Inculcating the Habit of Book Reading in Your Kids

Of all the amazing things in the world which assist you in soothing, reading books comes first! Reading is one of those surprising habits that tend to transform the personality of a person. Books can help in changing the way a person talks, things he/she says and the way they think. The character of an individual is a reflection of his habits. If he is a fan of sports, he will talk more about it. On the other hand, an individual who loves reading would quote a famous Shakespeare dialogue occasionally. Your habits make or break your personality.

Inculcating the Habit of Book Reading in Your Kids

Reading is certainly an active pattern. However, to enjoy it to the most, you need to make some special arrangements to convert this process of reading from simple to extraordinary. That can be done by having a unique ambiance around you while you are reading. Even cultivating this habit in your kids is significant, and you must make sure they start reading books at their early age. While staying at home, you can create an exceptional environment for reading:

  • Instill this habit in their lives:

Kids tend to follow their parents. Not being an avid reader, you cannot add this habit in your children. You need to set an example so they can start to follow. When kids watch you reading books for years, they will imbibe the habit of reading in their lives. They will be more concerned about completing the last portion of their book rather than flipping on the TV and start watching the cartoons. Moreover, to embolden this habit in your kid, buy new and exciting books as soon as they finish the old ones. If you would like your children to be happy make sure they read books on happiness, likewise if you want them to be healthy, teach them to read books on nutrition/health.

  • Remove physical obstacles:

Dim lights and a cluttered house could be one reason why your kid will not be interested in reading. Decluttering the room and make it appear comfortable is the very first thing that would attract your kids to sit there and read their favorite books. Next, you require to make the room brighter! A dark room with no or fewer lights makes the process of learning difficult.

Buying good quality lamps and installing them at various places in the room will help you as well as your kids in reading the books comfortably. Floor lamps can also be utilized in this scenario. Some of the best floor lamps to have are the Ikea 003.048.60 “NOT” Floor Uplight Lamp, and the Brightech – Litespan LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp, which are available at very reasonable price and embrace nifty features. Nevertheless, whichever lamp you choose make sure it’s an energy efficient lamp and robust at the same time.

  • Don’t force it:

Initially, there is a possibility that your kid would be reluctant to read the books handed over to him/her. That is not rare! If she/he is not used to something and you force that to them, lack of interest would surely come. There are certain ways to overcome this hesitancy. The first thing is not to be dominant. Being bossy means ordering your kid to keep reading a book even when you can clearly see his apathy. That will only discourage your kids from taking on this hobby.

  • Make it fun:

If your kid cannot divert his attention towards reading, you need to come up with some fun ways that would make him/her interested in book reading. Like, buy them a book that relates to their interest. Doing that develop their interest and they would love to start reading.

Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

Writing articles for magazines is certainly a dream come true for a number of journalists. This is on the grounds that the pay is normally tremendous. Not just that, it can likewise offer introduction that can prompt more article written work ventures in the future. The following are the things that you have to learn keeping in mind the end goal to write astounding articles for magazines:

Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

  1. Make a point to pick a theme that you’re a specialist on or you feel inspired by.

You’ll be well on the way to deliver amazing magazine articles in the event that you pick topics that are incorporated into your expert subjects and areas of interest. Publishers dependably search for articles that contain detailed data or those that are exceptionally definitive. We would suggest that you list down every one of the things that you feel you’re great at. At that point, pick those ones that you can easily pitch to various magazines.

  1. Pick intriguing topics.

You have better odds of getting your articles distributed in the event that they’re extremely intriguing. Concentrate your picked theme deliberately and make sense of the points that were not yet talked about before and those that will grab your intended interest group by the neck. Likewise, ensure that you don’t expound on general subjects. Publishers generally don’t care for articles that contain excessive data that are not by any means helpful or gainful to their readers.

  1. Examine.

Regardless of the possibility that you feel that you know your picked subject back to front, we am certain it wouldn’t hurt in the event that you conduct some extra research. This will without a doubt enable you to get more helpful and new data that can make your articles more instructive and more important to the eyes of your intended audience. Read important assets and if necessary, meet different specialists.

  1. Make an outline.

The next stage is to make an outline that you can take after when writing your articles. This must contain the ideas that you will talk about on your presentation, article body, and conclusion. Choose and decide if you will include pictures, tributes, and illustrations.

  1. Write your articles.

Not at all like when writing news articles, you’re not required to take after particular structure or configuration when writing your magazine articles. You can be as imaginative as you need to be. To snare your readers, we recommend that you write using their language. It will likewise help in the event that you endeavor to sound upbeat and warm constantly. Keep in mind, your readers are reading magazine articles not simply to get educated but rather to be engaged too.

When writing an article for an online magazine, there are other things that you need to incorporate as well. Most magazines prefer to get their articles SEO optimized so as to increase their ranking. If you don’t have any idea about what SEO is or how it works, or if you’d like to consult the services of an expert to assist you, then Abraham Zaiderman is your go-to person! His consultation services will leave you satisfied and assist you in performing your job as best as you can.

How to Reward Yourself after Reaching Your Reading Goals

Have you ever set yourself reading goals, that at some point you thought they are not attainable and you achieved? That’s the best feeling ever, the feeling of self-accomplishment. The goals can be set individually or in a group and if you achieved them, it is good to have a self-reward system. A self-reward system is not only good for our wellbeing but will also trigger our minds to want to achieve more which is good for self-development in the long run. There are many ways which you can reward yourself, and they may include:

How to Reward Yourself after Reaching Your Reading Goals

Go to the spa

Yes, the spa might be a bit expensive though this depends on the level of luxury the spa offers but this is a great way of rewarding yourself. Since it is not something that you can do every day, you can give yourself a treat for reaching your goal. As much as with a hot towel warmer you can achieve some of the spa treatments at home, there is nothing that beats you just seated there and there is someone pampering you.


If you fancy traveling, you can treat yourself by going to a destination that you fancy. It does not have to be somewhere far or somewhere very costly but it will have a positive effect.

Go to that concert or that event

Have you ever really wanted to go to a certain event but you feel you don’t have the time or you feel it’s too expensive? Well you can do it as a reward. Spoil yourself by going to that event even though it may be beyond your budget.

Buy that new outfit

If you are a shopaholic and you love sopping or you have been strictly saving for a certain financial goal, well this time you can break the laws a bit and go get yourself that outfit you fancy as a reward system for attaining your goal.


Busy lifestyles have made it so hard to get enough time to sleep. This has made many people to be sleep deprived, and even if they have time to sleep they will not as they will feel it’s a waste of time. As a reward system, you can engage your body in having enough sleep. Take a weekend off and sleep. It has many positive effects on the body.


There are many ways in which we can self-reward ourselves; it just depends on what we fancy and many other factors. Basically people reward themselves with things that they would not easily get on a regular day. It may be in form of buying yourself a gift or taking yourself somewhere you fancy for a treat, the possibilities are many. According to research, self-reward has many positive effects on our brain and if we decide on the reward while setting the goal it may motivate us to achieve our goal even faster. So next time you are setting that goal set a reward as well and see the difference it will make.

Reading Amongst Teens

Parents and teachers usually find themselves reading out loud for younger children. They sort of ignore their older children’s reading, probably assuming that they can read on their own. It’s very important for children in their teenage years to continue with the reading culture. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why it is important for teens to read.


Reading should be something that teens enjoy doing and they should not look at it like a chore. Many libraries have reading programs or book clubs where teens can leisurely read or compete for book points. Teenagers also engage more and improve on their comprehension when parents read with them, making them understand text better. An article on the National Center for the Learning Disabilities website states that reading for fun improves teenagers’ reading comprehension.

Reading Amongst Teens


This is the information age, and in order for people to get employment, they need to have very high levels of literacy. These teenagers will soon finish school and join the workforce, but in order to advance their careers, it’s a must that they are strong readers. People need strong reading skills in order to run households, participate in community events and function well in a daily social life.

Standardized Testing

Most standardized tests, such as the ACT, have a reading portion. These tests check how well students can read and answer based on passages. There is also the fact that when joining college, candidates might be required to do a number of tests in order to qualify for admittance. Some high schools require exit exams that include reading, before they can let you move on to the next stage. In short, there are bound to be many reading tests along the way and you don’t want your teenager missing out on opportunities.

College Prep

No matter the major that they take, students must read and understand vast amounts of material when they finally join college. That is the reason why high school teachers should prepare teenagers for this by assigning thought-provoking and diverse reading material. Teenagers might not like it, but at the end of the day it is geared towards improving their reading skills for the future. Parents who fear their child is not on course for college material can consult with reading specialists at the high school. There are also community colleges that offer reading classes in readiness for college.

Parenting Monkey

If you would like to read more articles like the one above, kindly check out, an online magazine that publishes the latest gossip, news and anything regarding parenting and life. They offer news articles on a wide range of parenting topics from how to handle very young children down to teenagers. This is a priceless resource for parents that are struggling to raise their children or even those that are looking forward to having children in the future. Besides giving parents tips, it is also a great resource for college students since it is full of helpful information. Read about the importance of reading for teenagers here, and sign up for the latest news bits to be delivered directly into your inbox.


Reading is something that should be nurtured in teenagers because it provides them with the skills for their future. Parenting Monkey is an online magazine that talks everything about life and parenting. People can learn a lot from it regarding all sorts of situations.

The Best Ways to Protect Your Bookstore

A bookstore is one of the best businesses to start if you are a book lover.  Can you honestly imagine a better job than reading, writing reviews, ordering books and selling books?  What better type of job can there possibly is in the world where each and every supply delivery feels like opening a fantastic Christmas gift filled with goodies that you are passionate about?  What better way to spend an afternoon than reading the latest book releases and giving your clients sneak peeks at the best chapters?  A bookstore is glorious!  It is no wonder that you might be doing your best to protect your bookstore as much as possible. So how do you go about protecting your bookstore when it is already so hard to keep the interest of readers when there are so many other reading sources on technological devices?  Well, here are just a few ideas that will secure your bookstore no matter what happens.

The Best Ways to Protect Your Bookstore

Get life insurance

Life is short and death doesn’t ring a doorbell.  It sneaks up on you and can take you at any given moment which can be catastrophic for your bookstore. If you want your bookstore to continue on long after you are gone then life insurance is a must because family left behind can use this money to pay off business debt and to keep the store going for a long time to come.

Invest in the best security systems

Tight security is a must for any type of shop.  Books are quite easy to steal and you don’t want robbers to run away with your expensive merchandise or to get their fingers into your hard earned cash.  Invest in a good alarm system and consider CCTV systems to reduce theft.

Get general liability insurance

Want to protect your bookstore from disasters like fire or even flooding?  Well, then general liability insurance is also a must because all of your damaged merchandise and even your furniture and office equipment will be covered in case of disasters.

Get vehicle insurance

You can also protect your company vehicles with insurance that will pay out in case of accidents or theft so this business asset can be completely safe.

Get property insurance

Do you own the property of your bookstore or is your bookstore at your house?  Then property insurance is also a must to secure your business.  The only problem is finding the right insurance firm that won’t give you any issues when it is time to pay up.  Alliance and Associates is a great organization that you can check out online right now to get your bookstore all the protection it needs because you can use their online quotation tool to get quotations from all insurance companies for all insurance types instantly.  With this tool you can find the most affordable solutions at the highest quality firms and give your bookstore the most secure future possible.

Try to go digital as much as possible

E-books are much more secure because you won’t lose any cash if the books don’t sell and with an ecommerce store you can act as a third party seller and sell books without ever touching them.  Try to create a digital business as much as possible so you can reduce the risk of owning actual merchandise and earn more.

Things You Need to Know About a School Before You Enroll Your Kid

The most important decision that one can make as a parent is whether to have a child or not. That is closely followed by the second most important decision, which is choosing which school to enrol your child. Putting them in the right direction could put them in track for a successful career in the future, we are going to take a look at some of the things that you need to know about a school before you choose to enrol your child there.

In Preschool, the Relationship Between Teacher and Student Is Key

One of the most important things in education is the connection between the child and the teacher. In their early ages, kids are surrounded by loving people, whether the parents or siblings, and preschool is actually their first time they spend so much time away. In this case, you would want a preschool teacher that is very engaged.

A good teacher should be able to talk about individual students’ strengths and weaknesses and be well informed of their background, interests, emotional and academic achievements. This is a teacher that takes great pride in his or her students’ progress and is consistently open to their improvement. Teachers that are too authoritarian, barking orders and being harsh should be avoided.

Things You Need to Know About a School Before You Enroll Your Kid

The Early Years: Words, Words, Words

During their early years, it is important that kids are surrounded by words. Be sure that the class has books and they constantly spend time in the library, not just the classroom. There should be plenty of time set aside for reading, reading instruction and storytelling. In the preschool and kindergarten years, be sure the teacher is providing the building blocks for learning to read. They should focus on syllabication, e.g., “B makes the ‘bah’ sound” and “the boy had a big blue ball.”

Math Cannot Be an Afterthought

It’s important to make sure that your child is exposed to math concepts right from the word go. In human beings of all ages, there is a certain kind of math ability seems to be innate and has been measured days after birth. Teachers should discuss basic math concepts with students. Things like greater than, less than, bigger, smaller and reinforcing the number concept. Parents are also supposed to follow up at home by doing simple things such as counting the number of apples or cheerios with their kids. A word of caution, if you did not like maths as a student, don’t tell your children about it because you’ll pass the anti-math sentiment on to them. Instead of telling children they are bad at math, encourage them by telling them to try harder next time. It is not a talent, it is something that is developed.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Standardized-Test Scores

Sometimes, good test scores can be an indication that a school is doing a very good job of educating its students, but other times it can be an indication that the school is teaching to the test. Standardized tests only measure about a third of the curriculum that should be being taught in the school, which means if the school is only teaching the test material, your child is missing out on a lot. Ideally, a school will teach a rich and complicated curriculum, wherein students get a tremendous amount of information, with the test answers embedded throughout.

There Is No Excuse for a School Day with No Recess

Recess increases the cognitive functioning of the body. It’s important to have schools with playgrounds, where the kids can play. They need a break from the rigor, at least twenty minutes a day. The same is true for middle-school and high school students, they need breaks too.

All Saint’s College

We are now going to look at one of the top schools in Perth, the All Saint’s College. This is a school that meets all of the above qualities that we have discussed. It is proudly a co-educational environment committed to meeting the needs of all students. The student population consists of 500 boys and girls with classes double streamed from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 4. In Year 5, 28 new students join the College making a triple stream in Year 5 and Year 6.

Within the College, the school believes that children should always feel safe, and should be treated with respect and kindness as they grow more resilient and develop their responsibility. Thoughtfulness is encouraged in their actions, active learning, participating enthusiastically and contributing to the life of the College and wider community.

ASC are committed to encouraging students to have a positive attitude to learning, even during the most challenging times. Each child is unique and self-reflection to encourage self-knowledge is encouraged. They get to learn what they most value and how they can most effectively contribute and achieve success. Students are encouraged to ask questions, be curious while developing research strategies as well as skill development. The team of enthusiastic teachers is at the centre of this, dedicated to optimizing learning and promote student well-being, encouraging the growth of confident, capable and resilient young people.


When looking for a primary school for your child, it is important for you to go for the right school. Some of the qualities of a good school are mentioned above, although there are more. The All Saints’ College has all of the qualities that you would need to give your child a great education.

Enhance Your Caliber by Reading Books!

Since the beginning of time, books have been every man’s best friends. Books have no complaints or no demands. Research shows that people who read books are not only smarter; they are more updated with everything around them. They also have more knowledge, are more creative, and have a greater outlook and a different perspective of things surrounding them. Unfortunately, with the evolution of the virtual world, people find it easier to use technological devices and not read anymore. Even with the availability of e-books, and free books from the library, people seem to have lost patience which is a paramount aspect of reading.

People who still read have several advantages surrounding them. One the posh benefits is that they get to have a huge book rack in their house which always brings out an elegant look and they are always surrounded by something they love giving them a boost in their day. Vinyl Vintage has all the reviews needed for people who would like to buy bookshelves with speakers. They suggest the bookshelves that have built-in hi-fi audio systems that are perfect for individuals who love books and who likes to listen to high-quality music every once in a while.

Enhance Your Caliber by Reading Books!

Read a list of advantages that book readers have:

  1. Improves mental health:

Studies show that mental stimulation can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s disease in people since it keeps the brain continuously running and healthy. The brain needs mental stimulation to keep it from losing its power and growing weak. Reading books provides that mental stimulation to people, hence preventing mental diseases.

Additionally, while reading, the reader usually goes into the book’s World, allowing the brain to work on reducing stress and helping the brain relax. While you read a book, you also remember the characters, the plots, and everything in the book, helping you in exercising your brain into a sharper memory.

  1. Knowledge:

You may be wondering how reading fiction can help increase knowledge. Books are written with some reference to the current situation, or they usually have something that one does not know about, hence an expansion of knowledge. Moreover, by reading books, the reader’s vocabulary is always being expanded.

Writers usually use complicated words camouflaging them into the sentence, and the reader unconsciously learns how to use the word. Reading books is also helpful for people who are on the path to learning a new language, and they need to polish their skills. Books teach the art of comprehending and conversing with people as well.

  1. Brushes various skills:

When you read, you are unconsciously teaching yourself how to write as well. With the new vocabulary, imagery, and the style of writing, you automatically are better at writing. Not only that, but you can also critique someone’s or even your work to make it better.

Furthermore, reading books would aid you to achieve more patience and concentration in every practice of life. Since you would be reading the book according to your reading pace, therefore, you would learn to have the patience for good things to come and eventually lead a disciplined life.

  1. Better Analytical skills:

On every step of your life, you require making decisions. Good decision making is if the person has good analyzing skills. Reading helps one brush their analytical skills. Once you start reading something, you presume and try to understand the character more than the writers help you. That allows you to analyze various factors, and start making better decisions in every aspect of the life.

Best Milk Froth Recipe Books

If you are excited about trying new things and new recipes then you should consider a recipe book.  Contrary to popular belief, milk froth is not only for cappuccino and latte drinks but there is a lot that can be done with milk froth. Good thing is that you can find all that in a recipe book.  Creativity is also allowed in the kitchen, so you can be creative and create what you can imagine. The only limitation to creativity is your imagination. Knowing more recipes makes our lives more interesting as it breaks the monotony in our diets. With the many recipe books in the market, one can get confused on what book will best suit their needs, no one wants to end up with a recipe book that will not be able to address their needs, that’s why you have bear some factors in mind, they include:

Your kind of diet

With the change in lifestyles, even dies are getting sophisticated. There are recipe books that are suited for some diets and not for others while there are books that are all rounded. You should bear this in mind, for example it does not beat sense to end up with a book with paleo diet recipes while yourself you are not on paleo diet, or end up with vegan recipes while you are a non-vegetarian.

The kind of content that you are looking for

While a cook book is just a cook book, there are some books that may not have the information that you are looking for. For example you may find a cook book that only deal with desserts and others than only deal with main meals and not in all of them you will find milk froth recipes.

Best Milk Froth Recipe Books

Book reviews

Book reviews go a long way when you re choosing a recipe book. It is better to go for a book with more positive ratings than one without. By searching on your subject of interest, you can be able to find a book with the best positive reviews on the same so that you make sure you end up with a book that will best meet your needs. For example if you are looking for milk froth recipes, on searching that you can get suggestions on books that contain the recipes. It is better to choose the book with the best reviews.

Your needs

Do you need a book that only has milk froth recipes or a book that is all rounded? That is an important question to ask yourself when looking for the best book. Most people would go for an all rounded cook book.


Even though you may have the best book with the best recipes, nothing will make your milk forth recipes a success than the right milk frothier. You should make sure that you choose one with special quality from the right places. You should also be flexible and creative with your recipes to make the whole journey even more exciting to you

Read Your Way to the Best Look For 2017

Book worms have never been known to be the best of social butterflies.  In fact, whenever you hear the term ‘bookwork’ you immediately associate the girl with nerdy specs, an out of fashion outfit, unimpressive hair and natural makeup.  This generalization is mostly correct because bookworms like you usually focus on great reads such as the top selling books of 2017, the latest news feeds and books that focus on mental and spiritual growth.  But you can now also boost your own personal look by reading up on the latest fashion and accessory trends and styles that are popular right now.  Anyone can become popular, get a great personal look and boost their own confidence as if they just invest in the top trends that are hip right now.

2017 is about much more than just fashion items

The best thing about 2017 is that looking great this year is about much more than just your clothes, hair and makeup.  To look great in 2017 you also have to be healthy and I don’t mean super skinny since healthy curvy bodies are also extremely popular right now.  Basically all you have to do to increase your popularity is go to the gym and post a selfie of yourself in one of those tight fitting gym outfits and you are already halfway there because everyone loves to see other people being active right now.

Read Your Way to the Best Look For 2017

The top jewelry trends for 2017

Jewelry is one of the best fashion investments you can make simply because jewelry is timeless.  Jewelry trends might change but the value of jewelry items never decreases.  In fact, the older a jewelry piece get the higher it escalades in terms of value.   Jewelry is also one of the best ways to make you look much more fashionable. Jewelry pieces by Moti Ferder are currently the most popular trends on the market and a great investment on the long run.

The top fashion trends for 2017

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2017 is ripped and customized skinny jeans.  You can buy accessories to style your jeans at just about any store and create jeans that suit your unique personality.  Along with these custom jeans, blocked heel shoes, corset belts, floral tops and natural tones are also highly popular and definitely look to look for when you go shopping.

The top hair trends for 2017

Ombre is still one of the most popular hairstyles in 2017 but with a slight twist.  Balayage hair is the new top trend for 2017.  This style is a lot like ombre but much more toned down towards the roots and gives a much more elegant finish.

The top makeup trends for 2017

Some of the more shocking makeup trends of 2017 is feathered brows but if you aren’t that into the wild and wacky styles then natural makeup tones with perfectly defined eyebrows or even microblading can give you the perfect hip look that will make you look like a sexy nerd instead of just another bookworm.

How to Make an Income as A Writer

There are many avenues that writers can use to make an income. Writing can not only be a hobby but can be a full time job as well. There are many platforms that writers can use to do their writing, it can be in form of articles, blog posts or even books, and it depends on one’s preference. To be a successful writer and make a good income from it, the following should be kept in mind:

Choose your niche

Yes as much as you may be a skilled writer, you may not be able to write across all niches. There are niches which you will be good at more than others. It is therefore important to identify the niche that you are good at and specialize at it. In specializing at one thing you are likely to be more perfect and successful than being a jerk of all trades.

Know your writing style

Everyone’s writing style differs. Different people have different writing styles that define them as writers. Your writing style most of the time reflects on your tone as a writer and your originality in your tone is what will make your readers to be hooked. So understand your writing style and work to improve on it.

How to Make an Income as A Writer

Keep learning

A good writer should always keep learning to as to improve his skills in writing. Learning has no end and every day is a chance to get better. If you keep learning with time you will be perfect and your articulation of grammar and sentence construction will be able to flow well and that is what will define your success as a writer.

Choose your writing platform

There are many platforms through which writers can write from.  If you are not keen about writing a book you can write blog posts or contributory articles across different platforms. There is diversity on the platforms you can do your writing you only have to identify the platform that you are more comfortable with and which you can reach your audience well. The platform you choose will be mainly influenced by the kind of audience for your articles. There is a certain audience that can be found on a certain platform and not the other.

Make a plan

There is nothing that will ever be a success without planning and that applies to even writing. You can make plan and your goals as a writer as well as your learning plan. With goals and objectives as a writer, you are likely to grow and become a better writer and with time will bring you success


There are many things that one can do to make sure that you are an avid writer. With the right skills and the right platform in the right niche, now you can do advertising to your work and share your work across different platforms to make sure that a large audience gets to know about it. For more ideas on making money online on books you can check on Bengu.