E-Readers VS Actual Books – Which Gives the Best Reader Experience

Reading is so good for developing a strong mind and you learn so much by reading a lot of books.  There is nothing better than snuggling into a warm and fuzzy blanket with a great book.  One of the biggest debates between book lovers is the big e-reader VS actual book argument.  Is the reading experience better on digital format or do traditional printed books offer a much better reading experience?  To answer these questions we are first going to have a quick look at the top pros and cons of each of these book types.

E-Readers VS Actual Books – Which Gives the Best Reader Experience

Top e-reader pros

  • Cheaper books
  • Less storage space required
  • Improved mobility
  • Access to just about any book imaginable
  • The ability to adjust font sizing according to your need

Top e-reader cons

  • Expensive device cost
  • Battery life is always an issue
  • Can be bad for your eyesight

Top book pros

  • That book smell!
  • Great for gifting
  • Great for collecting
  • Can be much more comfortable
  • Can give you a better reading experience since
  • No worries about battery life
  • Can be passed down or resold so many times
  • It is a lot harder to lose the literature work when it is in actual print than on digital format. If traditional books only existed on electronic copy they could easily be lost to the world forever if no one decides to keep a copy.

Top book cons

  • Printing means cutting down trees
  • It can be hard to transport a lot of books
  • Font sizing can be a problem if you have visual imparities

With all of these pros and cons it is quite easy to see that the best possible reading experience firstly depends on your situation and secondly on your personality.  If you are constantly on the go then obviously the e-reader will be much handier since you can fit hundreds of e-books into the same device.   E-readers are probably also better if you are someone that loves technology.  Those that love to enjoy a quitter, more relaxed vibe with the rich aroma of ink combined with the smell of freshly ground coffee or a light smoke from the fireplace drifting into the air can definitely rather go for an actual printed book.  Page books are however also a much better option for children since technology isn’t the best option for family bonding and for learning.

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