The Best “Secret Baby” Books

Your own baby is certainly not a secret. However, maybe you long for that mysterious storyline. You are looking for a novel in which the secret child of two star-crossed lovers comes to the forefront as either the antagonist or protagonist. You want something juicy to read about. You are looking for the best “secret baby” books and you have found them here.

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The Best “Secret Baby” Books

Secret Children of Star Crossed Lovers and the Books They Reside in

Some of us find great pleasure in the pages of a romance novel. Others, though, are looking for a little more intrigue. Sure, we want to read all the love story sappiness, but we want the unexpected plot to sing through the pages as well. If you are one of those types, the books on this list should make you quite happy:

  • Forever My Girl– Penned by Heidi McLaughlin as part of the Beaumont Series, a young man returns to his high school sweetheart and the rest is for you to read.
  • Craving Constellations– This one adds the intrigue of a motorcycle club and secrets that will shatter the main character’s life. It’s part of The Aces series and is written by Nicole Jacquelyn.
  • Until Lilly- Some things are meant to be given a second chance. At least that’s what Cash and Lilly hope will occur in this novel by Aurora Rose Reynolds.
  • The Tycoon’s Revenge– Not everything is as it seems. Lies we hold on to may just destroy our hopes of future happiness. Jasmine and Derek are about to discover this truth when fate brings them back together again. Enjoy Melody Anne’s book, a part of the Baby for the Billionaire series.
  • Almost Perfect– Part two of the Fool’s Gold series, this book brings Ethan face to face with the son he never knew existed. And it offers a second chance at love with Liz, his high school sweetheart. But can it work? Explore Susan Mallery’s book for yourself. Read more about this author.
  • Taming Mad Max– This is Theresa Regan’s piece about a football jock who thinks he’s destined to die early and is therefore in no hurry to participate in a long term, serious romance. His baby mom is still mad and he doesn’t even know their daughter exists.
  • Whiskey Lullaby– Dawn Martens’ first book in the Love Songs series. Julie and Jase have quite a battle ahead of them. Can they quell the desire while fueling the fire?
  • Three Wishes– If you are looking for a link between fantasy and romance, Kristen Ashley’s book is the answer. Lily will use one of her remaining two wishes to create the man of her dreams in Nathaniel. Only Nate doesn’t know it. Learn more.

If these books don’t grab your attention and send you heading to your local (or online bookstore), then you might want to read the rest of them on the list, here.