The Best Fishing Books You’ll Ever Read

While we may not always see fisherman as the reading type, the fact that most of the time invested in fishing revolves around waiting, might be a good enough reason to pick up a book. And, what better to read while waiting for the fish to bite, than a book about fishing? Unfortunately, it may take a little investigative effort to find a book on that topic. But, thanks to this post, you will have all the information you need.

Fisherman come in all shapes and sizes. There are those that prefer to fish from the shore or a dock. While still others would love the opportunity to explore Cozumel deep sea fishing. After all, that would be quite an exciting experience and awe inducing for all your fishing friends. When you fish there you are looking at snagging, sailfish, marlin, blackfin tuna, grouper, and a host of other big game fish. That’s where the real fishing’s at.

The Best Fishing Books You’ll Ever Read
The Best Fishing Books You’ll Ever Read

But, while you await that opportunity, you can learn a whole lot in these fishing books we are about to suggest.

5 Fishing Books to Add to Your Library

The great thing about fishing is that no matter how successful the event, there are always stories to be told and memories to be made. So, it’s no surprise that some of the books on this list will incorporate “the one that got away” story lines. But, at least it’s entertaining to hear how other people view their time on the water. Therefore, here are 5 fishing books to add to your library:

  1. Angling Escapades– With 70 years of angling know how behind him, Mike Green, writes a book chock full of all those stories we were just talking about. It will keep you laughing when the line’s not moving.
  2. Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die– Chris Santella traverses some of the most scenic fly fishing locales you can imagine. While it is not an actual guidebook, it will make you hungry for international fly fishing experiences like his.
  3. The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain’s Journey- Putting a female writer on this list is kind of exciting. Linda Greenlaw was the only female swordboat captain in the world when the story took place. Her expertise and sheer dedication are worthy of applause. Read this.
  4. The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told– Written by Lamar Underwood, this book packs in 28 phenomenal fishing stories. No matter where your personal fishing preference lies, there is a story in here that will relate to your desires. Who knows, you might just find the catalyst for greater adventure in one of these.
  5. The Longest Silence– Thomas McGuane composes a series of essays that cover a lifetime of fishing success and failure. You can almost feel this man’s soul in the midst of the pages as he relays his expertise and love of every kind of fishing imaginable. Keep in mind that this is more a lifetime of stories, not a how-to or guidebook. Learn more.

There are so many other books that could have made our list. It is often hard to pick just a few to offer our readers. So, rather than allow you to miss out on some really great reads, we suggest you check this out for additional suggestions.