The Importance of Listening in language Learning

Most of us would love to learn that foreign language so that it can improve our career skills and also boost our social skills when talking to foreigners. It also feels good just knowing a foreign language. That, however, can be one of the most challenging tasks for most people if not done right. Listening while learning is one of the most important skills, since learning the language could involve imitating sounds or words. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of listening in language learning.

Listening Is an Active Process

Listening to a foreign language is the best way to learn it, although most people feel lost when they aren’t talking it, confusing a silent process with a passive one. Getting the right listening techniques will make people feel better about the learning process.

The “Silent Period” Is Golden

When most children are learning a foreign language, they usually go through a “silent period” where they are quiet, unlike adults who try to go straight to talking. This “silent period” is actually very important since people don’t get overwhelmed, leading to a task overload. When people are quiet, they get the most from listening, although speaking also motivates the learning process greatly.

Your Brain Is a Foreign Language Goldfish

The memory becomes a short term one when it is in a foreign language and we can often forget something that has just been said in the foreign language. Listening is one of the most effective ways to overcome this. When we listen to foreign languages being spoken, the brain automatically segments (unconscious process) the information based on the rules for how it is spoken according to the knowledge we have, converting them into images for goldfish storage. We aren’t familiar with the segmentation rules for the foreign language and this means that the short term memory has to store all the words individually. Listening is the best way for this short term memory to familiarize with the segmentation rules.

The Importance of Listening in language Learning
The Importance of Listening in language Learning

The Best Outdoor Speakers

Still on the topic of listening, it is very important to use the best speakers if you’re using audios to learn the foreign language. This way, one can hear all the words and pronunciations clearly. We are now going to look at the best wired outdoor speakers.

The Best Outdoor Speakers with Maximum Power and Loudness: The Klipsch AW-650

These are durable non-commercial speakers with a UV-resistant enclosure, non-corrosive aluminum grille, easy draining input cup and heavy gauge zinc C-bracket that produce quality sounds for years to come.

The Best Environmental Rock Outdoor Speakers: The Klipsch AW-650-SM

Coming with a dual tweeter design, these speakers are available in a granite or sandstone rock finish and feature a durable UV-resistant and a dual voice coil polymer woofer for clean, clear sound all season long.

The Best Cheap Omnidirectional On-Ground Outdoor Speakers: The TIC GS3

These are the perfect budget-tier 360 degree speakers on a budget, featuring a water-proof design and durable ASB polypropylene housing is perfect for any outdoor environment from the harshest winter to the hottest summer.

The Best Outdoor Speakers with Strong Bass: The Definitive Technology 6500 (or the smaller 5500)

These outdoor speakers feature high excursion active drivers pressure-coupled to racetrack-shaped low-bass radiators for a great bass experience without compromising the weather-tight seal for ultimate placement flexibility, reliability, and performance.

The Best Cheap/Budget Outdoor Speakers: The Yamaha NS-AW150

Coming in at under $100, these are the perfect budget speakers, featuring 120 watts’ maximum power capacity, 35 watts nominal.

The Best Cheap Outdoor Speakers with Strong Bass: The Dayton IO655 (or the smaller 525)

These are also perfect for penny pinchers that would like a strong bass experience.

The Best Active/Powered Outdoor Speakers: The OSD Audio BTP650

These are active or powered speakers that just need to be plugged in to a power source to work. Bluetooth is used to connect to players, hence no need for wires.


Listening is one of the best techniques of learning a foreign language, as we have seen above, and it is therefore to ensure that you have the best learning material. The speakers mentioned above can be used for both learning and entertaining for the ultimate experience.