Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

Several people are often very creative and good readers too. When you finish a good book or just lie awake at night, you might have a revelation of a brilliant idea which you immediately want to convert into a story. However, due to the busy life you lead, this might not be possible.

For folks who go through a similar situation and who would like to write down their ideas and turn them into books, this article is for you. Pitching your idea to writers in an engaging manner is very imperative. There are some writers out there who are willing to write for you, but they first require to understand your idea. So if you would like to the best of the best, present your idea to them in a way that they just cannot refuse to build a story on it.

Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

1) Get Your Message Across

Now that you have a good idea in your mind, you should get this across to the writers. You can use pitch deck PowerPoint PPT templates to do this. These templates embrace the best features needed to express an idea and to pitch it to the potential writers. These templates are used by big and small startups and companies who are looking for investors or potential customers. You can use them for your idea and present it as a business would.

Doing that would not only make your work more professional, but it shows how much this idea means to you as well. Go to theinspirationblog.net and see the incredible features of templates. The features available on these templates can be altered and customized according to your specific requirements. If your story idea is darker and goes towards the horror side, the theme you can use in these templates can be a bit dull and not too colorful. While if your story idea is more in the romance genre, you have the choice of using colors and other features to get the right writer.

2) Summarize Your Idea

The problem with pitching an idea and then expecting a writer to write a whole book is that you must be able to allow the author to write the way they prefer. However, this means that the final chapter might not be what you initially wanted it to be. For that reason, you have to prepare yourself, or if you would like the writer to go according to your expectations, you must summarize the idea into a few paragraphs.

Have an initial plan and likewise write about how you want the story to go from the first page to the last. You and your selected writer can then talk about the changes and collaborate to make the perfect thing. This summarization of the idea allows a more open and secure communication between you both.

3) Open Communication

You would only be able to get a good book built from your idea if you have an open discussion with the writer you select. When you are pitching the idea, you should highlight this point and from the very beginning, be open with one another.

The veracious writer is always the one you feel comfortable in talking to and who you feel would be open to you even if things are not going smoothly. You both can figure the story out together if he or she gets stuck somewhere. Ensure to make this a highlighted point when you start the selection of a writer or when you discuss your book idea with them.