The Best Books You Should Read Before You Pass On

Being a bookworm is a choice. It is either you are truly interested in reading or you are not. Readers are said to have bigger imaginations. They also have a way with words that non – readers will not be able to do. They have the tendency to become good in writing probably because of all the written works that they have read. Sometimes, readers eventually aspire to become writers too. They may start to imitate the writers that they love in the beginning but will be able to pick up their own style of writing in the end.

You have started reading when you were young and as you grew older, the genres of books that you read have also changed in order to accommodate not only your physical age but your mental age and understanding. What type of books do you love to read? Perhaps you have read self-help books in the past because of your desire to naturally increase the size of your breast. The ones you have read may help but you will have amazing results when you check This site has a lot of tips on how you can increase your breast size as soon as you can.

The Best Books You Should Read Before You Pass On

Of course, aside from self-help books you have read books that entertain you greatly. You have read everything from fiction to non-fiction. It is also possible that you have read books that are from the same category but it would not hurt if you can check out some of the best books that you should read before you die. If you don’t, you will be missing out and you may never get the chance to read some of the great stories ever written. Here are a few of the books you should begin to read:

  1. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is known for writing stories that seem haunting. The words are often soulful and comes with a lot of meaning. This Japanese author has captured the hearts and minds of a lot of readers all over the world. This story in particular seems to be dream – like that you may feel that you are in a trance while reading it. This is arguably one of his best works.

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

The fact that this won Pulitzer Prize is already enough proof that you should read this book. This is about the life of two cousins who are Jewish who have experienced life before, during and after the war. A lot of critics have said that this is good and it has proceeded to become a New York Times Bestseller.

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee

Ask anyone who has read this book and a lot of them will tell you that they have already read it. The reason why this book is so powerful is because it talks about how people are usually connected to their town and how their reasoning is affected by where they live. The book may have been around for a long time but it never fails to be liked even by millenials.

Aside from the books that are mentioned above, there are still more, a lot more books that you should check out here. Can you think of other books that you want to add on the list?