Analysis of Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye: Discovering Life Through Art

Written in 1988, Cat’s Eye is one of Margaret Atwood’s most celebrated novels. It takes the reader on a reflective journey through the childhood, teenage years and the later life of artist Elaine Risley.

On the one hand, Cat’s Eye appears to be a typical childhood coming-of-age tale about a young girl growing up in Canada in the 20th century; however, on the other hand, this novel explores some incredibly important themes about growing up and constructing a vision of self identity. Through Cat’s Eye, the reader is not only transported back to the dramatic childhood of Elaine, but also into the soul of her important works of art that hold the truth about Elaine’s memory, identity and self worth.

Analysis of Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye: Discovering Life Through Art

Art as Life

Elaine is an exceptional artist and Atwood spends much of the book describing the different paintings that Elaine has done throughout her life. These paintings vividly recreate her childhood and mirror the pain and sorrow that she has endured.

Memory and Identity

One of the most important paintings that Elaine does is her “Cat’s Eye” painting of the Virgin Mary carrying the marble over the bridge. This beautiful painting is also the cover of the book. Readers discover that this is not just a fictional painting – this was a real life event that occurred during Elaine’s childhood when Elaine was left to freeze to death in the ravine by her ‘friends’. However, Elaine has pushed this traumatic event out of her life. When she reflects on her drawings and re-visits her memories at home she remembers the event and can actually feel whole again.

One of the most common symbols in Cat’s Eye is the Eye, while another is of the struggle to find quality, ethical grain-free cat food. The marble eye that the Virgin Mary carries is a symbol for the marble that she hides in her red purse as a child. It is only after she re-discovers this purse and the marble that the memories come back and she feels “her life entire”. The eye represents the looking glass of how others see her, which is one of the ways in which she discovers herself. This theme is carried on in the next painting.

Self Worth Through Others

Another painting that holds importance is Elaine’s self-portrait, which reflects three little girls in the back glass. This is perhaps one of the most vivid symbols of how Elaine’s identity was constructed and how her childhood friends, Carol, Cordelia and Grace were a critical reason for her loss of self worth and the sense of the individual over the years.

Through the constant bullying/best friend dichotomy that many young girls and boys struggle through, Elaine realizes that she was unable to gain a full picture of herself and instead is seen as a broken mirror, reflected through the different angles, or eyes of those around her.

Other Important Themes of Cat’s Eye

Margaret Atwood is the master of thematic interpretation and other important themes she explores in Cat’s Eye include the idea of science versus art, feminism in the 20th century and coming of age. All of these themes help shape the uniqueness of Cat’s Eye and brings depth to this extraordinary Canadian novel.

A Few Facts About Betty and Veronica

There are a lot of people who are familiar with Archie and all the other characters from Riverdale. Most readers are interested in Betty and Veronica a lot. Betty and Veronica are best friends and also bittersweet rivals for the love of Archie Andrews. They always try their best to outdo each other so that they will get Archie’s attention.

While up to now, there are still not a lot of details to show who Archie actually married because there are two alternative endings for the Archie series depending on which you are rooting for, you know that the series has come a long way and you deserve to know some facts about Betty and Veronica.

It will be easier to have access to the series now because of the world of the internet. Some of the things that you cannot download in the past can be downloadable now for a certain fee. Remember that you can learn more when you have the right gadget that you have purchased.

A Few Facts About Betty and Veronica

Betty and Veronica are just a few of the female comic book characters that you can find in the world of comics. There are still a lot more that you can discover but as of now, let us focus on two of the women in Archie’s life.

  1. The Archie series first started with Veronica Lodge coming to Riverdale and life in Riverdale has never been the same ever since.
  2. There is one future series with Archie wherein he did not marry either Betty or Veronica which can be considered a good alternative future if you still cannot decide who between Betty and Veronica should marry Archie.
  3. Betty is allergic to strawberries. In one story, Veronica knew about this and wanted to steal the modeling job that Betty was signed up for.
  4. There was a story in the year 2004 wherein Veronica was bathing in the ocean when suddenly her bikini top came off because of a huge wave. This is considered to be somewhat different from the usual Archie stories that are normally clean.
  5. The character of Betty Cooper was inspired by someone also named Betty that the cartoonist once dated.
  6. Betty and Veronica actually became real fashion icons. In the series, it is apparent that Betty and Veronica cared about clothes although Veronica normally has more clothes because she is rich, Betty has her own style that did not go by unnoticed.
  7. Betty Cooper has a sister named Polly Cooper although she is not normally mentioned in the series as the series usually involves Betty, Veronica and Archie. Of course, other characters are normally mentioned as well such as Jughead and Reggie. The main reason why Polly is not normally mentioned is because she lived in another state.
  8. It is Veronica who has always been desired by Archie’s main rival, Reggie. Learn more facts solely about Veronica here.

There are still a lot of facts that you should know about Betty and Veronica and all of the characters from Archie Comics. Who is your favorite character?

The Best Books for Dollhouse Lovers

Dollhouses are fantastic.  There probably isn’t a girl child alive that doesn’t desire a cute dollhouse in which to play and many adults never outgrow this desire.  That is why there are so many dollhouse hobbyists out there that simply love to create scaled dollhouse models and figurines. If you are one of these dollhouse lovers that can spend hours or even weeks building fantastic dollhouses then you are probably going to love some of these dollhouse books.

The Best Books for Dollhouse Lovers

The best books for dollhouse hobbyists

A good dollhouse making book can give you all the advice, tips and tricks you need to make the most realistic looking dollhouses super affordably and super-fast.  Here are just a few terrific dollhouse books for hobbyists;

  • Making Character Dolls’ Houses in ½ Scale by Brian Nickolls contains five dollhouse projects that you can make. The book includes complete plans and instructions for creating realistic dollhouses and dollhouse items.
  • Fairy Houses…Everywhere! By Tracy Kane is a good book to check out if you need inspiration for fairy houses of your own. The book contains collections of fairy house photographs as well as habits for different types of fairies that will affect how the houses will look.
  • Small-Scale Modeling by Caroline Osborn gives you full instructions on how to make houses, furniture, human figures, accessories and even plants on a 1/12 scale.

Children’s books about dollhouses

If you love reading about dollhouse making then you are probably going to love reading your child a few dollhouse tales.  Here are the top dollhouse books you can buy for children;

  • The Dollhouse Fairy by Jane Ray is an illustrated children’s book that is about a little girl’s bond with an injured fairy that she finds dollhouse.
  • The Paper Doll’s House of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Birdsall Otis, Aged Twelve by Eric Boman is a book that captures the works of 12 year old Sarah that she did in 1884. The book captures full color photographs of Sarah’s dollhouse artworks.
  • Dollhouse by Anya Allyn is a haunted story about an abandoned mansion that is actually a life-sized dollhouse filled with life sized toys. This is a pretty scary book that is not exactly suitable for young kids. 

Shop the best dollhouses for your child

For most dollhouse lovers, reading about dollhouses simply isn’t enough and they cannot wait to start building their next scale model dollhouse.  It can be quite a mess to keep your children away from your dollhouses because these gorgeous tiny houses are like a magnet to tiny fingers that simply cannot help but play with your delicate collectors’ items.  A great way for dollhouse lovers to keep their children from miniatures is by getting them a KidKraft Dollhouse.  The dollhouses from KidKraft are gorgeous, incredibly realistic and they are specially designed for easy playing.  There are lots of  different fully furniture KidKraft dollhouses to choose from like the Dreamy Dollhouse, the Savannah Dollhouse, the So Chic Dollhouse and many more all of which your child will absolutely adore.

When You are Looking for Water in a Book Title, Read These

Some of us are hugely fascinated by water. We love to drink it, swim in it, listen to it gurgle in a stream or crash on the shores of a beach. Water is soothing, cleansing, and health-instilling. When we have the opportunity to pair our love of water with our love of reading, life is all the more grand. So, when you are looking for “water” in a book title, read these books on our list.

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When You are Looking for Water in a Book Title, Read These

Books That Might Include Water

Bear in mind that the books on our list simply include the word “water” in the title. That does not mean they are water-based storylines, or that water even plays a significant role in the theme. However, these books should bode well for your reading pleasure out by the lake or relaxing on the white sands of a sunlit beach. Here are the books that might include water, for your reading indulgence:

  • Water for Elephants– Penned by Sara Gruen, this book is about a train jumping orphan by the name of Jacob Jankowski. He finds his refuge in the circus and you’ll find yours in the hands of this 335 page paperback.
  • The Water is Wide: A Memoir– Please recall the Prince of Tides, as this book is by the same author, Pat Conroy. This is his true life story about the time he invested on Yamacraw Island and how much its people gave him in return. Learn more.
  • The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother– James McBride writes about his mother and the men she married, and the children she raised. Many believe this book to be wholly inspiring as it touches on issues of racial identity, compassion, realism, and insight.
  • Water Music– This is T.C. Boyle’s first novel, and is on its 25th Two interesting individuals meet in the heart of Africa, at its darkest, in the late 18th century. One is a thief and pimp, while the other is a Scottish explorer. This book is full of wit and fierce descriptions.
  • The Hidden Messages in Water- A New York Times bestseller, Masaru Emoto’s book, which was translated by David A. Thayne, is only 159 pages long. The concept is that our thoughts, emotions, and words can literally effect molecules of water. It’s worthy of further investigation, so you can learn more about it here.
  • Green Grass, Running Water- Written by Cherokee author, Thomas King, Green Grass, Running Water gives readers a glimpse of the Native American Sun Dance. Three individuals return to the Blackfoot reservation for the ceremony only to discover nothing in their lives will ever be the way it was.

This is not an all-inclusive list, so feel free to click this to read some more great books. And, if you have realized that the water you are currently ingesting may be in need of help, the PurifierAdvisors are a great source of information and guidance.

Care Better For Your Garden by Reading These Gardening Books

The right book can make a world of difference for your life.  With books and helpful articles you can expand your general knowledge a lot and save yourself a lot of money by simply being able to do things yourself.  Caring for your garden properly is one of the most difficult skills out there.  It takes quite a bit of practice to become a good gardener and you need quite a bit of knowledge on plants because different plants have different care requirements.  But sharpening up your gardening skills is worth every bit of effort, cash and work because with a beautiful garden you can increase your property value a lot and you always have a great place to spend your afternoons.

Care Better For Your Garden by Reading These Gardening Books

Read these gardening books

Amazon is the best place to shop for great books on gardening.  To find the best possible books to help you along your quest for becoming a successful gardener you can simply check out the best sellers on amazon.  These are the most popular books for two reasons.  Firstly, they are affordably and secondly they are recommended.  Here are the top three books on gardening that you can buy online right now.

All New Square Foot Gardening II – This number one bestseller by Mel Bartholomew comes in paperback or kindle form and is tremendously popular because it offers the best advice on square foot gardening.

Medical Herbs – If you want to start growing your very own medicinal herbs then this book by Rosemary Gladstar are a great start because she gives the best advice on the best plants and herbal remedies for some of the most common conditions.

The Drunken Botanist – Find out what people have used to make alcohol over the years with this book by Amy Steward so you can plant your garden right for alcohol production.

Better care for your garden with TLC reticulation

Gardening is hard work and time is often limited especially when you are already balancing work, family and caring for your plants.  With reticulation controllers from TLC Services Perth you can care for your garden and lawn a lot easier. TLC Reticulation is a unique company that specializes in water solutions.  They come out to your property to evaluate your gardens exact water needs and will then do a full installation for the best watering system that will help you save a lot of money on wasted water.  These water systems help your garden plants grow much healthier because the systems prevent overwatering which can result in root rotting.  The systems also prevent garden draughts because with the reticulation controller your garden will automatically be wet at certain times of the day or night. Some of the modern reticulation controllers even enable you to water your garden from your phone so you can give your garden special care for different types of plants even though you are away on holiday or away for business purposes. You can set your controller to wet your garden on specific days, specific times and for specific durations of reticulation so your garden can grow a lot easier and healthier.

Phenomenal Australian Children’s Books

We are used to seeing books by Canadians. And we are used to seeing all manner of business and adult fiction novels discussed on this site. That is the catalyst behind this piece. It is time to consider our children. They want to spend time with us, and be read to. And, as they progress in their own reading abilities, they want to read to us. Therefore, expand their horizons, and your own, with these phenomenal Australian children’s books.

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Phenomenal Australian Children’s Books

Top 7 Australian Children’s Books

Getting the kids to read can sometimes be a challenge, we understand that they are not all gung-ho about picking up a novel. However, the books on this list are sure to entertain even the most finicky reader. Check out these top 7 Australian children’s books and see if you don’t enjoy the pleasure on your child’s face as he/she meets characters unlike any previously experienced. So, without further hesitation, take a look at our list:

  1. Who Sank the Boat? And other stories– Penned by Pamela Allen, this book includes nine stories. They are simple, playful, and humorous both in text and imagery. The language allows for young children to quickly catch on and begin reciting the book as you read it to them over and over again. Besides, there are morals to the stories as well. Learn more.
  2. One Minute Till Bedtime- The sleeping moon on the cover, holding his own book, should draw attention. In fact, the book claims to be full of 60 second poems to send you off to sleep. There are actually 132 poems in the book, and they evoke strong emotions throughout. Kenn Nesbitt writes them and Chistoph Niemann illustrates.
  3. Welcome to Country– This is an Aboriginal book and shares the value of country ceremonies. Children are reminded to be respectful of culture and traditions. Traditional stories are revealed through poetic language and evocative illustrations of blended color landscapes and people. Illustrated by Lisa Kennedy and written by Aunty Joy Murphy, this book is sure to add richness to your child’s library.
  4. Artie and the Grime Wave– This is a fun adventure-mystery for kids 8 and up. There are good-natured friends, a striving underdog, dangerous bad guys and moments of bravery. Richard Roxburgh pens the exciting excursions of Artie and Bumshoe as they defeat people like Funnel-web and Mayor Grime.
  5. Radio Rescue- Maybe you would prefer a bit of Australian history. This story reveals the impact of the pedal radio. There are memorable illustrations, including foldouts. The book opens the door to discuss other relevant inventions and how they have impacted the life we know. Jane Jolley’s book is worthy of repeated readings. Read this.

To find more great Australian children’s books, don’t miss this link

Concentrate Better On Your Reads with Nootropics

Have you ever tried to enjoy a good book or study but simply couldn’t get your mind to focus on your reads?  You constantly have to re-read a chapter because your mind keeps spacing out to other thoughts or you keep drifting off into a slumber and your eyes sluggishly drift over words without recognizing anything your read.  Well, you are not alone.  Most people will try to get their focus back with stimulants like caffeine, sugar or even cigarettes.  All of these stimulants do however have terribly negative side effects on your body.  If you are looking for a healthier alternative to keep you focused while you are reading then you can definitely give nootropics a try.

Concentrate Better On Your Reads with Nootropics

What is nootropics?

Nootropics is also known as a ‘smart drug’, ‘enhancer’ and ‘supplement.  Basically the drug improves your cognitive function.  When you take the drugs you promote creativity, motivation and memory which allow you to focus more on your reads and to understand and process the information much better.

Is nootropics safe?

Most nootropics are a lot safer than stimulants like caffeine and sugar because they contain natural ingredients.  Nootropics are mostly taken by students to help them improve the quality of their studies.  The only negative side of nootropics is that the side effects of long term usage have not been tested just yet.

How to know if you need nootropics?

If you have a hard time processing what you are reading, concentrating on your studies, staying awake or making accurate conclusions from your reads then you can definite benefit from taking nootropics.

Get the best nootropics for you

Nootropic Studio is a review site where you will find all you need to know about the different nootropics on the market.  You can check what the side effects, benefits and ingredients are of popular nootropics like L-Theanine, Adrafinil, NooPept, Lion’s Mane, Sulbutiamine, ANiracetam, Fish Oil and much more.

Benefits of nootropics

  • Nootropics improves your memory which helps you concentrate better for longer on the same thing.
  • Your memory is enhanced so you will remember what you read for much longer which is terrific for students that are prepping for a big exam.
  • The nootropics contain a lot of supplements that fuels your brain and restores your brain function naturally. You will get an overall healthier mind.
  • Nootropics can be used by people from all ages and has some great anti-aging benefits which will help you fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s for longer.
  • Nootropics helps you deal with stress much better because your mind is much healthier and you can think much clearer.
  • Your sleep pattern is improved when you take nootropics which ensures you get the rest you need before taking on a tough day.
  • Your focus improves greatly and you are able to make much more accurate conclusions from your studies, life and every day issues.

Nootropics improves your mood because you sleep better, process information easier and you have a much better memory.

Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

There are a lot of fantastic benefits to playing music instruments.  When you can play a music instrument you increase the capacity of your memory, you refine your organization skills, you learn perspective, you build team skills, increase your mathematical capabilities and much more.  There is no doubt that learning to play a music instrument will benefit you.  The only problem is figuring out what music instrument to play when there are so many choices out there.  If you want to play something a bit different and be a bit different then perhaps it is time to give the trombone a try.

Is the trombone the right music instrument for you?

The trombone might look simple but is actually one of the hardest music instruments to play because you have to control your breath and trombone slides.  To be a successful trombone player you need strong lungs and a lot of patience.

Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

Find the best student trombone

Band Instruments Guide is a review site that you can check out to find a good quality student trombone.  The site features reviews on all of the best student trombones like the Getzen 351 trombone with its chrome-plated nickel silver inner hand slide or the Yamaha YSL-254 trombone that is easy to hold thanks to the nickel silver bracing guards.  These trombone reviews will give you a good idea on how to pick the best student trombone and what to look for when you are starting out.  You can also check out all of the pros and cons of each different trombone.

Online trombone lessons you can check out

You can learn to play the trombone even if there aren’t any trombone tutors available in your area because there are so many online tutorials that can also give you expert advice on playing the trombone.  YouTube, for example, has lots of free trombone lessons available that you can use to get started in this music instrument.

Trombone books to check out

On Amazon you can find quite a few trombone books that will help you learn this music instrument.  Here are just a few trombone books that you can pick up for under $10;

  • Essential Elements for Band – Trombone Book 1 by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Yamaha Band Student Trombone, Book one by Sandy Feldstein and John O’ Reilly
  • Essential Elements 2000; Book 2(Trombone) by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nolin

Look for local trombone bands

The best way to practice a music instrument is by joining up with friends or music groups for performances.  Look for a local marching band and try to sign up with them so you can practice and have fun while learning your trombone.

Learn to care for your trombone

You should also learn how to care for your trombone properly before buying a trombone so you can invest in the right gear.  A trombone should be stored and hauled around in a secure trombone case to prevent scratching, bending and denting.  You also need to know how to clean your trombone correctly so you don’t end up scratching your music instrument.

Find the Best Reads To Help You Deal with Chronic Disease

There are a lot of different chronic conditions out there and a lot of people suffer from chronic diseases.  In fact just about half of America’s population suffers from chronic disease. .  A lot of research, time, money and effort go into understanding chronic diseases in a hope to find a permanent cure or solution for those that suffer each day due to their condition.  One of the best things you can do to benefit your health and help you live an improved life is to read up as much as possible on chronic disease.  The more you know about your disease and the more you find out about others that suffer from that disease, the more personal improvements you will be able to make to help you live an easier and healthier life.

Find the Best Reads To Help You Deal with Chronic Disease

Get consistent articles and information from True Health Diagnostics

True Health Diagnostics is a healthcare organization that specializes in chronic diseases.  Their aim is to help those that suffer live an easier, healthier and more affordable lifestyle by creating the best tailor fit medical treatment for each and every individual sufferer.  The medical benefits you get from True Health Diagnostics do not end with diagnosis or medications. You are also continuously supplied with all of the latest information on your chronic disease so you can adapt for a better personal life and the organization helps you manage your chronic disease by supplying you with a good and suitable program.  When you switch to True Health Diagnostics you will always have the latest news on medical advances and research done on your condition as well as tips on how to live with and manage your illness.

Read books recommended by people with chronic disease

A lot of people that struggle with chronic disease find the best treatment to be an escape through books.  Read up on books that will capture your attention and motivate you so you can be distracted from all of the aches and pains that you have to deal with every day.  Some of the books that chronic disease fighters love to read include; the ‘Stephanie Plum’ series by Lilli-ann Reed – the series is terrific for helping individuals laugh in spite of their pain.  ‘The Little Engine That Could’ by Watty Piper is a great source of inspiration to children and you can also check out How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness by Zoann Murphy.  These are just a few of the good reads out there that will help you cope a lot better.

Join chronic illness groups

A bit of personal advice and encouragement goes a long way.  If you can find a social media group where people can talk about their experiences and ordeals they go through with their chronic disease then you can get tips for your own disease.  It also helps a lot to know that you are not the only one suffering from a certain condition and that others are also sharing the pain and agony with you.

The Best Books About Bicycles That You Need to Check Out

Are you interested in learning about bikes, their mechanism and how they evolved through history? If you’re looking to buy a cruiser bike, then you must check out this site first. On the other hand, if you’re looking for books that discuss bikes and how they work – continue reading.

The Best Books About Bicycles That You Need to Check Out

  1. ‘Bike: The History’

David Herlihy’s epic Bicycle: The History is an extensive manual for the early advancement of the bike. Loaded with tales from the late nineteenth and mid twentieth century, alongside several photographs, drawings and list selections, this is a book that can be expended in bits or read with cautious consideration.

Herlihy analyzes not exactly at the machines and riders, but rather the adjustments in the public eye and the world achieved by “the poor man’s stallion.” The advertising of bikes, the part of the machine in freeing ladies from the bounds of Victorian culture, the improvement of cleared streets, and different stories fill more than 400 pages, yet the book does not drag or feel cushioned.

While Herlihy’s history offers setting to our present age, those searching for subtle elements on advanced improvements had best look somewhere else. No single book can sufficiently cover so expansive a subject with such a long and rich history, so Herlihy has astutely centered the majority of his energies in analyzing the initial 50 years of bicycling.

  1. ‘The Dancing Chain’

Frank Berto’s The Dancing Chain: History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle is a nitty gritty look at the development of the bike’s derailleur drivetrain. In the event that this sounds dull to you, avoid this book, yet in the event that you have the sort of mind interested by mechanics and designing The Dancing Chain will hold your consideration for quite a long time. Fastidiously looked into and tirelessly upgraded (the book is as of now in its fourth release) Berto’s 400-page tome is a definitive book for the cycling gearhead.

While different essayists, as Herlihy, concentrate on more extensive history, Berto rather looks at the designing and advancement of one key part of the bike, the multi-speed drivetrain. Berto is prepared as a specialist, was the specialized editorial manager at Bicycling magazine for a considerable length of time, and has manufactured a machine particularly to test derailleurs. His fixation comes full circle in a book which has the vibe of a discussion with a definitive master of apparatuses. Photos, delineations and numerous delightful Daniel Rebour line drawings consolidate to clarify not just the why of the bits that make bikes go, yet the designing and history behind every rigging and connection. Campagnolo, Simplex, Suntour and Shimano are altogether inspected, clarified and at last caught on.

  1. ‘Maximum capacity’

Dervla Murphy is an intense woman with a bicycle. Maximum capacity: Ireland to India With a Bicycle is the narrative of her 1963 bike trek to India. Voyaging alone through harsh nation, Murphy’s amusingness, coarseness and resolve (alongside every so often blazing a gun when required) see her through what is to be the first in a long lasting arrangement of books and genuine experiences.

Murphy rode from Dunkirk, crosswise over Europe, through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. She crossed the Himalayas into Pakistan and India. In the book, she fights off wolves and the infrequent individual with awful expectations, however a large portion of her collaborations exhibit the excellence of the land and the general population she experiences. It ought to be noticed that this book is presently five decades old and a lot of what Murphy expounds on has been enormously changed by the powers of innovation and war, and some of her written work may strike the cutting edge eye as being calmly supremacist. In any case, this is a book of its time and certain scenes, similar to those of kids playing soccer in a remote mountain town, are ageless.