Books with Log Cabins in the Story Line

You might be a little shocked to discover that searching for books under the heading “log cabin” will actually reveal quite a few about quilting! Apparently, there is a quilting pattern known as: the log cabin. Of course, you will also discover, amidst that search, books on log cabin building. We wanted to offer you books that fell into the fiction line though. So, we hope you will enjoy these books with log cabins in the story line.

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Books with Log Cabins in the Story Line

Top 7 Log Cabin Focused Fiction Novels

Log cabins are cool. Let’s be honest here. They offer that rustic feel while still being incredibly long lasting and pest resistant. So, when you need a catalyst for considering a log home purchase, these top 7 log cabin focused fiction novels might be the answer:

  1. A Log Cabin Christmas Collection– This has a number of authors behind its design. Therefore, just enjoy the idea that log cabins in the times of the settlers offered a place for faith, hope, and love to blossom without all the commercialism of today’s Christmas season. Learn more.
  2. Bess’s Log Cabin Quilt– Recall that we mentioned that “log cabin” is also a quilting pattern. Bess submits hers to a quilting competition as she aims to save the family farm. The author, D. Anne Love, will keep you reading.
  3. The Log Cabin Church– Penned by Ellen Howard, this book focuses on Elviry and her family in the Michigan woods. They establish a church in their log home as more settlers move into the area. There are several, full color books, in this children’s book series.
  4. Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House- Not exactly a fictional novel, this book, written by Sterling North, will explore the incredible life of Abraham Lincoln. Readers will learn more about his impoverished upbringings and the extreme hardships that strengthened the man who became one of America’s greatest presidents. Click this for more information.
  5. A Dreamer’s Log Cabin: A Woman’s Walden– This story is about a young woman who moves to northern Minnesota and builds a log cabin there. She experiences a number of hardships and challenges, but is able to build friendships and fulfill dreams as well. It is written by Laurie Shepherd.
  6. Log Cabin Noble– This is a book for treasure hunters. In fact, it is billed as a novel about the Caribbean’s greatest treasure hunt. You’ll have to see whether F. Van Wyck Mason (the author) achieves that or not.
  7. Log Cabin in the Woods: A True Story About a Pioneer Boy- This classic children’s book from Indiana is both appealing and engaging. It focuses on the life of Oliver Johnson, an eleven year old better known as Ollie. Written by Joanne Landers Henry, the book was first published in 1988. You can look inside the book here.

Hopefully, some of these books will spur you towards log home ownership. And, the children’s books included in the list might help get your kids excited about the endeavor as well!