The Best April Fool’s Day Books

April Fool’s Day is a great opportunity to play jokes on your friends. If you have a friend whose birthday is April 1st that guarantees tons ‘o’ fun each year. However, maybe you would be better entertained by some great books that focus on this interesting “holiday.” That’s why we will share with you some of the best April Fool’s Day books.

But before we delve into that, get your April monthly calendar prepared. You need to know where the April Fool’s Day concept originated. And then you can schedule which books you want to read throughout the month of April.

So, here’s the simple story behind the holiday. Some say it is because those who celebrate New Year’s on January 1st started making fun of people in France who celebrated it on April 1st. Most likely though, it is part of a tradition during that time of year as many religions have similar celebrations of humor on or around that date.

The Best April Fool’s Day Books

Reading Foolish Books All Month Long

Why not enjoy the humor of April Fool’s Day all month long by scheduling to read these books throughout the month? Here are our suggestions for reading foolish books all month long:

  1. April Foolishness– Appropriately placed at the top of our list, this book should start your month with laughs. Teresa Bateman is the author of this rhyming illustrated book for children. Grandpa must be warned of the disaster that ensues during April Foolishness. Which includes cows stepping on geese? Learn more.
  2. Arthur’s April Fool– Kids love the Arthur series of books. This should just add some further enjoyment to their fond positions. Arthur has to face off with Binky Barnes, the school’s biggest bully. But, Arthur will eventually reveal who the true fool is.
  3. Mud Flat April Fool– As your kids get past some of the easier reads, they might find value in this chapter book. The animals who reside in Mud Flat enjoy the typical April Fool’s jokes. However, not all the tricks are equally successful. You’ll have to read this book to see what goes wrong within its nearly 50 pages. Read this.
  4. Look Out, it’s April Fools’ Day– Marvin and Melvin are the stars of Frank Modell’s humorous easy to read book. The two are friends, but Marvin’s attempts to stump Melvin just don’t seem to work until they inadvertently fool one another.
  5. April Fool!- Willy is a skateboarding storyteller. His friends walk beside him as he skates and weaves his tale. Harriet Ziefert does a phenomenal job creating the amusing storyline with its rhyming text. And, Chris Demarest provides the ink and colorful watercolor sketches that illustrate this easy and laughable read. This book is out of print, so look for it in your library.

And, if you are looking to keep the laughs flowing throughout the month of April, you can add these books to your calendar as well:

  • The Gruffalo
  • Finn McCool and the Great Fish
  • The Saggy Baggy Elephant
  • Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Of course, you might be looking for some grown-up humor so we recommend these top six books:

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. A Confederacy of Dunces
  3. Catch-22
  4. Three Men in a Boat
  5. Cat’s Cradle
  6. One for the Money

But if that’s not enough humor for the month of April, please check this site out.