Concentrate Better On Your Reads with Nootropics

Have you ever tried to enjoy a good book or study but simply couldn’t get your mind to focus on your reads?  You constantly have to re-read a chapter because your mind keeps spacing out to other thoughts or you keep drifting off into a slumber and your eyes sluggishly drift over words without recognizing anything your read.  Well, you are not alone.  Most people will try to get their focus back with stimulants like caffeine, sugar or even cigarettes.  All of these stimulants do however have terribly negative side effects on your body.  If you are looking for a healthier alternative to keep you focused while you are reading then you can definitely give nootropics a try.

Concentrate Better On Your Reads with Nootropics

What is nootropics?

Nootropics is also known as a ‘smart drug’, ‘enhancer’ and ‘supplement.  Basically the drug improves your cognitive function.  When you take the drugs you promote creativity, motivation and memory which allow you to focus more on your reads and to understand and process the information much better.

Is nootropics safe?

Most nootropics are a lot safer than stimulants like caffeine and sugar because they contain natural ingredients.  Nootropics are mostly taken by students to help them improve the quality of their studies.  The only negative side of nootropics is that the side effects of long term usage have not been tested just yet.

How to know if you need nootropics?

If you have a hard time processing what you are reading, concentrating on your studies, staying awake or making accurate conclusions from your reads then you can definite benefit from taking nootropics.

Get the best nootropics for you

Nootropic Studio is a review site where you will find all you need to know about the different nootropics on the market.  You can check what the side effects, benefits and ingredients are of popular nootropics like L-Theanine, Adrafinil, NooPept, Lion’s Mane, Sulbutiamine, ANiracetam, Fish Oil and much more.

Benefits of nootropics

  • Nootropics improves your memory which helps you concentrate better for longer on the same thing.
  • Your memory is enhanced so you will remember what you read for much longer which is terrific for students that are prepping for a big exam.
  • The nootropics contain a lot of supplements that fuels your brain and restores your brain function naturally. You will get an overall healthier mind.
  • Nootropics can be used by people from all ages and has some great anti-aging benefits which will help you fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s for longer.
  • Nootropics helps you deal with stress much better because your mind is much healthier and you can think much clearer.
  • Your sleep pattern is improved when you take nootropics which ensures you get the rest you need before taking on a tough day.
  • Your focus improves greatly and you are able to make much more accurate conclusions from your studies, life and every day issues.

Nootropics improves your mood because you sleep better, process information easier and you have a much better memory.

Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

There are a lot of fantastic benefits to playing music instruments.  When you can play a music instrument you increase the capacity of your memory, you refine your organization skills, you learn perspective, you build team skills, increase your mathematical capabilities and much more.  There is no doubt that learning to play a music instrument will benefit you.  The only problem is figuring out what music instrument to play when there are so many choices out there.  If you want to play something a bit different and be a bit different then perhaps it is time to give the trombone a try.

Is the trombone the right music instrument for you?

The trombone might look simple but is actually one of the hardest music instruments to play because you have to control your breath and trombone slides.  To be a successful trombone player you need strong lungs and a lot of patience.

Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

Find the best student trombone

Band Instruments Guide is a review site that you can check out to find a good quality student trombone.  The site features reviews on all of the best student trombones like the Getzen 351 trombone with its chrome-plated nickel silver inner hand slide or the Yamaha YSL-254 trombone that is easy to hold thanks to the nickel silver bracing guards.  These trombone reviews will give you a good idea on how to pick the best student trombone and what to look for when you are starting out.  You can also check out all of the pros and cons of each different trombone.

Online trombone lessons you can check out

You can learn to play the trombone even if there aren’t any trombone tutors available in your area because there are so many online tutorials that can also give you expert advice on playing the trombone.  YouTube, for example, has lots of free trombone lessons available that you can use to get started in this music instrument.

Trombone books to check out

On Amazon you can find quite a few trombone books that will help you learn this music instrument.  Here are just a few trombone books that you can pick up for under $10;

  • Essential Elements for Band – Trombone Book 1 by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Yamaha Band Student Trombone, Book one by Sandy Feldstein and John O’ Reilly
  • Essential Elements 2000; Book 2(Trombone) by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nolin

Look for local trombone bands

The best way to practice a music instrument is by joining up with friends or music groups for performances.  Look for a local marching band and try to sign up with them so you can practice and have fun while learning your trombone.

Learn to care for your trombone

You should also learn how to care for your trombone properly before buying a trombone so you can invest in the right gear.  A trombone should be stored and hauled around in a secure trombone case to prevent scratching, bending and denting.  You also need to know how to clean your trombone correctly so you don’t end up scratching your music instrument.

Find the Best Reads To Help You Deal with Chronic Disease

There are a lot of different chronic conditions out there and a lot of people suffer from chronic diseases.  In fact just about half of America’s population suffers from chronic disease. .  A lot of research, time, money and effort go into understanding chronic diseases in a hope to find a permanent cure or solution for those that suffer each day due to their condition.  One of the best things you can do to benefit your health and help you live an improved life is to read up as much as possible on chronic disease.  The more you know about your disease and the more you find out about others that suffer from that disease, the more personal improvements you will be able to make to help you live an easier and healthier life.

Find the Best Reads To Help You Deal with Chronic Disease

Get consistent articles and information from True Health Diagnostics

True Health Diagnostics is a healthcare organization that specializes in chronic diseases.  Their aim is to help those that suffer live an easier, healthier and more affordable lifestyle by creating the best tailor fit medical treatment for each and every individual sufferer.  The medical benefits you get from True Health Diagnostics do not end with diagnosis or medications. You are also continuously supplied with all of the latest information on your chronic disease so you can adapt for a better personal life and the organization helps you manage your chronic disease by supplying you with a good and suitable program.  When you switch to True Health Diagnostics you will always have the latest news on medical advances and research done on your condition as well as tips on how to live with and manage your illness.

Read books recommended by people with chronic disease

A lot of people that struggle with chronic disease find the best treatment to be an escape through books.  Read up on books that will capture your attention and motivate you so you can be distracted from all of the aches and pains that you have to deal with every day.  Some of the books that chronic disease fighters love to read include; the ‘Stephanie Plum’ series by Lilli-ann Reed – the series is terrific for helping individuals laugh in spite of their pain.  ‘The Little Engine That Could’ by Watty Piper is a great source of inspiration to children and you can also check out How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness by Zoann Murphy.  These are just a few of the good reads out there that will help you cope a lot better.

Join chronic illness groups

A bit of personal advice and encouragement goes a long way.  If you can find a social media group where people can talk about their experiences and ordeals they go through with their chronic disease then you can get tips for your own disease.  It also helps a lot to know that you are not the only one suffering from a certain condition and that others are also sharing the pain and agony with you.

The Best Books About Bicycles That You Need to Check Out

Are you interested in learning about bikes, their mechanism and how they evolved through history? If you’re looking to buy a cruiser bike, then you must check out this site first. On the other hand, if you’re looking for books that discuss bikes and how they work – continue reading.

The Best Books About Bicycles That You Need to Check Out

  1. ‘Bike: The History’

David Herlihy’s epic Bicycle: The History is an extensive manual for the early advancement of the bike. Loaded with tales from the late nineteenth and mid twentieth century, alongside several photographs, drawings and list selections, this is a book that can be expended in bits or read with cautious consideration.

Herlihy analyzes not exactly at the machines and riders, but rather the adjustments in the public eye and the world achieved by “the poor man’s stallion.” The advertising of bikes, the part of the machine in freeing ladies from the bounds of Victorian culture, the improvement of cleared streets, and different stories fill more than 400 pages, yet the book does not drag or feel cushioned.

While Herlihy’s history offers setting to our present age, those searching for subtle elements on advanced improvements had best look somewhere else. No single book can sufficiently cover so expansive a subject with such a long and rich history, so Herlihy has astutely centered the majority of his energies in analyzing the initial 50 years of bicycling.

  1. ‘The Dancing Chain’

Frank Berto’s The Dancing Chain: History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle is a nitty gritty look at the development of the bike’s derailleur drivetrain. In the event that this sounds dull to you, avoid this book, yet in the event that you have the sort of mind interested by mechanics and designing The Dancing Chain will hold your consideration for quite a long time. Fastidiously looked into and tirelessly upgraded (the book is as of now in its fourth release) Berto’s 400-page tome is a definitive book for the cycling gearhead.

While different essayists, as Herlihy, concentrate on more extensive history, Berto rather looks at the designing and advancement of one key part of the bike, the multi-speed drivetrain. Berto is prepared as a specialist, was the specialized editorial manager at Bicycling magazine for a considerable length of time, and has manufactured a machine particularly to test derailleurs. His fixation comes full circle in a book which has the vibe of a discussion with a definitive master of apparatuses. Photos, delineations and numerous delightful Daniel Rebour line drawings consolidate to clarify not just the why of the bits that make bikes go, yet the designing and history behind every rigging and connection. Campagnolo, Simplex, Suntour and Shimano are altogether inspected, clarified and at last caught on.

  1. ‘Maximum capacity’

Dervla Murphy is an intense woman with a bicycle. Maximum capacity: Ireland to India With a Bicycle is the narrative of her 1963 bike trek to India. Voyaging alone through harsh nation, Murphy’s amusingness, coarseness and resolve (alongside every so often blazing a gun when required) see her through what is to be the first in a long lasting arrangement of books and genuine experiences.

Murphy rode from Dunkirk, crosswise over Europe, through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. She crossed the Himalayas into Pakistan and India. In the book, she fights off wolves and the infrequent individual with awful expectations, however a large portion of her collaborations exhibit the excellence of the land and the general population she experiences. It ought to be noticed that this book is presently five decades old and a lot of what Murphy expounds on has been enormously changed by the powers of innovation and war, and some of her written work may strike the cutting edge eye as being calmly supremacist. In any case, this is a book of its time and certain scenes, similar to those of kids playing soccer in a remote mountain town, are ageless.

Graphic Novels: More than Superhero Comics

When people think of graphic novels, most picture superheroes saving their city. And, while superhero graphic novels are great, they aren’t the only forms of illustrated entertainment available. In fact, there are numerous graphic novels that don’t have anything to do with those with powers outside of the standard human.

If you haven’t checked out everything that the graphic novel has to offer, here are some excellent examples that don’t involve a single superhero.

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

While Alan Moore is more commonly known for his alternative take on the superhero genre, such as he demonstrated in critically acclaimed works like Watchmen and V for Vendetta, From Hell is actually an exploration of the story of Jack the Ripper. While the story is in no way historically accurate, it is a compelling story that falls well outside the superhero standard.

Graphic Novels: More than Superhero Comics

The Giant Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins

Famed illustrator and cartoonist, Stephen Collins, directed his unique style to the graphic novel The Giant Beard That Was Evil. The work was nominated for the Waterstones Book of the Year award as well as an Eisner Award in 2013. The story is fantastical and quirky, with high-quality visuals propelling the story along.

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

Here’s another graphic novel that was given its time on the silver screen, but the story has nothing to do with heroes and villains. Instead, Ghost World follows to somewhat jaded young women as they work their way through the world. Part coming of age story, part examination of the times, it explores some very common issues with a unique perspective.

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo

Akira did more than just tell a post-apocalyptic story about teenage gangs and psychic kids; it served as inspiration for productions like Blade Runner. The story works through the political climate that brought everything crashing down, as well as those trying to survive in the aftermath. This isn’t your standard graphic novel by any means and still garners attention after all of these years.

Preacher by Garth Ennis

Recently used to inspire a television series of the same name, Preacher does involve a person with extraordinary power, but it isn’t because of the standard superhero premise. Instead, this graphic novel combines a horror/thriller storyline with the feel of a classic Western. And, as the name suggests, a healthy dose of skewed religious connections.

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

When most people picture a memoir, they don’t see it in comic strip form. And that’s why The Complete Persepolis impresses. It tells the tale of the author’s life growing up in Tehran during the time of the Islamic Revolution. Part coming of age story, part political exploration of the era, this graphic novel is often considered one of the best even when compared to those of the superhero variety.

As you can see, the reach of the graphic novel goes well beyond the traditional offerings many people imagine. The ability to express such varying stories in the combination narrative and pictorial formats give many of these tales a unique life of their own, and can be quite immersing. So, before you assume that graphic novels are one thing alone, consider giving these options a try. You may be surprised by what you find.

Does reading make you smarter?

It makes sense that reading can only be beneficial for us and the first question we should answer is whether it makes us smarter. By reading effectively we can actually greatly affect our intelligence. It is said that reading is the ideal form of brain exercise and in turn makes us smarter. We do regular workouts to stay fit and keep our bodies in a good condition. The same would apply to your brain and it is necessary to take heed from researchers that have proven we need to exercise our brains to keep it in optimum condition. They have actually conducted tests which have proven the positive impact reading has on the brain with MRI mapping. Reading gets the blood flowing to all the right parts of the brain. Click here to take a look at some of the best books of our time.

Does reading make you smarter?

How exactly does reading benefit your mind and make you smarter? Your vocabulary is drastically increased by reading which makes perfect sense. I constantly learn new words by reading a new book. On so many occasions I have felt compelled to look up words and find out what they mean that I discovered in a book. Reading also improves our communication skills which go hand in hand with an expanded vocabulary. You will have new words and phrases to use in conversation. I once looked up the foundation for defense of democracies and learnt more about this movement. This foundation actually makes it priority to fight for democracy and I had a great conversation starter regarding politics. With reading you can really increase your analytical skills because your general knowledge is vast and you will be able to spot patterns quicker.

Reading is also an effective memory booster. You are training your brain while you read which means you easily retain information that you find worthy of remembering which allows you to boost your memory. You can also enhance your ability to focus with reading because it takes time to focus on what you are reading. If you are reading a really good book you might find the rest of the world and all its problems drift away which makes reading a great way to escape. In order to capture the story you need to be focused. Click here to get tips on creating the perfect reading space. Scientists say that your brain activity is high while you read which automatically means you are using your brain which essentially leads to brain exercises. It is even said that reading poetry uses the right side of your brain. All we need to do is look at some of the most intellectual and influential people in time that were avid readers like Steve Jobs, Phil Knight and Winston Churchill.  The final answer is that reading does make you smarter and that you will decrease your chances of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s by reading. A book a month keeps your brain active and your thoughts pro-active.

What Book Readers Can Learn From Stephen Collins Cartoons

For a long time, book readers have relied on various creative arts to make their reading more enjoyable. They like cartoons, photographs, illustrations and many other forms of art. In fact, a book cannot be complete without one of these art forms. This is the reason why the need Stephen Collins cartoons. If you search online, you will notice that there are various websites that use these cartoons. It is because they know that is one of the most effective ways to attract readers. Let us look at how book readers can benefit from his art.

What Book Readers Can Learn From Stephen Collins Cartoons

They are humorous

If you are looking for something to laugh at when reading, you should consider these cartoons. They are always hilarious to the point that people wonder what kind of a genius Collins is. A few have been about people and the funny things that they do. The cartoons also represent day-to-day activities and therefore, anyone can relate to the humor that comes with them. Anyone looking at these images will definitely find them funny because they appeal to a wide variety of audiences. He has gained a huge following mainly because people cannot resist the humor that he carries in his cartoons alongside his publications.

They are informative

Collins’ cartoons are not just meant to make you laugh. There are informative too. Since he focuses on events in the political world as well as other aspects of life, you are likely to get some facts that you did not know about. In a way, his cartoons are used as news stories in themselves. Juts by viewing a cartoon, you will know what the story is about. Hundreds of them focus on specific issues and developing stories. This is the reason why he has attracted attention from various quarters including the ruling elite who sometimes complain that he has been going too hard on them. However, all that he does is to pass information as it is through wonderfully created cartoons.

They are timeless

For Collins, it does not matter when a cartoon was created. Whether it was created yesterday or several years ago, it still makes sense. This is because the events that the cartons represent are not tied to time. For instance, if he is making cartons about economic challenges, they still will be useful for many years to come. Looking at some of those that he created several years ago, you will get the feeling that he was predicting the future. As a book reader, you can flashback to these events and connect them to what is happening now. It will help you to understand the context of whatever book you are reading and what to expect in times to come.

They are well thought-out

These are not the types of cartoons that you just find anywhere. The producer has his ideas well though-out and presented. Looking at them, you will get the impression that they have been done by a professional. It is the reason why they have been so popular among leading publications as well as the upcoming ones. It is because of the way that they present ideas that they have earned awards. If you have never seen any of Collins’ cartoons, you only need to take a look at some of them to know what they represent.

They are graphically appealing

Don’t you just like cartoons that are graphically and visually appealing? Right from the choice of colors to the size of images and frames, you can be sure to be pleased with what you see. If they are used on any page, a book reader is likely to enjoy reading it. They give you the desire to read on and so, you get more entertained, educated, and informed. The layout of these cartoons makes them to stand out from the rest that you are likely to find out there. Find out more here.

As a book reader, you need to understand that Stephen Collins is out to make you reading experiences more enjoyable. It therefore is upon you to ensure that you make good use of his cartoons. If you are wondering where you can find them, there are lots of options. Just head to pone of the websites that offer these graphics and you will be overwhelmed by the options. At the end of the day, what is important is for you to find ways through which you can read more books and understand the information contained in them. With cartoons, you just found something to make reading a lot more fun.

The best snacks to have while reading a good book

Reading is a great way to relax after a long day and making the most of your reading experience is very important. To do this you can add a few fun habits. Having a few delicious snacks while your nose is stuck in a book is a great way to make your experience better. There is however some bad snack ideas that can only result in a big mess that include things like soup for example. A bowl of soup will splash, splatter and spill all over your book and you. Not a good idea. Here are a few fantastic snack ideas for your next reading session. You might even want to serve these snacks at your next book club meeting. Get awesome tips for party snacks here.

The benefits of coffee for students

As previously mentioned soup is a bad idea. This is just impractical and not a good choice. Soup is delicious but messy at the best of times. Cereal is another no simply because it falls in the soup category, it is messy and the whole bowl of milk could land up on your book. Plus you need two hands to pick up the bowl and scrape the last cereal out. Your Kindle could easily land up in the bowl of milk. Pasta is a great choice but not spaghetti. Long strands of tomato sauce covered pasta are not going to look great on the pages of your book. Penne pasta is a good idea. It is delicious, tasty and easy to eat with one hand and no splatter foreseen. Click here to take a look at healthy office snacks which offer you the opportunity to order some of the most delicious and easily consumable foods to enjoy while reading your book.  You can spoil yourself with different menu options and even enjoy this service at the office.

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while reading. This is one of the best consumables to enjoy while you get lost in the pages of the next saga or suspense novel. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee with a good book.  As for a glass of wine, why not? This is a perfect way to relax, almost too well. A delicious glass of wine goes well with any genre and will get you asleep in no time at all.

Cheese goes as well as chocolate with reading. Your paperback will look better and read better while you enjoy a delicious plate of different cheeses and chocolates to follow. Make sure that you keep your hands clean and that the chocolate doesn’t melt. There is nothing worse than big brown fingerprint marks all over the pages. Burgers is definitely not a good option with two hands needed and messy fingers plus the tomato and lettuce always seems to fall out. Pizza sliced into tiny bits is a great option for a reading snack. Take care not to flip the pages with greasy paws though. Click here to learn how to set up the perfect cheese platter.The benefits of coffee for students

The Best April Fool’s Day Books

April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity to play jokes on your friends. If you have a friend whose birthday is April 1st that guarantees tons ‘o’ fun each year. However, maybe you would be better entertained by some great books that focus on this interesting “holiday.” That’s why we will share with you some of the best April Fool’s Day books.

But before we delve into that, get your April monthly calendar prepared. You need to know where the April Fool’s Day concept originated. And then you can schedule which books you want to read throughout the month of April.

So, here’s the simple story behind the holiday. Some say it is because those who celebrate New Year’s on January 1st started making fun of people in France who celebrated it on April 1st. Most likely though, it is part of a tradition during that time of year as many religions have similar celebrations of humor on or around that date.

The Best April Fool’s Day Books

Reading Foolish Books All Month Long

Why not enjoy the humor of April Fool’s Day all month long by scheduling to read these books throughout the month? Here are our suggestions for reading foolish books all month long:

  1. April Foolishness– Appropriately placed at the top of our list, this book should start your month with laughs. Teresa Bateman is the author of this rhyming illustrated book for children. Grandpa must be warned of the disaster that ensues during April Foolishness. Which includes cows stepping on geese? Learn more.
  2. Arthur’s April Fool– Kids love the Arthur series of books. This should just add some further enjoyment to their fond positions. Arthur has to face off with Binky Barnes, the school’s biggest bully. But, Arthur will eventually reveal who the true fool is.
  3. Mud Flat April Fool– As your kids get past some of the easier reads, they might find value in this chapter book. The animals who reside in Mud Flat enjoy the typical April Fool’s jokes. However, not all the tricks are equally successful. You’ll have to read this book to see what goes wrong within its nearly 50 pages. Read this.
  4. Look Out, it’s April Fools’ Day– Marvin and Melvin are the stars of Frank Modell’s humorous easy to read book. The two are friends, but Marvin’s attempts to stump Melvin just don’t seem to work until they inadvertently fool one another.
  5. April Fool!- Willy is a skateboarding storyteller. His friends walk beside him as he skates and weaves his tale. Harriet Ziefert does a phenomenal job creating the amusing storyline with its rhyming text. And, Chris Demarest provides the ink and colorful watercolor sketches that illustrate this easy and laughable read. This book is out of print, so look for it in your library.

And, if you are looking to keep the laughs flowing throughout the month of April, you can add these books to your calendar as well:

  • The Gruffalo
  • Finn McCool and the Great Fish
  • The Saggy Baggy Elephant
  • Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Of course, you might be looking for some grown-up humor so we recommend these top six books:

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. A Confederacy of Dunces
  3. Catch-22
  4. Three Men in a Boat
  5. Cat’s Cradle
  6. One for the Money

But if that’s not enough humor for the month of April, please check this site out.

The Best “Secret Baby” Books

Your own baby is certainly not a secret. However, maybe you long for that mysterious storyline. You are looking for a novel in which the secret child of two star-crossed lovers comes to the forefront as either the antagonist or protagonist. You want something juicy to read about. You are looking for the best “secret baby” books and you have found them here.

But, before you can curl up in your comfy chair to enjoy the books on our list, you will need to ensure that you have secured the best baby gates for stairs. Keeping the children safe from the stairs will give you the much needed security to enjoy one of the novels on this list. But make sure you spend some time on the suggested site to guarantee that you purchase the best rated gate for your needs. Then, with the kid’s safe, dive into our list and read away.

The Best “Secret Baby” Books

Secret Children of Star Crossed Lovers and the Books They Reside in

Some of us find great pleasure in the pages of a romance novel. Others, though, are looking for a little more intrigue. Sure, we want to read all the love story sappiness, but we want the unexpected plot to sing through the pages as well. If you are one of those types, the books on this list should make you quite happy:

  • Forever My Girl– Penned by Heidi McLaughlin as part of the Beaumont Series, a young man returns to his high school sweetheart and the rest is for you to read.
  • Craving Constellations– This one adds the intrigue of a motorcycle club and secrets that will shatter the main character’s life. It’s part of The Aces series and is written by Nicole Jacquelyn.
  • Until Lilly- Some things are meant to be given a second chance. At least that’s what Cash and Lilly hope will occur in this novel by Aurora Rose Reynolds.
  • The Tycoon’s Revenge– Not everything is as it seems. Lies we hold on to may just destroy our hopes of future happiness. Jasmine and Derek are about to discover this truth when fate brings them back together again. Enjoy Melody Anne’s book, a part of the Baby for the Billionaire series.
  • Almost Perfect– Part two of the Fool’s Gold series, this book brings Ethan face to face with the son he never knew existed. And it offers a second chance at love with Liz, his high school sweetheart. But can it work? Explore Susan Mallery’s book for yourself. Read more about this author.
  • Taming Mad Max– This is Theresa Regan’s piece about a football jock who thinks he’s destined to die early and is therefore in no hurry to participate in a long term, serious romance. His baby mom is still mad and he doesn’t even know their daughter exists.
  • Whiskey Lullaby– Dawn Martens’ first book in the Love Songs series. Julie and Jase have quite a battle ahead of them. Can they quell the desire while fueling the fire?
  • Three Wishes– If you are looking for a link between fantasy and romance, Kristen Ashley’s book is the answer. Lily will use one of her remaining two wishes to create the man of her dreams in Nathaniel. Only Nate doesn’t know it. Learn more.

If these books don’t grab your attention and send you heading to your local (or online bookstore), then you might want to read the rest of them on the list, here.