How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Your Book Shop

It’s getting harder and harder for book shops to survive.  Technological devices like smart phones and kindle devices have taken a huge bite out of the book lover market.  A lot of people prefer these smart devices because they can download as many books as they like, they can read a lot more affordably, the books don’t take a lot of space and they can change the font size.  But nothing will ever replace a good printed book because no smart device can give you that old book smell and feel and reading a page book is just a lot more fun.  As a book shop you can beat the competition and still make a success of your book business by simply marketing your books the right way.  One of the best ways to market books is with Bulk SMS.

How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Your Book Shop

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS or SMS marketing is one of the easiest ways to send your clients and prospective clients a direct message.  To get bulk SMS you have to register at a mass SMS company like TextPlode.  TextPlode has great software that will enable you to send a single SMS to thousands of contact numbers instantly.  They are super affordable since you can get messages sent worldwide from as little as $0.05 per message.  You also only pay for what is sent since any undelivered messages will be refunded back to you.  Click here to find out more about TextPlode’s bulk SMS solutions.

Send notifications of new books

SMS marketing is terrific for book shops.  You can send out messages to thousands of people about all of the new books that you have gotten in so people will start streaming to your shop and so they will know when to shop online for books from your store.

Notify everyone of specials

You can get rid of a lot of old books that have been on the shelf for years by simply creating a special.  The bulk SMS will get the word out of any major sale that you are having or you can remind everyone of your book store during holiday season with a friendly greeting text.

Promote your reading sessions

A lot of people are afraid to buy a book because they fear all the time spent reading and the money spent on the book will be for nothing if a book is bad.  By holding a reading session you can get people interested in books and you can notify everyone of your reading sessions via mass SMS.

Advertise a book signing

Book signings are rare and great fun.  If an author is coming over to your store for a signing then you should get as many people as possible to attend the signing and one of the best ways to lure people to your signing is with bulk SMS.

Give instant information on major changes

Are you suddenly moving or switching owners?  Then you can get all your clients informed of these big changes no matter how sudden they are because TextPlode does not require a monthly joining fee.  You only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Books with Log Cabins in the Story Line

You might be a little shocked to discover that searching for books under the heading “log cabin” will actually reveal quite a few about quilting! Apparently, there is a quilting pattern known as: the log cabin. Of course, you will also discover, amidst that search, books on log cabin building. We wanted to offer you books that fell into the fiction line though. So, we hope you will enjoy these books with log cabins in the story line.

However, if you have been considering purchasing log homes, we can direct you to a great resource. The company at the other end of that link has 35 years of log home building experience. If you are in need of a simple log cabin, they can assist you. And, if you are looking to get a custom designed log home, they are well-versed in that arena as well. But, if you are looking for inspiration to create that log cabin living desire, read the books on our list!

Books with Log Cabins in the Story Line

Top 7 Log Cabin Focused Fiction Novels

Log cabins are cool. Let’s be honest here. They offer that rustic feel while still being incredibly long lasting and pest resistant. So, when you need a catalyst for considering a log home purchase, these top 7 log cabin focused fiction novels might be the answer:

  1. A Log Cabin Christmas Collection– This has a number of authors behind its design. Therefore, just enjoy the idea that log cabins in the times of the settlers offered a place for faith, hope, and love to blossom without all the commercialism of today’s Christmas season. Learn more.
  2. Bess’s Log Cabin Quilt– Recall that we mentioned that “log cabin” is also a quilting pattern. Bess submits hers to a quilting competition as she aims to save the family farm. The author, D. Anne Love, will keep you reading.
  3. The Log Cabin Church– Penned by Ellen Howard, this book focuses on Elviry and her family in the Michigan woods. They establish a church in their log home as more settlers move into the area. There are several, full color books, in this children’s book series.
  4. Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House- Not exactly a fictional novel, this book, written by Sterling North, will explore the incredible life of Abraham Lincoln. Readers will learn more about his impoverished upbringings and the extreme hardships that strengthened the man who became one of America’s greatest presidents. Click this for more information.
  5. A Dreamer’s Log Cabin: A Woman’s Walden– This story is about a young woman who moves to northern Minnesota and builds a log cabin there. She experiences a number of hardships and challenges, but is able to build friendships and fulfill dreams as well. It is written by Laurie Shepherd.
  6. Log Cabin Noble– This is a book for treasure hunters. In fact, it is billed as a novel about the Caribbean’s greatest treasure hunt. You’ll have to see whether F. Van Wyck Mason (the author) achieves that or not.
  7. Log Cabin in the Woods: A True Story About a Pioneer Boy- This classic children’s book from Indiana is both appealing and engaging. It focuses on the life of Oliver Johnson, an eleven year old better known as Ollie. Written by Joanne Landers Henry, the book was first published in 1988. You can look inside the book here.

Hopefully, some of these books will spur you towards log home ownership. And, the children’s books included in the list might help get your kids excited about the endeavor as well!

Best Books of 2016 You Should Read Now

This year, there are a lot of people who are more focused on other things other than the books that they are going to read. There are some who are highly interested in politics while there are also some who are going through some problems so they do not focus on reading books anymore. When you read the right books, you can be sure that that it will provide the escape that you need from the life that you live.

You may always think that you need to take a vacation whenever you are feeling sad. Whenever you feel lost, you would like to escape from the world. You may want to have top ski gloves so you can ski all you want. You can imagine getting into the ski lift and letting yourself lose so that you can start going down the hill or the mountain where you were let off. Yet you cannot do this all the time especially if you have some responsibilities that you want to consider. You cannot always take time off from work. You need to have another escape that will be easier to accomplish and that is through reading.

Best Books of 2016 You Should Read Now

Here are the best books of 2016 that you just cannot miss:

  1. Shrill – Lindy West

You may want to read something that is hilarious with a lot of other feelings involved. This is how you would feel when you read shrill. Aside from it being funny, you cannot help but admit that it seems angry and this adds a nice touch to the whole book. You cannot help but relate to her negative experiences but the way that she adds humor to it makes it a worthwhile read.

  1. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours – Helen Oyeyemi

If you have never read anything by Helen Oyeyemi then you should realize that you are missing out. She offers a wide collection of stories that are supposedly fairy tales but she has put her own twist to each story that she brings. This story in particular has the same type of feel – like a completely different fairy tale.

  1. You Will Know Me – Megan Abbott

If you have always been fond of reading books from the young adult fiction then you will have a grand time reading this story by Megan Abbott. This story is about girls who would like to make it big in the Olympics. As her usual trademark, she makes the characters realistic that you can almost feel that you are with them in the story. The best part is you can also know more about the terms used in gymnastics by reading this book.

  1. Evicted – Matthew Desmond

You may have the tendency to pass up on books that do not seem interesting. This book may not catch your eye in the beginning because it seems so serious and important but once you start reading it, you will realize that it is actually a good read. The facts and the figures written in the book will be easy to understand by normal folks.

  1. The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

This is already considered as one of the best novels that you can read this year. This talks about the story of two slaves as they make their move in order to be free. This can be an eye opener that will let you contemplate about how life has turned out after you finish reading.

Can you still think of some amazing reads that you should not miss this year?

The Best Books You Should Read Before You Pass On

Being a bookworm is a choice. It is either you are truly interested in reading or you are not. Readers are said to have bigger imaginations. They also have a way with words that non – readers will not be able to do. They have the tendency to become good in writing probably because of all the written works that they have read. Sometimes, readers eventually aspire to become writers too. They may start to imitate the writers that they love in the beginning but will be able to pick up their own style of writing in the end.

You have started reading when you were young and as you grew older, the genres of books that you read have also changed in order to accommodate not only your physical age but your mental age and understanding. What type of books do you love to read? Perhaps you have read self-help books in the past because of your desire to naturally increase the size of your breast. The ones you have read may help but you will have amazing results when you check This site has a lot of tips on how you can increase your breast size as soon as you can.

The Best Books You Should Read Before You Pass On

Of course, aside from self-help books you have read books that entertain you greatly. You have read everything from fiction to non-fiction. It is also possible that you have read books that are from the same category but it would not hurt if you can check out some of the best books that you should read before you die. If you don’t, you will be missing out and you may never get the chance to read some of the great stories ever written. Here are a few of the books you should begin to read:

  1. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is known for writing stories that seem haunting. The words are often soulful and comes with a lot of meaning. This Japanese author has captured the hearts and minds of a lot of readers all over the world. This story in particular seems to be dream – like that you may feel that you are in a trance while reading it. This is arguably one of his best works.

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

The fact that this won Pulitzer Prize is already enough proof that you should read this book. This is about the life of two cousins who are Jewish who have experienced life before, during and after the war. A lot of critics have said that this is good and it has proceeded to become a New York Times Bestseller.

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee

Ask anyone who has read this book and a lot of them will tell you that they have already read it. The reason why this book is so powerful is because it talks about how people are usually connected to their town and how their reasoning is affected by where they live. The book may have been around for a long time but it never fails to be liked even by millenials.

Aside from the books that are mentioned above, there are still more, a lot more books that you should check out here. Can you think of other books that you want to add on the list?

Great Books about Turkey

Although we are entering the Thanksgiving season, we are not talking about the gobbler that will soon grace our tables. Rather, we are referring to the country, Turkey, which has been in the news quite a lot lately. We have a friend who is there under the pretense of teaching English. Thankfully, she was back in the states when the most recent terrorist’s attacks occurred. However, another of our friends was there on vacation and had only just left the bombing location right before it occurred. So, learning a little about Turkey, through some great books, is high on our agenda.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) has been focused more aptly on the US bases in Turkey. They are suggesting reassessing US troop deployment in the area. Mother Jones reports that there are still 17 bases in Turkey, though the Turkish government has been able to limit their usage (read about US military bases worldwide here). And, given the potential for Russia’s involvement in fighting Turkey’s recent shelling of Syria, the FDD is probably right about the reassessment.

Great Books about Turkey

If you don’t know what’s going on in Turkey right now, you might want to click this to learn more. However, if you are happier staying in the dark, feel free to be content with the books on this list.

5 Best Books with Turkey in Mind

These are the best books we could find that include lessons about Turkey and the life of the people there. We hope that you will find some of them entertaining, while we suspect you will at least be better educated on the country itself. Without further ado, here are the top 5 best books with Turkey in mind:

  1. Scotch and Holy Water– Penned by John D. Tumpane, this book will leave you laughing, and simultaneously more knowledgeable. People who have lived in Turkey have found the book to be both true and revealing of a culture they never fully appreciated. Of all the books on this list, we recommend this one first simply because we believe it to be the most true-to-life book on Turkey we have ever been exposed to (read the reviews here).
  2. Istanbul: Memories and the City– Orhan Pamuk, a native of Istanbul, still lives in the family apartment. The book provides an intimately panoramic view of Pamuk’s great city. The sadness amidst this lost empire radiates throughout the novel.
  3. Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds– Stephen Kinzer reveals the contradictions that people living in Turkey know too well. His exploration of the country is both vivid and heartbreaking, exciting and discouraging. He sees it all too clear from his position on the front lines.
  4. Turkey: The Raw Guide- Jack Scott writes from the position of an expatriate living in Turkey. He reveals all the things that your tour guides, or travelogue, could never share. You will learn about: lunatic drivers, dirty politics, spring-loaded waiters, rancid drains, bugs from Hell, and biblical floods. Read more.
  5. Memed, My Hawk-This is a fifty year old fictional novel, by Yasar Kemal, about a desperately poor but kindhearted boy who undergoes tremendous pain and torture. He will either save his people or join the ruthless people who formed him. The story is one that begs to be read by young and old alike.

If you are searching for more books about Turkey, because your interest has been piqued, follow this link.

Ways to Turn the Heat Up While Reading

Winter is the best time for reading.  In winter it is too cold to really enjoy the outdoors.  You are also constantly battling the flu or bronchitis in winter which makes it basically impossible to enjoy sports.  So why bother with outdoors activities at all when you can read books and be safe and snug inside. Your books will instantly transport you to another world where you will escape the chilly winter weather and follow your favorite characters through on their quests.  But no one likes to read while they are shivering in cold.  Here are some great ways to be warmer on your winter reading days.

Ways to Turn the Heat Up While Reading

Get a tankless water heater

There is nothing like reading a fantastic novel in a hot tub of water while sipping a glass of crisp wine.   There is also nothing more annoying than lusting for such a hot tub reading session only to find that your old geyser is no longer providing hot enough water.  A tankless water heater is just what you need to get your tub water extra hot every time you are in the mood for reading.  These heaters are attached to your home’s water mains and do not require a tank in the roof.  The water is heated as it flows through the heater which means you will never run out of hot water and you won’t be constantly wasting energy on keeping water warm in the geyser.  Check out some of the best tankless water heater reviews to have a look at some hot water systems.

Invest in a few hot water bags

If you love to read in bed or on a sofa then a few hot water bags are just what you need.  You can apply hot water bags to all the chilliest areas of your body and cuddle around the hot water bags comfortably.

Get a coffee maker

Coffee is always yummy in winter and always goes terrific with a bit of light reading.  With a coffee maker you can enjoy coffee without all the hassles of making coffee and your coffee will be restaurant quality delicious coffee each and every brew.

Fleece blankets are always great

Heat systems are good for heating up a home but nothing ever beats that fuzzy snuggly feeling of curling up into a big sofa with a fleece blanket while your eyes slide over the pages of a book.

Read something hot

If you are looking for a bit of inner heat then a hot book is just what you need.  You can check out some of the hottest selling naughty books like works by Sylvia Day or E.L. James.  These are sure to put some color in your cheek no matter how chilly the day is.

Get a fireplace

Fireplaces are always terrific for winter times and will create the ultimate reading vibe in your home.  You don’t have to install a huge fireplace these days.  You can invest in a small, steel fireplace and still enjoy all the benefits that large fireplaces have in store for homes.

How You Can Select Proper Books for Your Child

As a parent, you have read up on the different benefits that your children can get once they start reading. You would like to encourage them to start reading but at the same time, you are afraid that they may choose books that are not appropriate for their age.

As a parent, your goal is to guide your children in choosing the right books. You cannot just base it on what your child wants. The books that your children should read are supposed to be written in words that they can easily understand and at the same time, would teach them vital lessons that are important.

It is not always a good idea to choose for your children because they may begin to feel that they are not being given a choice and it would seem like you are not listening to what they want. When you let your children choose books on their own, they learn to become independent and their self-worth also increases.

How You Can Select Proper Books for Your Child

Just imagine yourself when you are searching for companies who can do carpet cleaning. You search for professional carpet cleaning – click here and you do not choose the first one that you see. You scrutinize each company and you get to know about it until you pick the one that you are going to hire.

This is the way that your children should pick the books that they are going to read:

  1. You can probably choose various books which you think are appropriate for your children and then you can let them take a look at each one so they can make their own choice.
  2. If they are unable to pick immediately or if they are having trouble choosing between two books, you can encourage them to read the first page and decide if the book would be easy to read and would be fun to read. A lot of kids are able to pick the book that they want based on reading the first page.
  3. If your child is a reluctant reader, then you can start by introducing books with pictures like graphic novels that are made for children. Over time, they will begin to appreciate stories more and the pictures less.
  4. If in case your children decide to purchase books that they cannot read yet, then do not panic. You can always read with your children at home. If there are some words that they do not understand yet, you can explain the words to them in terms that they will understand.
  5. Children who enjoy books that are made by a certain author may search for the same author again in the future. Encourage your children to do this because by loving one author, they will begin to look for more.

Remember to encourage your children to be honest. If they believe that the book that they have picked out is too hard for them, then they should tell you about it. You have the option to keep the book until they are ready to read them and just let them pick another book that they will be able to read with ease.

Fishy Tales to Read While On a Fishing Expedition

Fishing trips are fantastic holidays for people who love to read.  You can enjoy a good book while you wait for that big catch and if you aren’t that keen on night fishing then there isn’t much to do in the cabin during evenings other than read. You can snug on a sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, a good lantern by your side and a fuzzy fleece blanket and escape to fantastic new worlds and terrific adventures.  And the next day you can make some memories and adventures of your own by fishing.

Fishy Tales to Read While On a Fishing Expedition

Make more time for reading with good fishing gear

If you are extremely serious about reading as many books on your fishing trip as possible then you will need good modern fishing gear.  The new fishing gear like a portable fish finder will help you locate fish faster so you can catch more fish a lot quicker so you can get back to the cabin for reading sooner.  A portable fish finder functions by sending sound waves into the water.  If the sound waves hit an object it signals the size and shape of the object back to you.  That way you can locate the best fishing spots.  There is also some other terrific fish gear on the market such as tackle boxes, bait, fishing rods and much more that will help you fish faster and make your fishing expedition much more adventurous. You can find out more here about all of the best and latest fishing gear.

The top books for fishing trips

Jaws by Steven Spielberg – Who doesn’t know about Jaws?  Jaws were one of the most popular movies of its time.  But surprisingly few younglings have seen the movie since it was released in 1975. If you haven’t seen the movie then you definitely should read the book.

The Hungry Ocean by Linda Greenlaw – This book is a bestseller and tells Linda Greenlaw’s tale as she battles for gender equality and to make a living as a fisherman.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway – This short novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and tells the tale of an aging fisherman as he struggles to catch a giant marlin.

Fishing for Dummies by Peter Kaminsky – Wile you are fishing you might as well learn all there is to know about the skill of fishing.  Fishing for Dummies is filled with practical advice on how to fish and also has terrific tips on where and how to get the best catches.

The River Why by David James Duncan – This fishing story has a very deep underlying tale of a young person that struggles to cope in the modern world and he especially struggles with what people are doing to the world.

Kerplunk by Patrick F. McManus – This book contains a collection of comic folksy tales of how not to fish and many other terrific tales that is perfect for reading next to the campfire along with friends.

Best DIY books to have in your home

The internet is a fantastic source for information especially regarding DIY tips and home solutions. There are however those of us that enjoy reading a book and finding solutions the old fashioned way. There are also a few books that should be on anyone’s bookshelf and that will solve DIY nightmares for anyone that wants to know how to get out of tricky situations or fix things around the house. Here are a few great titles worth purchasing and adding to your DIY collection at home.

Popular Mechanics, Complete home how-to guide

Popular Mechanics delivers us with informative and great articles that are good for anyone to know. With this book you will definitely have the help of specialists for all your ambitious projects. The book has some fantastic illustrations and makes it easy for anyone to understand.

Made by hand: searching for meaning in a throwaway world

This book taps right into everyone’s creative DIY side and will allow you to find ways to use materials to make things that are useful and creative. A must-have for anyone who calls someone else’s trashes their treasure. Click here to take a look.  Recycling is all that nowadays and it will feel good for anyone to know that they are doing their part.

How your house works, a visual guide to understanding and maintaining your home

This book is filled to the brim with illustrations that are incredibly easy to understand for any potential DIY fanatic. It is a fantastic addition to any home. Sometimes we need a visual description on how something needs to be done and this book takes care of that completely.

Best DIY books to have in your home

Country Wisdom and know-how: A practical guide to living off the land

With many DIY ideas and also a lot of coverage on self-sufficient living this book is ideal for any household. If you do invest in your own veggies and produce in your garden you might want to get a few tips on how to stop pigeons in order to protect your food.

Why we make things and why it matters: The education of a craftsman

Read about the joy and benefit of making your own furniture with this helpful guide. You will also find some rewarding tips and realize that learning how to do something by yourself can only benefit you in the end.

The Craftsman

Following the history of craftsmanship dating back to Ancient Rome is mentioned in this informative novel. You might find it quite an interesting read and a definite keepsake. Read more about the history of craftsmanship here.

All the way home: Building a family in a falling-down house

This book provides you with a fascinating inside look into the author’s home renovation experience. Written with a lot of humor, this book portrays the good and the bad part of DIY which in turn shows us the frustration that comes with a new project and also the reward we feel after everything has been completed.

Plastic Surgery Meets Fiction

For some people, plastic surgery is a dream come true. Still others envision it as more of a topic for horror movies, think Heath Ledger’s Joker character. Yet, no matter an individual’s personal position on the topic, the truth is, plastic surgery has gone so far as to meet the hands of fiction authors. There are series of books that incorporate the ideology of plastic surgery in their plots. Maybe you are wondering which books take that road. If so, keep reading.

The age for plastic surgery is highly debatable. Most of us would probably draw the line at ensuring that our children would have to wait until they are at least 18, legal adults, prior to making any lasting physical changes. However, some plastic surgery inclusive novels are geared more toward the early teen years. And, plastic surgeons claim that work on ears and noses happen as young as 10 years old (sometimes even younger than that).

Plastic Surgery Meets Fiction

Well-Loved Plastic Surgery Inclusive Novels

The novels on this list have found their home on goodreads. You can feel free to explore the whole list by clicking this. But, we have only included those novels that we are familiar with, or would place on our own reading compilations. Consider these:

  • Uglies– Written by Scott Westerfield, this is the first in a series of novels. The main character, Tally, is approaching 16 and will then be subjected to the surgery that will transform her from an Ugly to a Pretty. However, she has recently made friends with Shay who runs away because she doesn’t think she wants that surgery.
  • Pretties– The second part of the series by Westerfield has Tally starting to wonder if she made the right decision. Even though she’s gorgeous and is having a grand time with her super attractive friends and boyfriend, something just doesn’t feel right.
  • Perfect- Penned by Ellen Hopkins, four seniors in high school are facing their desires for perfection. Cara, Kendra, Sean, and Andre are all after perfection in one way or another and those options include sacrifice, surgeries, and even drugs. Read more.
  • The Fold- A novel by An Na, Joyce is offered a quick fix from her plastic surgery addicted aunt. The idea is to change her Asian heritage eye shape to something more American. But, Joyce isn’t sure she wants to do it, even if it will make her look more like her beautiful sister, Helen.
  • Skin Tight- Carl Hiassen’s most amusing novel, sets a shaky handed plastic surgeon, with connections to the Mafia, against the hero, a retired state investigator, Mick Stranahan. The twists in this novel are exceptional. Click this for more information.
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart– Another great by famous author, Mary Higgins Clark. Prosecutor, Kerry McGrath, is thrilled that after her daughter’s terrible accident the plastic surgeon is the reputed Dr. Charles Smith. But things get weird when she realizes that he has made her daughter look a lot like a young woman killed years before.
  • The Ugly Duckling– Penned by the infamous Iris Johansen, this book focuses on Nell Calder and her hopeful new beginning that includes a new face. However, the attacker that created the need for her new face is still hunting her. But, she’s interested in revenge even if it means using herself as the bait.

By the way, if you like Westerfield’s first two novels in the series, you should also try out Specials and Extras.