Best Refrigerated Trucks for Your Business

Refrigerated trucks a.k.a chiller trucks are a commonly used item by large manufacturers to transport their perishable products all over the country. Chiller trucks are capable of creating a desirable climate inside their freight, thus keeping the temperature sensitive products from perishing at an early stage. If you are on a lookout for the best refrigerated truck for sale, then read this article for more detailed info.

Top refrigerated trucks in the market
If you think that refrigerated trucks are another version of ventilated or insulated cars, then you are completely wrong. Most of the ventilated or insulated cars can only maintain their temperature at a certain temperature. But that’s not the case for refrigerated trucks. They can maintain a whole desirable climate inside their freight and comparatively bigger than those cars.

Refrigerated Trucks


Apart being controlled by mechanical refrigeration process, some trucks also use the primitive ice cooling process in case of emergency. Carbon dioxide or diesels are the fuel of choice in the refrigeration process. Earlier in the 19th century, some ice-cream manufacturers first used these trucks to carry their products around the country. Since then various car manufacturers have tried to introduce a variety of refrigerated trucks in the mass markets.

ISUZU Reefer Truck

If you want endless power with amazing durability, then go for the ISUZU reefer truck. The NQR (gmcw550) was built during 2008 and has a 4 ton driving unit. Its engine will give you up to 200 HP which is a lot for a refrigerated truck. You get cruise control and it can be customized to suit your needs.

Things to consider before buying a refrigerated truck

  • Be specific about the kind of rear door you want:
    Generally, there are two kinds of rear doors for a refrigerated truck. Roll up doors are easy to use. But ultimately you will use a lot of energy if you open that several times within a short span of time. That’s why most of the ice-cream manufactures prefer hinged doors over roll up doors. That way they can make multiple deliveries without losing much insulation.
  • The relation between the size of the interior and insulation of the refrigerated truck:
    Always check before buying an insulation system. Sometimes the working area of the truck is much smaller than the actual interior dimensions. So double check these things will prevent unnecessary energy loss in the future.
  • Invest in a power interrupt switch:
    Every time someone opens the rear door of your refrigerated truck, cold air escapes outside. It’s very hard to maintain the temperature at this rate. A power interrupt switch will prevent the unnecessary energy loss, but shutting down the blower each time the door is opened.

Bottom Line

Refrigerated trucks don’t come in cheap. That’s why you need to cover a lot of bases if you are searching for the best refrigerated truck for sale. Before buying a reefer, consider the nature of your products and the necessity of a refrigerated truck. Carefully consider the available products in the market and buy the one that suits your budget.