Reading Amongst Teens

Parents and teachers usually find themselves reading out loud for younger children. They sort of ignore their older children’s reading, probably assuming that they can read on their own. It’s very important for children in their teenage years to continue with the reading culture. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the reasons why it is important for teens to read.


Reading should be something that teens enjoy doing and they should not look at it like a chore. Many libraries have reading programs or book clubs where teens can leisurely read or compete for book points. Teenagers also engage more and improve on their comprehension when parents read with them, making them understand text better. An article on the National Center for the Learning Disabilities website states that reading for fun improves teenagers’ reading comprehension.

Reading Amongst Teens


This is the information age, and in order for people to get employment, they need to have very high levels of literacy. These teenagers will soon finish school and join the workforce, but in order to advance their careers, it’s a must that they are strong readers. People need strong reading skills in order to run households, participate in community events and function well in a daily social life.

Standardized Testing

Most standardized tests, such as the ACT, have a reading portion. These tests check how well students can read and answer based on passages. There is also the fact that when joining college, candidates might be required to do a number of tests in order to qualify for admittance. Some high schools require exit exams that include reading, before they can let you move on to the next stage. In short, there are bound to be many reading tests along the way and you don’t want your teenager missing out on opportunities.

College Prep

No matter the major that they take, students must read and understand vast amounts of material when they finally join college. That is the reason why high school teachers should prepare teenagers for this by assigning thought-provoking and diverse reading material. Teenagers might not like it, but at the end of the day it is geared towards improving their reading skills for the future. Parents who fear their child is not on course for college material can consult with reading specialists at the high school. There are also community colleges that offer reading classes in readiness for college.

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Reading is something that should be nurtured in teenagers because it provides them with the skills for their future. Parenting Monkey is an online magazine that talks everything about life and parenting. People can learn a lot from it regarding all sorts of situations.