Best DIY books to have in your home

The internet is a fantastic source for information especially regarding DIY tips and home solutions. There are however those of us that enjoy reading a book and finding solutions the old fashioned way. There are also a few books that should be on anyone’s bookshelf and that will solve DIY nightmares for anyone that wants to know how to get out of tricky situations or fix things around the house. Here are a few great titles worth purchasing and adding to your DIY collection at home.

Popular Mechanics, Complete home how-to guide

Popular Mechanics delivers us with informative and great articles that are good for anyone to know. With this book you will definitely have the help of specialists for all your ambitious projects. The book has some fantastic illustrations and makes it easy for anyone to understand.

Made by hand: searching for meaning in a throwaway world

This book taps right into everyone’s creative DIY side and will allow you to find ways to use materials to make things that are useful and creative. A must-have for anyone who calls someone else’s trashes their treasure. Click here to take a look.  Recycling is all that nowadays and it will feel good for anyone to know that they are doing their part.

How your house works, a visual guide to understanding and maintaining your home

This book is filled to the brim with illustrations that are incredibly easy to understand for any potential DIY fanatic. It is a fantastic addition to any home. Sometimes we need a visual description on how something needs to be done and this book takes care of that completely.

Best DIY books to have in your home

Country Wisdom and know-how: A practical guide to living off the land

With many DIY ideas and also a lot of coverage on self-sufficient living this book is ideal for any household. If you do invest in your own veggies and produce in your garden you might want to get a few tips on how to stop pigeons in order to protect your food.

Why we make things and why it matters: The education of a craftsman

Read about the joy and benefit of making your own furniture with this helpful guide. You will also find some rewarding tips and realize that learning how to do something by yourself can only benefit you in the end.

The Craftsman

Following the history of craftsmanship dating back to Ancient Rome is mentioned in this informative novel. You might find it quite an interesting read and a definite keepsake. Read more about the history of craftsmanship here.

All the way home: Building a family in a falling-down house

This book provides you with a fascinating inside look into the author’s home renovation experience. Written with a lot of humor, this book portrays the good and the bad part of DIY which in turn shows us the frustration that comes with a new project and also the reward we feel after everything has been completed.