Read Your Way to a Happier Life

Everyone has rough days, but sometimes those rough days shift into weeks, or months, or even years.  If you find yourself in a rut, and you aren’t sure what to do to reclaim a level of happiness in your life, consider turning to the wide variety of books, articles, and other publications that may provide the insight you need to change your life.

Whether you are dealing with a situation that is straining your mood, or can’t seem to shake a bad attitude, taking the time to consider what about the situations are upsetting you, and the power that you have to change how you feel, can be made simpler by following the journey an author sets out in their book.

Read Your Way to a Happier Life

Traditional Self-Help Books

The self-help book sector is large and thriving.  Whether you prefer your material with a particular religious or spiritual connection are widely available, as well as those who are based solely on psychology or real-life experience.  Some take a combined approach by integrating the various points of view into a particular path.

While not all serious in nature, many traditional self-help books tend to convey a calm, matter-of-fact delivery combined with a level of reassurance from the author.  This can create a supportive text designed to both lift the spirits of the reader while relaying information that the author believes may be of use.

Non-Traditional Self-Help Books

Some self-help books, such as the works of Karen Salmansohn, work by bringing in a sense of humor and personality into the mix.  These are designed to appeal to those who are not interested in the traditional self-help book angle.  Instead, they present similar information in a format designed to appeal to those who may consider themselves cynical or skeptical of the advice that may be given.

This provides the reader with an opportunity to consider various points without feeling as though the entire books was written while wearing a pair of rose colored glasses.  It can also help certain material to feel more relatable, as the authors often speak to their own mistakes and flaws as sources for the improvements they eventually made.

Anything That Makes You Laugh

When you know what you are experiencing is finite, sometimes all you need is a good laugh to get yourself back on track.  In those cases, reading a section from a comedy-oriented writer, such as Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry, may be enough to lift your spirits.  While authors such as those are not specifically in the business of self-help, the material injects humor into situations that are easy for the reader to relate to, which can create a sense of comradery regarding many of life’s frustrations.

For those with less time, a book full of jokes or those dedicated to comic strips, such as those found in the newspaper, may also provide a bit of comic relief to an otherwise stressful day.  Even books dedicated to your favorite memes or internet-based jokes can be found, allowing your favorite cat pic to elevate your spirits even when you can’t get online.

Regardless of your preference, there are plenty of wonderful books by amazing authors that can help make your day a happier one.  The next time your spirits are down, consider picking one of them up and see if they can bring a smile to your face.