Best Architecture Books for Students

Even though there are different professions now and there are different sources of work that are available, some people are still inspired to become architects. Are you also inspired to continue being an architect? There are some adults who have practiced a different type of profession for a lot of years before they realized that they just need to become architects.

No matter what your reason is why you would like to become an architect, one of the best things that you can do is to become knowledgeable about the profession and what you are going to do when you finally become an architect. Before you will be able to achieve this, you have to read a lot of things. You can read the works of Juan Pablo Molyneux or you may even want to check out some online sites so that you can become inspired further.

Best Architecture Books for Students

There are also some architectural books that you can purchase or download on your gadget so that you can read these books often. If you do not want to spend too much money, you can also borrow from your local library.

Here are some of the architectural books that you may want to consider reading so that you can learn more about your profession:

  1. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (Center for Environmental Structure Series)

Based on the name itself, you can already guess that there are a lot of patterns that are available on this book. There are also some designs problems that will be discussed that will let you think about possible solutions. You know that through the patterns that you will see, you can become greatly inspired to do various things.

  1. A History of the Future by Donna Goodman

There was a time when the structures and the designs that were available for houses and buildings are just the same but over the past years, there are still a lot of other designs that have become available. The book will tackle all the possible designs that may become evident in the future. This may greatly influence the designs that you are going to make in the next years or so.

  1. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture by Mathew Frederick

This is one of the books that you will probably start to read when you are a student and you will read more in the future. You know that you will see a lot of things that you may or may not learn in the classroom. If you are highly interested in architecture, you know that you will not have a hard time reading this book again and again.

There are a still a lot of other architecture books that you will encounter depending on what you are supposed to learn about. There are still so many things that you are going to learn. Remember that you need to gain a lot of insight from other well known architects and you can always attend seminars that will talk about the things that you are interested in.