A Few Facts About Betty and Veronica

There are a lot of people who are familiar with Archie and all the other characters from Riverdale. Most readers are interested in Betty and Veronica a lot. Betty and Veronica are best friends and also bittersweet rivals for the love of Archie Andrews. They always try their best to outdo each other so that they will get Archie’s attention.

While up to now, there are still not a lot of details to show who Archie actually married because there are two alternative endings for the Archie series depending on which you are rooting for, you know that the series has come a long way and you deserve to know some facts about Betty and Veronica.

It will be easier to have access to the series now because of the world of the internet. Some of the things that you cannot download in the past can be downloadable now for a certain fee. Remember that you can learn more when you have the right gadget that you have purchased.

A Few Facts About Betty and Veronica

Betty and Veronica are just a few of the female comic book characters that you can find in the world of comics. There are still a lot more that you can discover but as of now, let us focus on two of the women in Archie’s life.

  1. The Archie series first started with Veronica Lodge coming to Riverdale and life in Riverdale has never been the same ever since.
  2. There is one future series with Archie wherein he did not marry either Betty or Veronica which can be considered a good alternative future if you still cannot decide who between Betty and Veronica should marry Archie.
  3. Betty is allergic to strawberries. In one story, Veronica knew about this and wanted to steal the modeling job that Betty was signed up for.
  4. There was a story in the year 2004 wherein Veronica was bathing in the ocean when suddenly her bikini top came off because of a huge wave. This is considered to be somewhat different from the usual Archie stories that are normally clean.
  5. The character of Betty Cooper was inspired by someone also named Betty that the cartoonist once dated.
  6. Betty and Veronica actually became real fashion icons. In the series, it is apparent that Betty and Veronica cared about clothes although Veronica normally has more clothes because she is rich, Betty has her own style that did not go by unnoticed.
  7. Betty Cooper has a sister named Polly Cooper although she is not normally mentioned in the series as the series usually involves Betty, Veronica and Archie. Of course, other characters are normally mentioned as well such as Jughead and Reggie. The main reason why Polly is not normally mentioned is because she lived in another state.
  8. It is Veronica who has always been desired by Archie’s main rival, Reggie. Learn more facts solely about Veronica here.

There are still a lot of facts that you should know about Betty and Veronica and all of the characters from Archie Comics. Who is your favorite character?