5 Most Popular Books About The Health Impact of Dirty Air

Are you interested in knowing everything about how dirty air is able to shorten your life? It is very important to know everything about the impacts of polluted air, especially if you live in the big cities and have to deal with it on a daily basis. You can also see some interesting news on 3 greatest books on fracking. Have you ever imagined that the air you breathe in every single day could make your life much harder? Although most people do not know there is a good solution for the matter and you can find them by going here. However, right now, here are 5 interesting titles for you to read and know more about how bad pollution can be, especially for those who live in the big cities.

Healthy Housing Reference Manual (Chapter 5)

This book is a true masterpiece for those who would like to know everything about house safety and dangers, especially when chemistry is involved. You will read very interesting chapters and when you reach chapter 5 more specifically you will find out that the air inside of your house can be even more polluted than the air outside. This might seem crazy, however this nice book will let you know why it happens, especially if you live in the big centers. You can read it full at http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/publications/books/housing/cha05.htm

Air Pollution by Jeremy Colls

First printed back in 2002 this book, which is a masterpiece brought to us by Jeremy Colls, a British writer that is truly into the air pollution subject. This is a very good reference for those who would like to understand more about the causes, possible solutions and the consequences in case nothing is done as soon as possible. This is very enlightening and can be found all over the world, originally written in English. You can read a nice and brief chapter by accessing going here.

Effects of Air Pollution – Open source book for high school

If you would like to know more about pollution then Effects of Air Pollution is an excellent source of information for you. Available on the web for free, this is a very simple to understand mini book that is able to help both students or even people that would to simply know more about the air pollution and its terrible effects on Earth. Filled with pictures and help with vocabulary you will definitely find it easy to read.

Air pollution and Global Warming

If you would like some technical pages of the hugest problems we are facing today then Air pollution and Global Warming is the perfect book for you to read. Available in several different websites, those who decide to read will be enlightened. It will bring a very god sketch on the history of the problem, the causes and also some simple to do solutions.

Fundamentals on Air Pollution

If you would like to have a good idea o how air pollution happens then this is an excellent and very reliable source of information for you. This book is a reference in the topic and is bound to provide you a very good amount of information. You can find it for sale all over the web. http://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-Air-Pollution-Fourth-Edition/dp/0123736153