How To Choose The Best CMS for Your Site

The right CMS is very important as content is everything to a site. The right CMS will make sure that you can create, manage and edit content on a website in an efficient manner. Without a CMS you will not have freedom to take care of content and you will solely rely on your website developer for that. The ability to have control on your website is very important s you can tweak and make adjustments the way you want.  When it comes to a CMS, there is headless vs decoupled cms which you have to compare to find one that best suits your needs. As much as most people argue that headless CMS platform is better, needs vary among individuals and it is only by doing comparisons that you can easily get what you are looking for. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a CMS include:

How To Choose The Best CMS for Your Site
How To Choose The Best CMS for Your Site

Ease of use

The simpler the CMS platform is to use the better. This i especially important if you don’t have the technical skills that are required such as coding God thing is that may CMS platforms are easy to use and you don’t necessarily need to have technical knowledge. The CMS platform that you settle on should make it easy to tweak content around and web pages. It’s important to make sure that your CMS is user friendly to your staff.


Search engine optimization will make sure that your content is able to reach far and wide. Since your rankings are important, you should make sure that the CMS has SEO related friendly features such as integrated SEO tools.


CMS vendors have different price tags depending on the features of the CMS. There might however be additional costs that should not be ignored. It is also important to keep in mind that they all have pricing policies for example there are those that have a onetime fee while there are those that will have additional fees for an upgrade or plugins. It is therefore important to know how the pricing is done to stay within your set budget.

Security of the platform

CMS platforms are targeted by hackers and cyber criminals and hence security should be looked at. That explains why most CMS platforms have security issues. It is therefore important to check the security history of a platform and how they have dealt with security issues before.

Integration with analytic tools

A CMS system that easily integrates with analytic tools will make it easy to track the performance of your website and thus know what measures to take in order to improve performance.

Technical support

There is nothing as good as having a CMS that has a readily available technical support. That will save you from a lot of trouble and help in improving the performance of the site.

Support of multiple pages or websites

If you are managing multiple websites, you would want to pick a CMS that can support that. A CMS that gives users the option of having multiple pages is also better.