The Best Books for Dollhouse Lovers

Dollhouses are fantastic.  There probably isn’t a girl child alive that doesn’t desire a cute dollhouse in which to play and many adults never outgrow this desire.  That is why there are so many dollhouse hobbyists out there that simply love to create scaled dollhouse models and figurines. If you are one of these dollhouse lovers that can spend hours or even weeks building fantastic dollhouses then you are probably going to love some of these dollhouse books.

The Best Books for Dollhouse Lovers

The best books for dollhouse hobbyists

A good dollhouse making book can give you all the advice, tips and tricks you need to make the most realistic looking dollhouses super affordably and super-fast.  Here are just a few terrific dollhouse books for hobbyists;

  • Making Character Dolls’ Houses in ½ Scale by Brian Nickolls contains five dollhouse projects that you can make. The book includes complete plans and instructions for creating realistic dollhouses and dollhouse items.
  • Fairy Houses…Everywhere! By Tracy Kane is a good book to check out if you need inspiration for fairy houses of your own. The book contains collections of fairy house photographs as well as habits for different types of fairies that will affect how the houses will look.
  • Small-Scale Modeling by Caroline Osborn gives you full instructions on how to make houses, furniture, human figures, accessories and even plants on a 1/12 scale.

Children’s books about dollhouses

If you love reading about dollhouse making then you are probably going to love reading your child a few dollhouse tales.  Here are the top dollhouse books you can buy for children;

  • The Dollhouse Fairy by Jane Ray is an illustrated children’s book that is about a little girl’s bond with an injured fairy that she finds dollhouse.
  • The Paper Doll’s House of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Birdsall Otis, Aged Twelve by Eric Boman is a book that captures the works of 12 year old Sarah that she did in 1884. The book captures full color photographs of Sarah’s dollhouse artworks.
  • Dollhouse by Anya Allyn is a haunted story about an abandoned mansion that is actually a life-sized dollhouse filled with life sized toys. This is a pretty scary book that is not exactly suitable for young kids. 

Shop the best dollhouses for your child

For most dollhouse lovers, reading about dollhouses simply isn’t enough and they cannot wait to start building their next scale model dollhouse.  It can be quite a mess to keep your children away from your dollhouses because these gorgeous tiny houses are like a magnet to tiny fingers that simply cannot help but play with your delicate collectors’ items.  A great way for dollhouse lovers to keep their children from miniatures is by getting them a KidKraft Dollhouse.  The dollhouses from KidKraft are gorgeous, incredibly realistic and they are specially designed for easy playing.  There are lots of  different fully furniture KidKraft dollhouses to choose from like the Dreamy Dollhouse, the Savannah Dollhouse, the So Chic Dollhouse and many more all of which your child will absolutely adore.