Phenomenal Australian Children’s Books

We are used to seeing books by Canadians. And we are used to seeing all manner of business and adult fiction novels discussed on this site. That is the catalyst behind this piece. It is time to consider our children. They want to spend time with us, and be read to. And, as they progress in their own reading abilities, they want to read to us. Therefore, expand their horizons, and your own, with these phenomenal Australian children’s books.

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Phenomenal Australian Children’s Books

Top 7 Australian Children’s Books

Getting the kids to read can sometimes be a challenge, we understand that they are not all gung-ho about picking up a novel. However, the books on this list are sure to entertain even the most finicky reader. Check out these top 7 Australian children’s books and see if you don’t enjoy the pleasure on your child’s face as he/she meets characters unlike any previously experienced. So, without further hesitation, take a look at our list:

  1. Who Sank the Boat? And other stories– Penned by Pamela Allen, this book includes nine stories. They are simple, playful, and humorous both in text and imagery. The language allows for young children to quickly catch on and begin reciting the book as you read it to them over and over again. Besides, there are morals to the stories as well. Learn more.
  2. One Minute Till Bedtime- The sleeping moon on the cover, holding his own book, should draw attention. In fact, the book claims to be full of 60 second poems to send you off to sleep. There are actually 132 poems in the book, and they evoke strong emotions throughout. Kenn Nesbitt writes them and Chistoph Niemann illustrates.
  3. Welcome to Country– This is an Aboriginal book and shares the value of country ceremonies. Children are reminded to be respectful of culture and traditions. Traditional stories are revealed through poetic language and evocative illustrations of blended color landscapes and people. Illustrated by Lisa Kennedy and written by Aunty Joy Murphy, this book is sure to add richness to your child’s library.
  4. Artie and the Grime Wave– This is a fun adventure-mystery for kids 8 and up. There are good-natured friends, a striving underdog, dangerous bad guys and moments of bravery. Richard Roxburgh pens the exciting excursions of Artie and Bumshoe as they defeat people like Funnel-web and Mayor Grime.
  5. Radio Rescue- Maybe you would prefer a bit of Australian history. This story reveals the impact of the pedal radio. There are memorable illustrations, including foldouts. The book opens the door to discuss other relevant inventions and how they have impacted the life we know. Jane Jolley’s book is worthy of repeated readings. Read this.

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