Read Your Way to the Best Look For 2017

Book worms have never been known to be the best of social butterflies.  In fact, whenever you hear the term ‘bookwork’ you immediately associate the girl with nerdy specs, an out of fashion outfit, unimpressive hair and natural makeup.  This generalization is mostly correct because bookworms like you usually focus on great reads such as the top selling books of 2017, the latest news feeds and books that focus on mental and spiritual growth.  But you can now also boost your own personal look by reading up on the latest fashion and accessory trends and styles that are popular right now.  Anyone can become popular, get a great personal look and boost their own confidence as if they just invest in the top trends that are hip right now.

2017 is about much more than just fashion items

The best thing about 2017 is that looking great this year is about much more than just your clothes, hair and makeup.  To look great in 2017 you also have to be healthy and I don’t mean super skinny since healthy curvy bodies are also extremely popular right now.  Basically all you have to do to increase your popularity is go to the gym and post a selfie of yourself in one of those tight fitting gym outfits and you are already halfway there because everyone loves to see other people being active right now.

Read Your Way to the Best Look For 2017

The top jewelry trends for 2017

Jewelry is one of the best fashion investments you can make simply because jewelry is timeless.  Jewelry trends might change but the value of jewelry items never decreases.  In fact, the older a jewelry piece get the higher it escalades in terms of value.   Jewelry is also one of the best ways to make you look much more fashionable. Jewelry pieces by Moti Ferder are currently the most popular trends on the market and a great investment on the long run.

The top fashion trends for 2017

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2017 is ripped and customized skinny jeans.  You can buy accessories to style your jeans at just about any store and create jeans that suit your unique personality.  Along with these custom jeans, blocked heel shoes, corset belts, floral tops and natural tones are also highly popular and definitely look to look for when you go shopping.

The top hair trends for 2017

Ombre is still one of the most popular hairstyles in 2017 but with a slight twist.  Balayage hair is the new top trend for 2017.  This style is a lot like ombre but much more toned down towards the roots and gives a much more elegant finish.

The top makeup trends for 2017

Some of the more shocking makeup trends of 2017 is feathered brows but if you aren’t that into the wild and wacky styles then natural makeup tones with perfectly defined eyebrows or even microblading can give you the perfect hip look that will make you look like a sexy nerd instead of just another bookworm.