Books Music Lovers Should Have in Their Libraries

If you love music, and reading is another one of your past times, we’ve got some great suggestions for you. These are books that music lovers should have in their libraries. These books are sure to engage the creative side of your music-loving personality. We hope that you can appreciate the books on this list as much as we do.

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Books for Music Fanatics

Maybe you wouldn’t call yourself a fanatic, but you can recall specific events in your life based on the songs you were listening to at that time. Therefore, you fit the label in our book. Which should help you, since this is a list of books for music fanatics:

  1. A Visit from the Goon Squad– Penned by Jennifer Egan, this is a national bestseller. You will enjoy the rich history of the punk rock movement as it connects itself to some deeply captivating settings and characters.
  2. Ready Player One– Children of the 80s will enjoy this book immensely. As a New York Time’s bestseller, Ernest Cline produces a book rife with pop culture references and video games that populated that era. Learn more.
  3. High Fidelity– Perhaps you recall the movie with John Cusack. It was based on this book about breakups and music written by Nick Hornby.
  4. Talking to Girls about Duran Duran– Rob Sheffield wrote this book about “one young man’s quest for true love and a cooler haircut.” He’s also well known for Love is a Mix Tape.
  5. Porcelain- If you loved the music of Moby, this will give you insight into his life. He wasn’t always a world-renowned disc jockey. In fact, he started at the bottom with plenty of others like him, in the club scene of New York City.
  6. How Music Got Free- This isn’t about pirating, though the title might give you that idea. Instead, it is focused on the music industry’s secret history. The writer, Stephen Witt, admits that this is “a story of obsession and invention.”
  7. Station Eleven– Believe it or not, there’s even a book for people who love the symphony. Though this is a dystopian tale, Emily St. John Mandel, proves her writing chops with this national bestseller. Read this review from the New York Times.
  8. Reckless- Chrissie Hynde reveals her life as a pretender in this autobiography. No doubt you will find her writing style to be quite honest, cool, and funny. Some even think it’s pretty awesome.
  9. In the Pleasure Groove– John Taylor composes this book about Duran Duran. Rolling Stone magazine gave it significant accolades on the front cover, so that should make it worth the read.
  10. Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink– We kind of love this title. Elvis Costello writes in his seemingly haphazard way, but that makes all the more sense the deeper you dive in.

Feel free to read the rest of this rather lengthy list here.