Best Books of 2016 You Should Read Now

This year, there are a lot of people who are more focused on other things other than the books that they are going to read. There are some who are highly interested in politics while there are also some who are going through some problems so they do not focus on reading books anymore. When you read the right books, you can be sure that that it will provide the escape that you need from the life that you live.

You may always think that you need to take a vacation whenever you are feeling sad. Whenever you feel lost, you would like to escape from the world. You may want to have top ski gloves so you can ski all you want. You can imagine getting into the ski lift and letting yourself lose so that you can start going down the hill or the mountain where you were let off. Yet you cannot do this all the time especially if you have some responsibilities that you want to consider. You cannot always take time off from work. You need to have another escape that will be easier to accomplish and that is through reading.

Best Books of 2016 You Should Read Now

Here are the best books of 2016 that you just cannot miss:

  1. Shrill – Lindy West

You may want to read something that is hilarious with a lot of other feelings involved. This is how you would feel when you read shrill. Aside from it being funny, you cannot help but admit that it seems angry and this adds a nice touch to the whole book. You cannot help but relate to her negative experiences but the way that she adds humor to it makes it a worthwhile read.

  1. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours – Helen Oyeyemi

If you have never read anything by Helen Oyeyemi then you should realize that you are missing out. She offers a wide collection of stories that are supposedly fairy tales but she has put her own twist to each story that she brings. This story in particular has the same type of feel – like a completely different fairy tale.

  1. You Will Know Me – Megan Abbott

If you have always been fond of reading books from the young adult fiction then you will have a grand time reading this story by Megan Abbott. This story is about girls who would like to make it big in the Olympics. As her usual trademark, she makes the characters realistic that you can almost feel that you are with them in the story. The best part is you can also know more about the terms used in gymnastics by reading this book.

  1. Evicted – Matthew Desmond

You may have the tendency to pass up on books that do not seem interesting. This book may not catch your eye in the beginning because it seems so serious and important but once you start reading it, you will realize that it is actually a good read. The facts and the figures written in the book will be easy to understand by normal folks.

  1. The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead

This is already considered as one of the best novels that you can read this year. This talks about the story of two slaves as they make their move in order to be free. This can be an eye opener that will let you contemplate about how life has turned out after you finish reading.

Can you still think of some amazing reads that you should not miss this year?