If you Live in Philadelphia, Read These!

The books you will find on this list are essential reading for those of you who reside in Philadelphia. If you don’t live there, but are particularly interested in all things Philly, you should certainly read them as well. It is unusual for a city to be so inundated with history and great literature, but Philadelphia is just that unusual.

In fact, they have seen a resurgence of political desires toward change. Philadelphia 3.0, an upstart nonpartisan political organization, has been making waves and changing the face of the City Council. In fact, their most recent success included the largest turnover, in 36 years, of people on the Council. Thier television and print ads certainly did the trick. Now it is time to learn all you can about your great city.

If you Live in Philadelphia, Read These!

Books You Need to Add to Your Reading List

There are a couple of books that didn’t make the list but should definitely be on there. Those books include: Diary of a City Priest, A Concise History of Philadelphia, and a historical text entitled, The Philadelphia Negro. However, if you would prefer to pass on those pieces of literature, please take a gander at these other great reads:

  1. Mermaids, Monasteries, Cherokees and Custer- Penned by Roberta Alotta, this piece will reveal to you the origins of Philadelphia’s street’s names. You know you have been wondering.
  2. The Great Book of Philadelphia Sports Lists– Philadelphia is a sports town and Big Daddy Graham, along with Glen Macnow, produced a great book for you sports enthusiasts.
  3. Wonderland- This book, published in 2004, isn’t even about Philadelphia, but it includes some of the surrounding areas. It is always important to know about things connected to your city. And, Michael Bamberger does a great job describing what it’s like to attend a suburban high school. No matter where you live, this is a great addition to your library. Learn more.
  4. Rocky Stories- The movie, Rocky, brought a lot of fame to Philadelphia. The authors of this book, Michael Vitez and Tom Gralish, both Pulitzer Prize winners, interview people who have trekked to Philadelphia to walk in Rocky’s steps. With photos and words, they depict their interviews of those who attempted to run the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. It’s a year’s worth of interviews in one book.
  5. Land of Giants– Steve Lopez’s book is a collection of his 20 years’ worth of Inquirer columns. You can see the transformation of his writing style and those things that impacted him over his career. And if you are a fan of his fiction, this will open your eyes to some of its origins.
  6. Green Grass Grace– A first and only novel by Shawn McBride, this book depicts the Northeast side of Philadelphia. Which, if you know the city, is an area that is rarely revealed or written about. This book illuminates it beautifully. The main character, a passionate young man living in the 80s, makes the book a must read for any locale. Read more.
  7. Walking Broad– If you are looking to fully understand big city life, this book should find a space on your reading shelf. The author, Bruce Buschel, loved Philly, then hated Philly, and then left it. But, he returned and walked Broad Street’s 13 miles to devise a book that truly reveals the Philadelphia that people love and hate.

For other books on the city, please visit this site.