Choosing the Best OBD2 Reader

Gone are the days where we would keep guessing what is wrong with our cars. All you need is an OBD2 reader for trouble shooting and checking the engine light of the dashboard of your car. Because the check engine light is very sensitive to a car, it is important to know guide for choosing the best obd2 scanner for your car. Just like any other devices, there is a wide range of obd2 scanners in the market which may be confusing to a user on which one to choose. With the many devices there are some that offer more value than others and thus it is important to know all the specifications of a particular scanner before buying to make sure that you make an informed choice. What people need to know however is that expensive does not necessarily mean better though it also depends on your level of expertise. If it is just for basic use a basic code reader scanner will just work well while advance use will need an advanced scanner or code reader.

Choosing the Best OBD2 Reader

Obd2 scanner vs. code reader

These two are normally confused to be the same but they are not, they have features that can set them apart. Both a code reader and an ob2 scanner are used to read and clear obd2 trouble codes but a scanner can do so much more than showing the codes. It can also offer more information on the trouble and how to fix it. With a good scanning tool you can even print diagnostic and performance data on your pc.

A code reader can not only read and clear the codes but it can also reset the check engine light in your vehicle. Not all code readers can display the freeze frame data and readiness of the car while there are also code readers that just display the trouble codes.

As much as cheap is not necessarily expensive, most cheap code readers are not compatible with many vehicle models unlike scanners that are more universal and have higher compatibility rates.

With a code reader, you cannot get trouble shooting information hence you will have to check on the vehicle website to get further information about the trouble code. With a scanner, you can easily now the trouble code name and possible fixes.

Best OBD2 readers

There are many scanners that can be used and as seen above it depends on the level of expertise of the user. Some of the best scanners include:

BAFX 34t5

It’s the best Bluetooth scanner that can easily sync with an android phone for easy diagnosis. With a third party app you are all set.

Autel MS300

This is the cheapest corded obd2 scanner and can support CAN protocol hence is compatible with most vehicles made after 1996. Even though it does not use Bluetooth it has many great features.


This is the best WIFI obd2 scanner. It uses the ELM327 chip and is compatible with both android and IOS. It can read and clear check engine codes as well as view and graph sensor data among many more and at a great price.


There are many other readers that have great features at a great price. You can clear dtc with these obd2 readers to make sure your check engine light is in the best state.