How to Make an Income as A Writer

There are many avenues that writers can use to make an income. Writing can not only be a hobby but can be a full time job as well. There are many platforms that writers can use to do their writing, it can be in form of articles, blog posts or even books, and it depends on one’s preference. To be a successful writer and make a good income from it, the following should be kept in mind:

Choose your niche

Yes as much as you may be a skilled writer, you may not be able to write across all niches. There are niches which you will be good at more than others. It is therefore important to identify the niche that you are good at and specialize at it. In specializing at one thing you are likely to be more perfect and successful than being a jerk of all trades.

Know your writing style

Everyone’s writing style differs. Different people have different writing styles that define them as writers. Your writing style most of the time reflects on your tone as a writer and your originality in your tone is what will make your readers to be hooked. So understand your writing style and work to improve on it.

How to Make an Income as A Writer

Keep learning

A good writer should always keep learning to as to improve his skills in writing. Learning has no end and every day is a chance to get better. If you keep learning with time you will be perfect and your articulation of grammar and sentence construction will be able to flow well and that is what will define your success as a writer.

Choose your writing platform

There are many platforms through which writers can write from.  If you are not keen about writing a book you can write blog posts or contributory articles across different platforms. There is diversity on the platforms you can do your writing you only have to identify the platform that you are more comfortable with and which you can reach your audience well. The platform you choose will be mainly influenced by the kind of audience for your articles. There is a certain audience that can be found on a certain platform and not the other.

Make a plan

There is nothing that will ever be a success without planning and that applies to even writing. You can make plan and your goals as a writer as well as your learning plan. With goals and objectives as a writer, you are likely to grow and become a better writer and with time will bring you success


There are many things that one can do to make sure that you are an avid writer. With the right skills and the right platform in the right niche, now you can do advertising to your work and share your work across different platforms to make sure that a large audience gets to know about it. For more ideas on making money online on books you can check on Bengu.