The Best Lenses for Panasonic G85 That Will Give You The Best Photos

Having the right photography skills are not the only pre-requisites for great photos, a great lens makes all the difference. That explains why in some cases you will find lenses that are more expensive than cameras. In as much as you will buy a camera with a lens, in some situations you will need additional lenses depending on the kind of photography that you are planning to do. There are micro and macro lenses and they all have their functionality.

The Lumix G85 has seen a growth in popularity in the recent past due to the great features it hold such as: 4K video capabilities, weatherproof body, micro four thirds sensor and the 5-axis image stabilization among many other features. The G85 is among the best mid-range mirrorless camera. Some of the best Panasonic g85 lenses include:

The Best Lenses for Panasonic G85 That Will Give You The Best Photos
The Best Lenses for Panasonic G85 That Will Give You The Best Photos

Panasonic LUMIX VARIO 12-35 mm F2.8 ASPH X

It prides in being the first mirroless camera that has a fixed aperture standard zoom lens. It has been made in a great design that is both compact and waterproof. The great feature that makes this lens popular is the fact that it has a power IOS feature that helps one to have an excellent image quality. With the lens you don’t have to worry about lens flare ghost effects as it has a Nano surface coating to take care of that. The disadvantage of that lens is the fact that it is expensive.

Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8

If you are looking for unparalleled shooting versatility, then this is the lens to go for. With its wide focal length, you can take photos of any genre without compromising on quality. Its superfast fixed aperture makes is great for portraits. It has great performance under low light conditions. The lens has an impeccable quality build hence can be used under any weather conditions.

Its disadvantage is lack of image stabilization and high price tag.

Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6

If you are looking for a lens with an impressive zoom range (28-280mm on full frame), then that’s the lens to go for. It is best suitable for micro four-thirds cameras due to its range 14-140mm. The lens is loaded with multicoated elements to make sure that you get excellent image quality since it has great color accuracy and contrast. The lens does not have ghosting or lens flare due to the elements. The lens has low dispersion elements to take care if distortions and aberrations, and three aspherical elements to ensure you get a sharp and clear image. The lens contains a stepping motor to make sure that you have a fast and quieter autofocus which is a great feature for shooting video images.

The disadvantage of the lens is that it does not have a constant aperture which can be compensated by its versatility of 14-140mm f/3/5-5.6. Its other disadvantage is the fact that it has more sharpness as the center of the image than at the corners.