Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Accountant

There are quite a few reasons why you will need to hire an accountant for your company. If in search for a tax accountant, it is certain that you want a person who can assist you in managing your finances to prevent having crisis relating to the company’s funds.

Before proceeding in hiring a tax accountant, it is best to consider asking the questions below. By doing so, all the required information can be acquired and nothing can go wrong along the way.

asian couple with financial advisor

1. Are you available to accept work for an entire year?

Of course, when you are working, you are looking for a reliable person who is able to manage your finances all the time. This is why, it is essential to ask the person you are going to hire if he or she can help you throughout the entire year for all your accounting needs.

2. Can you tell me more about the clients that you have worked with in the past?

It is a smart idea to hire an accountant Melbourne who already has experienced working with clients in your similar industry. An example is hiring someone who has worked with a doctor if you are a doctor or in the field of medicine. Hire someone who worked with a lawyer if you are in the legal industry and so on. By doing so, the hired person will have an idea of exactly what to do in your company.

3. Are you a type of accountant who is aggressive?

There are aggressive accountants when working with tax compliance. Hence, you need to verify his or her way of handling income, deductions and others.

4. How do you want to get paid?

This must be asked so as for you to determine if the accountant would charge on per hour rate or a monthly fixed charge. To get the right quote of the accountant’s services, the accountant should be provided with your company’s tax returns.

5. May I ask some references?

In order for you to know more about the previous work of the accountant, you may ask for contact information of his previous clients. By doing so, you can be able to know how well he does his work. They can tell you if he is the right one to hire for the job. Other information can be found at

6. How are you able to deal with multiple entity work?

This should be inquired so as for you to know if your accountant can manage multiple entities if that is what you have in your company.

7. Which tax software or program do you use?

Usually, the software used by accountants is QuickBooks. This is essential because your previous accountants might be required to transfer documents from one program to another. If the accountant you are looking to hire is using complicated tax software, switching of accountants might also be harder.

8. What is your method in sharing information?

Most accountants write newsletters or run blogs to keep clients updated. It can also be in the form of an article or even a concept.

An accountant that is best suited for a job is someone who is comfortable with numbers well. The questions above can be helpful in choosing the right accountant for the job.