Benefits of Reading Books to DJs

Just like any other career, deejaying can also get better with reading books. Books are important for any career development. Through books you can advance your skill set as well as know how to deal with different situations in the right way.

Unlike in the old days where deejaying was not taken as a serious career, it is now considered a serious career and to be successful in it you have to read books. As much as practice makes perfect, practice with reading books will make it even more perfect. Some of the ways in which deejays can benefit from reading books include:

Benefits of Reading Books to DJs


That’s the main thing that is needed to succeed in any career. As much as going to school and experience will give you knowledge, reading books will advance your knowledge and make it even easier. A book will equip you with skills and help you know the tricks of the game so that you are a successful deejay. You will get knowledge on different deejay mixers and how they operate and what to do to get a good mix. Through books you will get to know the experiences of other deejays and the mistakes they made and how to avoid the mistakes. This will help you to avoid the mistake and make your learning process easier. There is no shortcut to smartness than reading books.

Analytical skills

Just like any other career, deejaying also needs analytical skill for success. Analytical skills will help you to know the needs of any audience well and know how to best meet the needs of the audience. It will also help you to k now which songs can be combines well and how to combine different tunes for synchrony.

Enhanced concentration and focus

Reading helps our minds to be sharp and thus will have more concentration and focus which will result in higher productivity. It helps in clearing clutter from the mind leaving more room for concentration and focus thus better performance.

Mental stimulation

This has direct relation with productivity. The mind can only be stimulated through reading books. Research shows that people who read often are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s as compared to those who don’t. A book will also help by motivating your mind to perform better which will help you to have a successful deejaying career.


As seen above, reading is mandatory for career growth. There are many books that can be beneficial for deejays it depends on individual needs. Maybe in choosing a book if you are not sure you can check on reviews so that you can have an idea of what you need. It is also good to start with the basics maybe try with deejay for dummies and progress as you gain more skills. Just like any other genre, you can get fiction books on the same; they don’t have to be all informational. They are thousands of books on deejaying that is worth looking into.