How SEO Helps Writers Sell More Books

Every serious reader has a deep burning desire to also one day write a book.  If you are one of these readers who have always dreamt of or have written a book then you will realize all too soon that getting sales is no easy feat.  Writers have an incredibly tough time at breaking into the market and getting their books sold or published.  The competition is quite fierce and you truly need to sparkle and shine when it comes to marketing no matter how good your book might be.

An author website is a must for any writer who is serious about making a name out there in the big world.  With a good website, readers can learn much more about you and a website is also great for selling your book in e-book version so you can make more money without having publishers and printing take a huge chunk out of your profits.

Your website and books also have to be market as best possible by using various techniques such as social media marketing and especially SEO services.

How SEO Helps Writers Sell More Books
How SEO Helps Writers Sell More Books

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very handy technique that boosts your website ratings and ranking so your site will appear higher on Google’s search engine results when certain keywords that relate to your product is searched.  When keywords like “good reads”, good book”, or “best read” are searched a long list of books will appear and SEO is exactly what makes your book and website reflect higher.

How SEO will help you sell more books

SEO makes your website appear higher on Google’s search engine listings which greatly increases the visibility of your books and your website.  This boosts the likelihood of getting website visits by up to 80%.  SEO is also applied through various techniques such as backlinks, link building, guest posting and much more.  These alternative techniques are also incredible for luring people to your website and book through other websites and channels.  The more website visitors you get the more your website ranking improves and the more likely you are of getting more books sold.  SEO also does wonders for brand recognition or, in your case, author recognition so more people will realize what a superb writer you are.

The best SEO Company for quick optimization

Kranu Oy is one of the best SEO companies you can use if you want to get good SEO results quickly.  This company provides a wide range of services such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, keyword advertising, Instagram marketing, YouTube optimization and more.  Their superb services and high experience level is exactly what makes them the perfect company to get more of your books sold quickly.

SEO can make a huge difference in your sales, website traffic, and brand recognition.  This marketing technique is an absolute must for any new writer who is trying to break into the highly competitive bookselling market and especially for those who are planning on making some big and lasting marks on the world with their superb works.