Creative books you should have in your home

It is important to have the right collection of books in your home. Finding inspiration from a book is very possible and while reading is relaxing you can actually gain creative, mental and emotional motivation from the book that you read. It is perfectly okay for a writer to have writer’s block or an artist that cannot decide what to paint. It is normal to be that aspiring inventor with a great idea but no idea how to bring it to fruition. Sometimes we all need that push or eye opening experience to create our masterpiece or bestseller. There are many videos available online but nothing beats settling down with a good book.  All artists experience a time in their life where they need a little extra motivation to create. Here are a couple of books that will get you inspired and creative in no time.

Creative books you should have in your home

Play by Stuart Brown

This book goes back to the time where you were most inspired. As a child you played to stay occupied and it is proven that play is necessary for your artistic and mental growth. Perhaps play is still required as an adult to find your inner creativity. I remember that coloring in, drawing, painting and playing was a great spark for my creativity as a child.

The art of non-conformity by Chris Guillebeau

This book will get you off the couch and to give you that push you need to get busy. If you are considering a career as an artist or full time writer but you are too scared to get out of the system this is the right book for you. Conforming to the rules and staying a part of the system will sometimes prevent us from being our true and mindful self.

Making ideas happen by Scott Belsky

This book is all about the wonderful ideas that people come up with and why we don’t allow our ideas to come to fruition. So if you have been considering a great idea or invention you might bring it to life after reading this book. Every discovery in life started with a great idea and someone that took a chance. Click here for some of the best ideas ever.

Guide to New York City Landmarks

If you are looking for ways to inspire your architectural abilities get hold of this book. The fantastically talented interior designer, Juan Pablo Molyneux lives in NYC and redesigned his beautiful NYC townhouse. Find inspiration from an interior designer like Juan to get back to the drawing board.

Ignore everybody by Hugh Mcleod

This is a great book to teach you to pay no attention to the negative influences in your life which will allow you to live to your full potential. Believing in yourself is incredibly important to make it anywhere. There are unfortunately too many people that allow other people to tell them what they can and can’t do. Click here for ways to set negativity aside.