Enhance Your Caliber by Reading Books!

Since the beginning of time, books have been every man’s best friends. Books have no complaints or no demands. Research shows that people who read books are not only smarter; they are more updated with everything around them. They also have more knowledge, are more creative, and have a greater outlook and a different perspective […]

Why you should toss the tech aside and read a book

Reading has been around for years and unfortunately has lost its former glory to technology today. In the old days reading was a main form of entertainment and a privilege to most. Women weren’t even allowed to read during the Renaissance era seeing that reading was only meant for men because they were the intellectuals. […]

Drink Your Favorite Smoothie as You Read Your Favorite Books

Smoothies are some of the most refreshing and delightful drinks we can get our hands on; they are healthy yet exciting! However, it gets even better when you’re drinking nutritious smoothies while reading your most favorite book, sitting in a comfortable place while you dream about lands far away and become one with your favorite […]