How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Your Book Shop

It’s getting harder and harder for book shops to survive.  Technological devices like smart phones and kindle devices have taken a huge bite out of the book lover market.  A lot of people prefer these smart devices because they can download as many books as they like, they can read a lot more affordably, the books don’t take a lot of space and they can change the font size.  But nothing will ever replace a good printed book because no smart device can give you that old book smell and feel and reading a page book is just a lot more fun.  As a book shop you can beat the competition and still make a success of your book business by simply marketing your books the right way.  One of the best ways to market books is with Bulk SMS.

How SMS Marketing Can Benefit Your Book Shop

What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS or SMS marketing is one of the easiest ways to send your clients and prospective clients a direct message.  To get bulk SMS you have to register at a mass SMS company like TextPlode.  TextPlode has great software that will enable you to send a single SMS to thousands of contact numbers instantly.  They are super affordable since you can get messages sent worldwide from as little as $0.05 per message.  You also only pay for what is sent since any undelivered messages will be refunded back to you.  Click here to find out more about TextPlode’s bulk SMS solutions.

Send notifications of new books

SMS marketing is terrific for book shops.  You can send out messages to thousands of people about all of the new books that you have gotten in so people will start streaming to your shop and so they will know when to shop online for books from your store.

Notify everyone of specials

You can get rid of a lot of old books that have been on the shelf for years by simply creating a special.  The bulk SMS will get the word out of any major sale that you are having or you can remind everyone of your book store during holiday season with a friendly greeting text.

Promote your reading sessions

A lot of people are afraid to buy a book because they fear all the time spent reading and the money spent on the book will be for nothing if a book is bad.  By holding a reading session you can get people interested in books and you can notify everyone of your reading sessions via mass SMS.

Advertise a book signing

Book signings are rare and great fun.  If an author is coming over to your store for a signing then you should get as many people as possible to attend the signing and one of the best ways to lure people to your signing is with bulk SMS.

Give instant information on major changes

Are you suddenly moving or switching owners?  Then you can get all your clients informed of these big changes no matter how sudden they are because TextPlode does not require a monthly joining fee.  You only pay for what you use, when you use it.