Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

Several people are often very creative and good readers too. When you finish a good book or just lie awake at night, you might have a revelation of a brilliant idea which you immediately want to convert into a story. However, due to the busy life you lead, this might not be possible.

For folks who go through a similar situation and who would like to write down their ideas and turn them into books, this article is for you. Pitching your idea to writers in an engaging manner is very imperative. There are some writers out there who are willing to write for you, but they first require to understand your idea. So if you would like to the best of the best, present your idea to them in a way that they just cannot refuse to build a story on it.

Have an Idea for a Great Book? Pitch Your Thoughts to the Right Writer

1) Get Your Message Across

Now that you have a good idea in your mind, you should get this across to the writers. You can use pitch deck PowerPoint PPT templates to do this. These templates embrace the best features needed to express an idea and to pitch it to the potential writers. These templates are used by big and small startups and companies who are looking for investors or potential customers. You can use them for your idea and present it as a business would.

Doing that would not only make your work more professional, but it shows how much this idea means to you as well. Go to theinspirationblog.net and see the incredible features of templates. The features available on these templates can be altered and customized according to your specific requirements. If your story idea is darker and goes towards the horror side, the theme you can use in these templates can be a bit dull and not too colorful. While if your story idea is more in the romance genre, you have the choice of using colors and other features to get the right writer.

2) Summarize Your Idea

The problem with pitching an idea and then expecting a writer to write a whole book is that you must be able to allow the author to write the way they prefer. However, this means that the final chapter might not be what you initially wanted it to be. For that reason, you have to prepare yourself, or if you would like the writer to go according to your expectations, you must summarize the idea into a few paragraphs.

Have an initial plan and likewise write about how you want the story to go from the first page to the last. You and your selected writer can then talk about the changes and collaborate to make the perfect thing. This summarization of the idea allows a more open and secure communication between you both.

3) Open Communication

You would only be able to get a good book built from your idea if you have an open discussion with the writer you select. When you are pitching the idea, you should highlight this point and from the very beginning, be open with one another.

The veracious writer is always the one you feel comfortable in talking to and who you feel would be open to you even if things are not going smoothly. You both can figure the story out together if he or she gets stuck somewhere. Ensure to make this a highlighted point when you start the selection of a writer or when you discuss your book idea with them.

Why You Should Get an E-Reader

Most readers prefer the smell of a new book or how the pages feel against their fingertips rather than not having that experience at all. That is why they still choose to buy books over getting an e-reader for themselves. Reading from a screen may not seem as fun as it is from a book but if you give it a chance, you can adapt. Initially, when we tried an e-reader we weren’t too fond of it but with time it slowly grew on us. The reason because it provides so much more convenience in other ways.


If you travel a lot with a book then you know it can be a hassle. Not only do books weigh you down but there is a chance you can misplace them easily, especially if you carry more than one at a time. An e-reader are light and compact so you can easily put them in your purse without them dragging you down.

E-readers also allow you to carry multiple books at once, hundreds depending on the capacity of your e-reader. Just think about how much space and weight you will save on your next vacation when you don’t need to carry 3-4 books with you because you will have them on your e-reader.

Why You Should Get an E-Reader

Define words and read in another language

Most e-readers come with a dictionary installed. So if you do not know the meaning of a word, you can click on it and ask for a definition. The e-reader will provide you with one on the screen, so you don’t have to scramble for your dictionary. Not only has that, e-reader can helped you understand another language as the dictionary can help you define words from other languages to understand them better. This is great for those that are learning a new language.

Take notes as you read

With an e-reader you can underline and highlight text that you want. This allows you to take notes while you read. The best part is when you want, you can export the notes and the e-reader will only extract the highlighted, underlined content for you. Saves a lot of time for you since you don’t have to write the text out yourself.

Access to free content

The internet is a wonderful place where you can get a lot of free content. Like content, you have access to a lot of free books online also. With an e-reader, you can easily download the books and have access to them whenever you want to read.

Save time and money

You may have to spend extra money when purchasing an e-reader but you actually save money in the long run. How? You no longer have frequent trips to the bookstore and e-readers offer discounts on and off on books while also offering free books.

Do we have you convinced? Well, if you are interested and looking for an e-reader then we recommend you visit pickmyreader.com. This website will help you pick the right e-reader for you.

Film Production Books for the Professional Film Maker

While you might be able to learn a lot on the internet about film making, books are still a hugely valuable resource. No matter your stage in the film making process, there are books that can give you step by step guidance and offer you advice from experts. That’s why we created this list of film production books for the professional film maker.

Of course, before you can even start making films you will need to find the right camera. It’s up to you whether or not you want to put the camera before the book. But, if you do, we recommend you check out the Sony HDR-AX2000. This is a high definition professional camcorder. Your videos can be saved to solid state media for editorial purposes and it creates 1920 x 1080 HD video. It’s certainly an excellent place to start, and then you’re off to reading…

Professional Film Maker

7 Top Books for Your Film Making Adventures

Getting into the film making field is an exciting endeavor. You will undoubtedly find great value in these 7 top books for your film making adventures:

  1. The Videomaker Guide to Video Production– Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie, this is a useful guide. There are a variety of topics in a well-organized framework. You’ll learn about cutting edge tools, core principles, and how to edit video to professional standards. Everything you need to know about lighting, audio, editing, equipment, and high definition can be found within its pages.
  2. The Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age: 2013 Edition– While this book might appear a bit dated, it’s an authoritative guide for things like distribution, shooting, editing, directing, and producing your own films. Video courses all over the world utilize this book in their curriculum. Read this.
  3. Video Shooter: Mastering Storytelling Techniques– This one has humor and wit throughout. It takes a deeper look at the discipline of the 3D and 2D image maker. You’ll better understand the necessity of a clear point of view and the emotional impact of color palettes. Plus, it will help you steer clear of generic shots and angles. You will learn how to drive a story and elevate your craft in these pages.
  4. Single-Camera Video Production Fifth Edition- If you’re looking for a complete overview of the video production process this book is a must have. It’s specifically focused on techniques associated with single-camera production. It’s easy to follow and concise. Plus, there are tons of illustrations to better assist understanding.
  5. How to Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make any Amateur Look Like a Pro– If you’re looking to make your videos much better, this is the book for you. You’ll learn how to think like a director even if you don’t have the greatest equipment at your disposal. Though it is composed of 74 chapters, they are brief and you can learn a lot just by skimming.
  6. The Complete Film Production Handbook– Basically, this book is suitable for students and professionals. It incorporates literally everything you need to know no matter what your role in the film making process. There are even forms and contracts included. Learn more.
  7. The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide: A Down & Dirty DV Production– We didn’t want to leave out those of you looking to make a documentary. This book will show you how to do more with less. And, there’s a DVD set with it.

If you’re looking for other suggestions, click this.

What MCAT Test Takers Should Know

If you’re an aspiring medical student, then I’m sure that by now you know the importance of passing your MCAT exam. Failure to pass this exam might get you locked out of your dream profession. That is why in this article, we are going to discuss some of the things that test takers should know. This will better prepare them for the exam, when it finally comes.

Understand your premed material

It is not advisable to memorize all your premed material, but rather fully understand introductory-level concepts and get comfortable answering questions about unfamiliar material. Most of the questions in a MCAT assess your reasoning and communication abilities.

Studying is important

You need to put time into studying for good grades in the exam. Many students are putting as much as 20 hours a week for up to 3 months just preparing for this exam. You wouldn’t want to be left out because you felt that you already knew enough for you to continue studying. Remember, regardless of your GPA, if you get low MCAT grades, the selection committee will automatically decline your application.

Don’t be afraid to retake the test

There are factors such as anxiety, test preparation or personal issues that could affect your performance on the first go. Don’t be afraid to retake the test until you attain the grades you want.

What MCAT Test Takers Should Know

Best MCAT Prep Books 2017/2018

We are now going to look at MCAT book reviews, so that we can give you an idea of what to get when you’re preparing for your exam.

Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review + Online Materials

This set is by far the best to get you prepared for the exam, although you would have to go through the whole set of 7 books. The books come highly recommended because they are very detailed, coming with great visuals and well-structured practice questions in every chapter. They even go further to tell you a “star feature”, whereby they go ahead to mention the areas that will most likely be covered in the exam. Once you’re done with this set, you’ll be 95% ready for your MCAT. The only problem is that their psychology book doesn’t cover all areas, and you’ll still have to get another psychology and sociology book.


  • Very detailed
  • Great graphical representations of concepts
  • Plenty of practice questions
  • The “star feature” lets you know what’s likely to be on the actual exam


  • Expensive
  • Very in-depth with a lot of content, which might not work well for those with limited time on their hands

Examkrackers Complete Study Package

This package gives you the essentials without going through all the deeper details, making it the best alternative for those without time. They only give you what you’ll need for the exam, although at times, they might not provide everything. Just remember to go for the newest edition, which is the 10th, since it has greatly improved content, with corrections made on the previous version.


  • Concise, covering everything about the exam
  • Corrected mistakes from previous versions
  • Funny mascot distracts from the pain of studying


Feels expensive if you won’t use all the books

Sometimes there’s not enough information covering all the topics

Sterling Test Prep Books

Unlike Kaplan or Examkrackers who provide packages, with Sterling one can create their own package, with their books updated on a monthly basis. Each of their books comes with numerous questions, over 1200, which is good because if the students take the tests over and over again, they are more likely to pass their MCAT. All the questions have detailed explanations in the back as well as an incredibly good support team that will help students better understand. This are not the best books for first timers as they only contain an overview of the topics, and purchasing other books or using the Khan academy or similar resources, is highly recommended.


  • Updated books guaranteed to cover the new exam
  • 1200+ questions for specific subjects
  • Very responsive support team that’s almost like your own personal tutor


  • Only contains an overview of topics. You’ll need to actually learn them elsewhere

Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set

Although they are not as great as Kaplan or Examkrackers, they are worth a try, coming with extra material that might not be featured on the exam to expand your knowledge base. At the end of every chapter, there are questions, ensuring that you’ve understood what you studied. The set also comes with visual aids to aid in understanding. With this set, you must be willing to purchase more books in order to prepare well for the exam.


  • Very in-depth
  • 3 full-length practice tests and other practice


  • Contains material that might not feature in the exam
  • Not enough visual aids in the physics section

MCAT Psychology and Sociology

Although the MCAT psychology part is not the best, this book has the most practice passages. The information not covered in the book can be found in other books, or the Khan Academy and other online resources. The book nowadays comes with a full length exam along with practice sections.​


  • Highest number of exam practice passages
  • Contains great explanations and passage breakdowns


  • Poor psychology section
  • One needs to purchase other books in order to be fully prepared

Kaplan MCAT Flashcards

Kaplan have the best flashcards, and these are used for studying on the go, memorizing hard topics and remembering older material. It comes with 1000 flashcards packed with material that you’ll need for the exam. The only downside with flashcards is that they don’t contain detailed information, since it all can’t fit in there. Despite that, one can add their own quick graphs and notes, which aid in remembering.

​ Pros

  • Perfect for spaced repetition and studying on the go
  • The perfect tool for jogging your memory and understanding concepts


  • They are flimsy, although they should last the period of your study
  • Lack detailed explanations


If you’re serious about passing your MCAT, the resource mentioned above are some of the best that you’ll find on the market. For me, I think that I would go for the Kaplan set anytime.

Reading Vacation: How to Take One

Reading enables us to explore the world without actually going anywhere. It broadens our horizons and enhances our imagination along with knowledge. As we grow older and our responsibilities increase we tend to lose a lot of time for doing things we love. One of the first things people give up is reading. Reading like any other hobby takes a back seat to other responsibilities we have.

Well, we have a solution to that. Why not take a reading vacation? Give yourself the time you need in order to finish that book you have been longing to read.

Choose a book

The first step in taking a reading vacation is selecting your book. This will enable you to set the mood for the trip overall. You may even want to select a location that matches the one in your book, to give you a wonderful reading experience and allow you to relate to the story on another level.

When selecting your book, you may want to see how intense the book is. If it requires you to fully engross yourself in the story then you may want to go on this trip alone. If it is more of a light read in which you can easily put the book down and pick it up again, then you can take interruptions here and there.

We recommend you an extra book or two as well, who knows you may have time to read both.

Reading Vacation: How to Take One

Go yourself or choose a companion, wisely

The main purpose of this vacation is to get time to read. So you do not want to be constantly interrupted by someone. However, it is also a vacation so a companion would be nice. If you decide to take a companion, then we recommend you take someone with you that is also a reader. You both can read the same book and even discuss it on and off during the vacation.

Having a companion allows you to take some time off from reading and explore the destination also. As much fun as traveling is on your own, it is a lot better if you share it with someone else.

Choose a location

Think of a location that will allow you to read at your most comfortable level. Do you like to read by the beach or a pool? Or would you rather just read in bed? Why not go to a location that offers you all of that. Giving yourself different options and locations to read will allow you a nice change of scenery for your reading experience while also allow you to relax. You don’t want to be constantly crammed inside your room reading.

We recommend you go to an exotic location and a resort that allows you to read wherever you please. Be it the beach, by the pool, in your room, in a cafe, and so on. Occidental Vacation Club gives you exactly that option with exceptional staff and customer service. You have the option of numerous exotic locations to go to. Not only that, it provides you with options of stays and deals at a reasonable price so you stay within your budget for your vacation.

So stop delaying reading that book you have been longing to read. Take a nice relaxing reading vacation by yourself or with a companion and relax, explore the book and a new location.

Incredible Books That Help You Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight and look good is one of the aims everyone looks forward to achieving. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. Making an aim to get rid of all the extra fats surrounding various parts of your body is easy. However, making a plan and sticking to it to attain that goal is difficult. A significant level of discipline and self-control is required to accomplish this aim.

If you would like to lose weight and have a plan intact but on seeing drumsticks, you decide to eat these and starve later. With this view, you can never lose weight no matter how many years go by. If you are willing to lose weight but do not have any idea how to do that, you certainly require some guidance.

Incredible Books That Help You Lose Weight

Advice can be obtained in a several ways. The best way is to read books and follow the instruction given to them. Some of the great ways, books can help you in getting rid of the extra flab are mentioned below. Make sure that you read more than one book and do come to your own conclusion about diet and nutrition rather than just reading one book and start following that blindly:

  • Why We Get Fat:

You can never lose weight if you do not know about the science behind the melting down of the calories and detainments of a healthy body. One of the books that help you in getting to know about it is “Why We Get Fat.” This book is written by one of the most famous nutritionists ever named Gary Taubes.

He is an author of various best sellers books. The author, in this book, talks about the method of calories coming in your body and making you fat and the ways these can be taken away from your life. A complete scientific method is explained, and approaches through which weight can be lost healthily are elucidated in detail.

  • Food matters:

As the name suggests, the book tells you about the significance of food and why you require choosing it intelligently. The book is written by Mark Bittman, and he gives you a detailed description of various kinds of food items and the reasons why they should be added or taken away from your regular diet.

Mark Bittman is a food journalist who is always updated about the new and latest techniques through which food can be eaten in the right manner. The book also comes up with the recipes; you can use in your journey to lose weight. These recipes are not bland just like the regular diet food items. Rather, these recipes are super addictive and succulent.

  • Food rules:

If you dislike reading but losing weight is your requirement at the moment, do not worry as there is a fantastic solution for you as well. A small book with just forty lessons in it comes in handy in such situation. The name of the book is food rules, and it does not require you to read much. The book not only comes up with the recipes to follow but also provide you with some fantastic healthy weight loss tips that you can use to get rid of the extra fat stored inside your body.

  • Lean & Mean:

Written by Billy Beck, Lean and Mean is a book that comprises of all the hidden and secret tips that you need to know about to get your desired body. The author sets some basic rules and regulations in his book, and he also provides some references that make your journey towards a healthy and slim body effortless.

Inculcating the Habit of Book Reading in Your Kids

Of all the amazing things in the world which assist you in soothing, reading books comes first! Reading is one of those surprising habits that tend to transform the personality of a person. Books can help in changing the way a person talks, things he/she says and the way they think. The character of an individual is a reflection of his habits. If he is a fan of sports, he will talk more about it. On the other hand, an individual who loves reading would quote a famous Shakespeare dialogue occasionally. Your habits make or break your personality.

Inculcating the Habit of Book Reading in Your Kids

Reading is certainly an active pattern. However, to enjoy it to the most, you need to make some special arrangements to convert this process of reading from simple to extraordinary. That can be done by having a unique ambiance around you while you are reading. Even cultivating this habit in your kids is significant, and you must make sure they start reading books at their early age. While staying at home, you can create an exceptional environment for reading:

  • Instill this habit in their lives:

Kids tend to follow their parents. Not being an avid reader, you cannot add this habit in your children. You need to set an example so they can start to follow. When kids watch you reading books for years, they will imbibe the habit of reading in their lives. They will be more concerned about completing the last portion of their book rather than flipping on the TV and start watching the cartoons. Moreover, to embolden this habit in your kid, buy new and exciting books as soon as they finish the old ones. If you would like your children to be happy make sure they read books on happiness, likewise if you want them to be healthy, teach them to read books on nutrition/health.

  • Remove physical obstacles:

Dim lights and a cluttered house could be one reason why your kid will not be interested in reading. Decluttering the room and make it appear comfortable is the very first thing that would attract your kids to sit there and read their favorite books. Next, you require to make the room brighter! A dark room with no or fewer lights makes the process of learning difficult.

Buying good quality lamps and installing them at various places in the room will help you as well as your kids in reading the books comfortably. Floor lamps can also be utilized in this scenario. Some of the best floor lamps to have are the Ikea 003.048.60 “NOT” Floor Uplight Lamp, and the Brightech – Litespan LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp, which are available at very reasonable price and embrace nifty features. Nevertheless, whichever lamp you choose make sure it’s an energy efficient lamp and robust at the same time.

  • Don’t force it:

Initially, there is a possibility that your kid would be reluctant to read the books handed over to him/her. That is not rare! If she/he is not used to something and you force that to them, lack of interest would surely come. There are certain ways to overcome this hesitancy. The first thing is not to be dominant. Being bossy means ordering your kid to keep reading a book even when you can clearly see his apathy. That will only discourage your kids from taking on this hobby.

  • Make it fun:

If your kid cannot divert his attention towards reading, you need to come up with some fun ways that would make him/her interested in book reading. Like, buy them a book that relates to their interest. Doing that develop their interest and they would love to start reading.

Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

Writing articles for magazines is certainly a dream come true for a number of journalists. This is on the grounds that the pay is normally tremendous. Not just that, it can likewise offer introduction that can prompt more article written work ventures in the future. The following are the things that you have to learn keeping in mind the end goal to write astounding articles for magazines:

Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

  1. Make a point to pick a theme that you’re a specialist on or you feel inspired by.

You’ll be well on the way to deliver amazing magazine articles in the event that you pick topics that are incorporated into your expert subjects and areas of interest. Publishers dependably search for articles that contain detailed data or those that are exceptionally definitive. We would suggest that you list down every one of the things that you feel you’re great at. At that point, pick those ones that you can easily pitch to various magazines.

  1. Pick intriguing topics.

You have better odds of getting your articles distributed in the event that they’re extremely intriguing. Concentrate your picked theme deliberately and make sense of the points that were not yet talked about before and those that will grab your intended interest group by the neck. Likewise, ensure that you don’t expound on general subjects. Publishers generally don’t care for articles that contain excessive data that are not by any means helpful or gainful to their readers.

  1. Examine.

Regardless of the possibility that you feel that you know your picked subject back to front, we am certain it wouldn’t hurt in the event that you conduct some extra research. This will without a doubt enable you to get more helpful and new data that can make your articles more instructive and more important to the eyes of your intended audience. Read important assets and if necessary, meet different specialists.

  1. Make an outline.

The next stage is to make an outline that you can take after when writing your articles. This must contain the ideas that you will talk about on your presentation, article body, and conclusion. Choose and decide if you will include pictures, tributes, and illustrations.

  1. Write your articles.

Not at all like when writing news articles, you’re not required to take after particular structure or configuration when writing your magazine articles. You can be as imaginative as you need to be. To snare your readers, we recommend that you write using their language. It will likewise help in the event that you endeavor to sound upbeat and warm constantly. Keep in mind, your readers are reading magazine articles not simply to get educated but rather to be engaged too.

When writing an article for an online magazine, there are other things that you need to incorporate as well. Most magazines prefer to get their articles SEO optimized so as to increase their ranking. If you don’t have any idea about what SEO is or how it works, or if you’d like to consult the services of an expert to assist you, then Abraham Zaiderman is your go-to person! His consultation services will leave you satisfied and assist you in performing your job as best as you can.

How to Reward Yourself after Reaching Your Reading Goals

Have you ever set yourself reading goals, that at some point you thought they are not attainable and you achieved? That’s the best feeling ever, the feeling of self-accomplishment. The goals can be set individually or in a group and if you achieved them, it is good to have a self-reward system. A self-reward system is not only good for our wellbeing but will also trigger our minds to want to achieve more which is good for self-development in the long run. There are many ways which you can reward yourself, and they may include:

How to Reward Yourself after Reaching Your Reading Goals

Go to the spa

Yes, the spa might be a bit expensive though this depends on the level of luxury the spa offers but this is a great way of rewarding yourself. Since it is not something that you can do every day, you can give yourself a treat for reaching your goal. As much as with a hot towel warmer you can achieve some of the spa treatments at home, there is nothing that beats you just seated there and there is someone pampering you.


If you fancy traveling, you can treat yourself by going to a destination that you fancy. It does not have to be somewhere far or somewhere very costly but it will have a positive effect.

Go to that concert or that event

Have you ever really wanted to go to a certain event but you feel you don’t have the time or you feel it’s too expensive? Well you can do it as a reward. Spoil yourself by going to that event even though it may be beyond your budget.

Buy that new outfit

If you are a shopaholic and you love sopping or you have been strictly saving for a certain financial goal, well this time you can break the laws a bit and go get yourself that outfit you fancy as a reward system for attaining your goal.


Busy lifestyles have made it so hard to get enough time to sleep. This has made many people to be sleep deprived, and even if they have time to sleep they will not as they will feel it’s a waste of time. As a reward system, you can engage your body in having enough sleep. Take a weekend off and sleep. It has many positive effects on the body.


There are many ways in which we can self-reward ourselves; it just depends on what we fancy and many other factors. Basically people reward themselves with things that they would not easily get on a regular day. It may be in form of buying yourself a gift or taking yourself somewhere you fancy for a treat, the possibilities are many. According to research, self-reward has many positive effects on our brain and if we decide on the reward while setting the goal it may motivate us to achieve our goal even faster. So next time you are setting that goal set a reward as well and see the difference it will make.

Reading Amongst Teens

Parents and teachers usually find themselves reading out loud for younger children. They sort of ignore their older children’s reading, probably assuming that they can read on their own. It’s very important for children in their teenage years to continue with the reading culture. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why it is important for teens to read.


Reading should be something that teens enjoy doing and they should not look at it like a chore. Many libraries have reading programs or book clubs where teens can leisurely read or compete for book points. Teenagers also engage more and improve on their comprehension when parents read with them, making them understand text better. An article on the National Center for the Learning Disabilities website states that reading for fun improves teenagers’ reading comprehension.

Reading Amongst Teens


This is the information age, and in order for people to get employment, they need to have very high levels of literacy. These teenagers will soon finish school and join the workforce, but in order to advance their careers, it’s a must that they are strong readers. People need strong reading skills in order to run households, participate in community events and function well in a daily social life.

Standardized Testing

Most standardized tests, such as the ACT, have a reading portion. These tests check how well students can read and answer based on passages. There is also the fact that when joining college, candidates might be required to do a number of tests in order to qualify for admittance. Some high schools require exit exams that include reading, before they can let you move on to the next stage. In short, there are bound to be many reading tests along the way and you don’t want your teenager missing out on opportunities.

College Prep

No matter the major that they take, students must read and understand vast amounts of material when they finally join college. That is the reason why high school teachers should prepare teenagers for this by assigning thought-provoking and diverse reading material. Teenagers might not like it, but at the end of the day it is geared towards improving their reading skills for the future. Parents who fear their child is not on course for college material can consult with reading specialists at the high school. There are also community colleges that offer reading classes in readiness for college.

Parenting Monkey

If you would like to read more articles like the one above, kindly check out www.parentingmonkey.com, an online magazine that publishes the latest gossip, news and anything regarding parenting and life. They offer news articles on a wide range of parenting topics from how to handle very young children down to teenagers. This is a priceless resource for parents that are struggling to raise their children or even those that are looking forward to having children in the future. Besides giving parents tips, it is also a great resource for college students since it is full of helpful information. Read about the importance of reading for teenagers here, and sign up for the latest news bits to be delivered directly into your inbox.


Reading is something that should be nurtured in teenagers because it provides them with the skills for their future. Parenting Monkey is an online magazine that talks everything about life and parenting. People can learn a lot from it regarding all sorts of situations.