Renewable Energy for Clean, Healthy Environment

Our planet has a huge appetite for energy. Energy is an essential part of our daily lives. We need it to power our homes, to cook our foods, and to do many other important things in life. It is also crucial for businesses as it provides lights, it runs machines, and it powers vehicles. Unfortunately, majority of our energy needs come from unsustainable and dirty energy sources, like fossil fuels, gas, and coal. And as we already know, all of these are harmful and deadly to our environment. In fact, our dependence and addiction on these energy sources have already caused a lot of environmental damages, such as global warming, pollution, destruction of ecosystem, contamination of land, and extinction of wildlife. If we continue to be irresponsible and careless, we will soon destroy our beloved planet.

Well, fortunately, there’s a great solution to our nation’s need for energy sources – and that’s the use of renewable energy. Currently, the United States and other countries from all over the world are making their effort to develop these renewable energy sources, and finally make this world a better place to stay not only for our generation, but especially for the future generation.

renewable energy

While we may not instantly eliminate the damages that are caused by the use of harmful fuels, such as coals and gas, increasing the use of renewable energy supplies is an essential step to save our environment. Renewable energy is the energy that comes from natural resources, so it is widely available in abundant quantity. The best thing is it comes from resources that are continually replenished, which means that it doesn’t deplete, unlike fossil fuels. If the government of every country will be able to develop better ways on how to efficiently harness these renewable energy sources, we will no longer be able to have any problems regarding energy supplies.

Today, our main sources of renewable energy include the following:

  • Solar energy – This is the energy that comes from the sun, which is harnessed by the use of evolving technologies, including solar photovoltaics and solar heating.
  • Wind energy – This energy is generated by extracting the air flow using wind turbines.
  • Hydropower – This energy is produced by moving or running water.
  • Geothermal energy – This is produced by the heat that comes from the Earth. Resources include shallow ground, deep wells, and active hotspots, such as volcanic regions.
  • Biomass energy – This power is derived from plant material and animal waste. It is the oldest source of renewable energy.

Generating energy from renewable sources can definitely heal our wounded environment. And the best thing is if we are able to develop much further of these alternative energy sources, we can definitely step away from our dependence on unstable and deadly energy supplies. In addition, we can also become more prepared in the future and manage better our energy demands. We know that fossil fuels are soon going to run out, but the scary part is nobody knows when that time will come. And to make it more even worse, our energy consumption will grow extremely in the years to come. Clearly, the use of renewable energy sources will be the best answer to our problems.

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