing is that with technology we can even stay informed on our mobile phones and not necessarily in a library.

Tips to Instigate Reading Habits in You

Folks are not oblivious to the tremendous benefits of reading books. Books enable them to see the world in a better way. They play a significant role in up surging the personal development to a next stage. You start thinking deeper and get your skills sharpened. Likewise, books help you keep the anxieties away. People stand in need of them in almost every field of life, but some just fail to concentrate. They get distracted by reading 2 or 3 pages and drag a book around the months. If you do not want to make yourself deprived of good words, approach the following tips to develop reading habits.

Tips to Instigate Reading Habits in You

  • Make Time For Reading:

Your calendar might be crowded by lots of commitments, projects, and task and you think a routine like this does not let you touch a book. Nonetheless, it is not like you have to devote hours a day to reading. Even a few minutes van benefit you with a deal. Try to put it in your schedule. Take advantage of the free time at the office. The best part about books is you can read them anyplace.

Your weekends can assist you in making some time for reading. Sitting on a hammock chair in your backyard and green grass and beautiful plants all around you is a perfect combo for a weekend. Hammock chair would make your reading more amusing. You might not have one already, and mission hammocks can introduce you to the best of these chairs, both indoor and outdoor.

In addition to the quality, you should consider a purchase from them as this company has a mission to help disabled people by employing them. These folks have hands in manufacturing their product. Visit https://www.missionhammocks.com/ to find out more about the types, quality, and price.

  • List Of Books For Each Month:

Once you start giving some of your time to books daily, the next thing you should do is to make a list of all the amazing books. They could be related to your profession or the books by some inspirational personalities. If you are not good at picking the best material, you can ask for recommendations from your friends. Having a list of good collection would help you pick every next book without waste of time.

Another amazing thing you can do is writing the keynotes and lessons that would help you catch up afterward when you are done with the book, but you need inspiration.

  • Get The Online Tools That Encourage Reading:

Reading habits cannot be the same for every person. Some folks like it as having a paper in hand, a good reading environment with the appropriate seat to stay focused. On the contrary, several people prefer tablets, mobile apps, eBook readers and other online tools. It is a fast way to access the knowledge. Nevertheless, everything you find online may not be for you. Ensure you have a right online tool that is providing you what you want.

  • Get A Reading Partner:

A partner who is reading enthusiast and his/her willingness to learn will always be of assistance. Create reading plans with him/her. Your partner would always become a source of motivation for you. Likewise, being a part of a book club is one of the options. They would help you deal with your concentration issues. They keep on motivating you and inspire you to grow with knowledge. Being a solo ranger might become a hurdle in developing a reading habit. Getting encouraged by other individuals would help you succeed as well.

The Importance of Reading

How important is reading books in people’s lives? That is a question that people are bound to answer differently because different people have different reasons for reading. Bottom line is that getting into the habit of reading a book often is good for your overall being. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the reasons why it is important to read. There is so much content to read nowadays, including content that is free. The internet is another source of information, and one will never run short of something to read and keep them busy. Like they say, knowledge is the best weapon that anyone can have, and one of the way that one can acquire it is through reading. Check out some of the reasons why you should take reading a little more seriously below:

The Importance of Reading

Reading is fundamental to functioning in today’s society

Imagine living in today’s world and not knowing how to read, not even the simple instructions on a medicine bottle? You wouldn’t even be able to drive because you wouldn’t be able to read road signs. For granted as we may take it, reading is fundamental to our functioning today.

Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job

All jobs require you to be able to read nowadays, no matter how simple they may seem. As a matter of fact, it would be very hard to get a well-paying dream job if you don’t know how to read. Reading and comprehension skills are a must today.

Reading is important because it develops the mind

Practice makes perfect, and the same goes for the mind. In order for it to grow in its ability, people need to read and understand. When children are young, they are taught to read so that they can develop their communication and language skills. This also helps them to learn to listen to other, vital skills for the future.

Why is reading important?

In order to discover and learn new things, we need to read and understand what we are reading. With the skill of reading and understanding, anyone can educate themselves on new things, and especially in this digital era that is filled with information.

Reading develops the imagination

TV’s and computer games create amusement for us, but reading, it develops the imagination.

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Follow your dream and read as much as you can. If you need time off work or school to do so, use a fake doctors note generator to create a doctor’s note with an excuse.

Why is Linkedin Important?

Most books are meant to be read. However, some are written to be used. If you have a passion for books and like to collect unique books, you must join LinkedIn to assist others as well. In this day and age, it is challenging to come across hard copy editions of old classics and novels that were famous in their time.

However, with the right contacts and the right mindset, you can do wonders. LinkedIn helps you meet others like you who share this passion. Potential buyers can meet potential sellers. Various folks do not know how significant LinkedIn can turn out to be useful in this regard. Now, let’s take this metaphor and apply it to make your LinkedIn account better and help yourself to understand its importance.

Try these suggestions on for size:

Uploading a Good Resume

You are a person who is making rare books available to the wider public. That is an unusual job, and numerous people might not understand right away when they see your LinkedIn profile. Nonetheless, with a good resume, you can get your message across easily. Take assistance of the best resume’ writing service, so you do not leave anything to chance.

Why is Linkedin Important?

This service helps you to compose a resume’ that suits the kind of audience you would like to attract. It will concentrate on your achievements in this book’s business and highlight the wonderful things you have done in the past for this market. The readers would understand what it is you are trying to do and will respond because of your resume’. Various companies provide an excellent resume’. However, resumeinterviewcareercoach.com offers the quality of work and the outstanding results. They have an entire blog explaining their services and the process.

A Good Profile Picture

For someone who is trying to get popular on LinkedIn and getting more persons to read books, you must focus on your profile picture. A profile picture is a very first thing anyone noticed when he or she click on your profile. As your business is different from the usual corporate companies, you require an image that is both friendly and professional.

It should show the individuals what you are trying to bring to the market. It is not recommended that you put a logo or something that contains letters only. It is better if you stick to your picture so that it would be easier for others to contact you. Keep a smile on your face as it is a friendly gesture. Likewise, you can opt for a more professional look and upload a vivid and focused photo.

The Summary Section

The summary section on your LinkedIn profile is a good way to promote your business in a few lines or by uploading a few media files. Imagine yourself as the buyer of books and the collector of novels. You are searching for a company or person that can give you access to these books.

What are the main things you will notice about the sellers LinkedIn profile? Once you have pictured this scenario in your mind, you can produce an excellent summary. Keep it short because no one likes to see a long review. You can even add a small introduction video which expresses your main details.

People tend to click on profiles which embrace more media files. Use this to your advantage. You understand the prominence of LinkedIn when you meet potential buyers and clients which you would not have been able to find otherwise.

E-Readers VS Actual Books – Which Gives the Best Reader Experience

Reading is so good for developing a strong mind and you learn so much by reading a lot of books.  There is nothing better than snuggling into a warm and fuzzy blanket with a great book.  One of the biggest debates between book lovers is the big e-reader VS actual book argument.  Is the reading experience better on digital format or do traditional printed books offer a much better reading experience?  To answer these questions we are first going to have a quick look at the top pros and cons of each of these book types.

E-Readers VS Actual Books – Which Gives the Best Reader Experience

Top e-reader pros

  • Cheaper books
  • Less storage space required
  • Improved mobility
  • Access to just about any book imaginable
  • The ability to adjust font sizing according to your need

Top e-reader cons

  • Expensive device cost
  • Battery life is always an issue
  • Can be bad for your eyesight

Top book pros

  • That book smell!
  • Great for gifting
  • Great for collecting
  • Can be much more comfortable
  • Can give you a better reading experience since
  • No worries about battery life
  • Can be passed down or resold so many times
  • It is a lot harder to lose the literature work when it is in actual print than on digital format. If traditional books only existed on electronic copy they could easily be lost to the world forever if no one decides to keep a copy.

Top book cons

  • Printing means cutting down trees
  • It can be hard to transport a lot of books
  • Font sizing can be a problem if you have visual imparities

With all of these pros and cons it is quite easy to see that the best possible reading experience firstly depends on your situation and secondly on your personality.  If you are constantly on the go then obviously the e-reader will be much handier since you can fit hundreds of e-books into the same device.   E-readers are probably also better if you are someone that loves technology.  Those that love to enjoy a quitter, more relaxed vibe with the rich aroma of ink combined with the smell of freshly ground coffee or a light smoke from the fireplace drifting into the air can definitely rather go for an actual printed book.  Page books are however also a much better option for children since technology isn’t the best option for family bonding and for learning.

Find the best bookstores near you

In our modern techno obsessed world it can be hard to find a good bookstore near you.  Bookstores Canada is a terrific site where all the best bookstores are listed in all major cities.  And if you are looking for recommendations to a great bookstore that features plenty of title and author varieties to choose from then you can definitely check out Chapters in Newmarket.  Chapters are one of the best bookstore franchises in Ontario and a definite must if you are looking for a good read.

Books with Private School Preoccupations

People love a good private school romance or adventure. There’s something about the exclusive private and boarding school lifestyle that attracts a vast array of readers. So, if you have been looking for some great books with private school fixations, we have the list for you!

Maybe you are attending a private high school in Perth, and you have been wondering what all the hype is about. Certainly, if you are a student at All Saints’ College then you know the value of a good education. You appreciate the deliberately designed curriculum created to give you a rigorous academic workout. But, maybe you would rather not think about all your studies and dive into a book you can relate to instead. Look no further.

Books with Private School Preoccupations

40 Books Private School Fanatics Need to Read

Whether you are currently engaged in the private school life, or just wish you were, these books have everything you are looking for. You will find intrigue, secret societies, dangers, and even vampires. These are the 40 books private school fanatics need to read:

  1. I’d Tell You I love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You- By Ally Carter
  2. Secret Society Girl- By Diana Peterfreund
  3. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks- By E. Lockhart
  4. Prep- By Curtis Sittenfeld
  5. Looking for Alaska- By John Green
  6. Vampire Academy- By Richelle Mead
  7. Anna and the French Kiss- By Stephanie Perkins
  8. The Catcher in the Rye- By JD Salinger
  9. A Separate Peace- By John Knowles
  10. The Secret History- By Donna Tartt
  11. The Ivy- By Lauren Kunze
  12. The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver- By E. Lockhart
  13. Special Topics in Calamity Physics- By Marisha Pessl (read this)
  14. Admission- By Jean Hanff Korelitz
  15. The Rules of Attraction- By Bret Easton Ellis
  16. I am Charlotte Simmons- By Tom Wolfe
  17. Chole Does Yale- By Natalie Krinsky
  18. Blue Bloods- By Melissa de la Cruz
  19. Slightly Out of Tune- By Idir Aitsahalia
  20. The Year of the Gadfly- By Jennifer Miller
  21. Old School- By Tobias Wolff
  22. Oh Beauty- By Zadie Smith
  23. Commencement- By J. Courtney Sullivan
  24. Invitation Only- By Kate Brian
  25. The Lake of Dead Languages- By Carol Goodman
  26. Stalk Me- By Jillian Dodd
  27. Schooled- By Anisha Lakhani
  28. The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them- By E. Lockhart
  29. Night School- By C.J. Daughtery
  30. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie- By Muriel Speak
  31. Date Me- By Jillian Dodd
  32. One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School- By Scott Turow (learn more)
  33. Posh- By Lucy Jackson
  34. A Prayer for Owen Meany- By John Irving
  35. Hacking Harvard- By Robin Wasserman
  36. The Rule of Four- By Ian Caldwell
  37. Wonder Boys- By Michael Chabon
  38. The Marriage Plot- By Jeffrey Eugenides
  39. The Red Book- By Deborah Copaken Kogan
  40. Gentlemen and Players- By Joanne Harris

And, if this list of books isn’t long enough for you, feel free to continue reading the rest of it here. You will certainly find something you want to read there, just in case we missed it here.

Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

Several people are often very creative and good readers too. When you finish a good book or just lie awake at night, you might have a revelation of a brilliant idea which you immediately want to convert into a story. However, due to the busy life you lead, this might not be possible.

For folks who go through a similar situation and who would like to write down their ideas and turn them into books, this article is for you. Pitching your idea to writers in an engaging manner is very imperative. There are some writers out there who are willing to write for you, but they first require to understand your idea. So if you would like to the best of the best, present your idea to them in a way that they just cannot refuse to build a story on it.

Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

1) Get Your Message Across

Now that you have a good idea in your mind, you should get this across to the writers. You can use pitch deck PowerPoint PPT templates to do this. These templates embrace the best features needed to express an idea and to pitch it to the potential writers. These templates are used by big and small startups and companies who are looking for investors or potential customers. You can use them for your idea and present it as a business would.

Doing that would not only make your work more professional, but it shows how much this idea means to you as well. Go to theinspirationblog.net and see the incredible features of templates. The features available on these templates can be altered and customized according to your specific requirements. If your story idea is darker and goes towards the horror side, the theme you can use in these templates can be a bit dull and not too colorful. While if your story idea is more in the romance genre, you have the choice of using colors and other features to get the right writer.

2) Summarize Your Idea

The problem with pitching an idea and then expecting a writer to write a whole book is that you must be able to allow the author to write the way they prefer. However, this means that the final chapter might not be what you initially wanted it to be. For that reason, you have to prepare yourself, or if you would like the writer to go according to your expectations, you must summarize the idea into a few paragraphs.

Have an initial plan and likewise write about how you want the story to go from the first page to the last. You and your selected writer can then talk about the changes and collaborate to make the perfect thing. This summarization of the idea allows a more open and secure communication between you both.

3) Open Communication

You would only be able to get a good book built from your idea if you have an open discussion with the writer you select. When you are pitching the idea, you should highlight this point and from the very beginning, be open with one another.

The veracious writer is always the one you feel comfortable in talking to and who you feel would be open to you even if things are not going smoothly. You both can figure the story out together if he or she gets stuck somewhere. Ensure to make this a highlighted point when you start the selection of a writer or when you discuss your book idea with them.

Why You Should Get an E-Reader

Most readers prefer the smell of a new book or how the pages feel against their fingertips rather than not having that experience at all. That is why they still choose to buy books over getting an e-reader for themselves. Reading from a screen may not seem as fun as it is from a book but if you give it a chance, you can adapt. Initially, when we tried an e-reader we weren’t too fond of it but with time it slowly grew on us. The reason because it provides so much more convenience in other ways.


If you travel a lot with a book then you know it can be a hassle. Not only do books weigh you down but there is a chance you can misplace them easily, especially if you carry more than one at a time. An e-reader are light and compact so you can easily put them in your purse without them dragging you down.

E-readers also allow you to carry multiple books at once, hundreds depending on the capacity of your e-reader. Just think about how much space and weight you will save on your next vacation when you don’t need to carry 3-4 books with you because you will have them on your e-reader.

Why You Should Get an E-Reader

Define words and read in another language

Most e-readers come with a dictionary installed. So if you do not know the meaning of a word, you can click on it and ask for a definition. The e-reader will provide you with one on the screen, so you don’t have to scramble for your dictionary. Not only has that, e-reader can helped you understand another language as the dictionary can help you define words from other languages to understand them better. This is great for those that are learning a new language.

Take notes as you read

With an e-reader you can underline and highlight text that you want. This allows you to take notes while you read. The best part is when you want, you can export the notes and the e-reader will only extract the highlighted, underlined content for you. Saves a lot of time for you since you don’t have to write the text out yourself.

Access to free content

The internet is a wonderful place where you can get a lot of free content. Like content, you have access to a lot of free books online also. With an e-reader, you can easily download the books and have access to them whenever you want to read.

Save time and money

You may have to spend extra money when purchasing an e-reader but you actually save money in the long run. How? You no longer have frequent trips to the bookstore and e-readers offer discounts on and off on books while also offering free books.

Do we have you convinced? Well, if you are interested and looking for an e-reader then we recommend you visit pickmyreader.com. This website will help you pick the right e-reader for you.

Film Production Books for the Professional Film Maker

While you might be able to learn a lot on the internet about film making, books are still a hugely valuable resource. No matter your stage in the film making process, there are books that can give you step by step guidance and offer you advice from experts. That’s why we created this list of film production books for the professional film maker.

Of course, before you can even start making films you will need to find the right camera. It’s up to you whether or not you want to put the camera before the book. But, if you do, we recommend you check out the Sony HDR-AX2000. This is a high definition professional camcorder. Your videos can be saved to solid state media for editorial purposes and it creates 1920 x 1080 HD video. It’s certainly an excellent place to start, and then you’re off to reading…

Professional Film Maker

7 Top Books for Your Film Making Adventures

Getting into the film making field is an exciting endeavor. You will undoubtedly find great value in these 7 top books for your film making adventures:

  1. The Videomaker Guide to Video Production– Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie, this is a useful guide. There are a variety of topics in a well-organized framework. You’ll learn about cutting edge tools, core principles, and how to edit video to professional standards. Everything you need to know about lighting, audio, editing, equipment, and high definition can be found within its pages.
  2. The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age: 2013 Edition– While this book might appear a bit dated, it’s an authoritative guide for things like distribution, shooting, editing, directing, and producing your own films. Video courses all over the world utilize this book in their curriculum. Read this.
  3. Video Shooter: Mastering Storytelling Techniques– This one has humor and wit throughout. It takes a deeper look at the discipline of the 3D and 2D image maker. You’ll better understand the necessity of a clear point of view and the emotional impact of color palettes. Plus, it will help you steer clear of generic shots and angles. You will learn how to drive a story and elevate your craft in these pages.
  4. Single-Camera Video Production Fifth Edition- If you’re looking for a complete overview of the video production process this book is a must have. It’s specifically focused on techniques associated with single-camera production. It’s easy to follow and concise. Plus, there are tons of illustrations to better assist understanding.
  5. How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make any Amateur Look Like a Pro– If you’re looking to make your videos much better, this is the book for you. You’ll learn how to think like a director even if you don’t have the greatest equipment at your disposal. Though it is composed of 74 chapters, they are brief and you can learn a lot just by skimming.
  6. The Complete Film Production Handbook– Basically, this book is suitable for students and professionals. It incorporates literally everything you need to know no matter what your role in the film making process. There are even forms and contracts included. Learn more.
  7. The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide: A Down & Dirty DV Production– We didn’t want to leave out those of you looking to make a documentary. This book will show you how to do more with less. And, there’s a DVD set with it.

If you’re looking for other suggestions, click this.