4 Books That Will Teach You How to Fish

Books are amazing for learning new things.  Plenty of people first start out on a new hobby by reading more about that hobby.  Fishing is a fantastic hobby or activity to include in your life because this hobby has many health and mental benefits in store for you.  When you enjoy fishing you can reduce the effects of depression, improve your physical health and you can have heaps of fun with friends or all on your own.  Here are 4 books to help you learn how to fish.

4 Books That Will Teach You How to Fish
4 Books That Will Teach You How to Fish
  1. Fishing for Dummies

This book by is written by Greg Schwipps and Peter Kaminsky. The dummy range books may sound a bit dull but the information these books contain are surprisingly useful and amazingly accurate.  Fishing for Dummies is a good entry level book for those with no idea on how to fish.  The book gives you a good intro on different types of fishing such as sea fishing, game fishing, freshwater fishing and much more.  You can also use the book to identify fish species, to select the right fishing gear, to learn to tie knots and to master basic casting techniques.

  1. The Total Fishing Manual

This book is written by Joe Cermele and contains 317 essential fishing skills for field and stream fishing.  The book offers great guidance on all the best fishing tools techniques, tactics and much more.  This book also contains great-looking photographs and illustrations to help you learn to master fishing a quickly.

  1. Fisherman’s Ultimate Knot Guide

This is a simple little book that teaches you to tie ten of the best fishing knots.  The little book offers clear illustrations and is pocket sized so you can take it along on your fishing expeditions.  This is a bestselling fishing knot guide in the USA and an ultimate must-have for any new fisherman.

  1. Basic Fishing: A Beginners Guide

This book by Wade Bourne is also a great choice if you have no clue where to start.  The book includes all the types of fishing gear and tackles you will need, tips for choosing great fishing spots, a survey on the best boats, motors, and accessories as well as cooking tips to help you prepare your catch of the day for dinner.

Time to shop for your fishing gear

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