The Newest Method to Weight Loss

Every person who’s ever dreamed of losing weight knows just how difficult and challenging the process can be. Many people have tried many different methods, but not every method has worked for every person that’s ever tried it. Some achieve success through dieting, others, who have difficulty controlling their diet try to exercise, take slimming drugs, etc. If none of those methods have worked for you and you still want to lose a few extra pounds to look good in that new dress, then we have just the thing for you. Try some Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss, as it will surely help you lose weight.

help for loosing weight

What is the green coffee bean extract?

As the name suggests, it is made out of green coffee beans and contains a substance known as Chlorogenic Acid, which is what causes people to lose weight. These are no magic beans, just ordinary, unroasted coffee beans. Since coffee beans are naturally full of antioxidants and several different useful chemical compounds, they work best when they’re unroasted. Roasted beans lose a lot of the Chlorogenic Acid, hence the reason why this bean extract cannot work with roasted beans.

How does it work?

Experiments were conducted on a group of 30 overweight individuals to see if the green coffee beans would help them reduce their weight. They were divided into 2 groups and the first group drank normal instant coffee while the other group had instant coffee which had 200 gms of green coffee bean extracts. The experiment went on for 12 weeks, during which, they were weighed regularly every week.

Those who drank the green coffee beans with their coffee lost a significant amount of weight compared to those who only drank regular coffee. Even Dr. Oz, in another experiment, reported on his television show that people who drank green coffee beans extract lost a lot more weight than people who didn’t. And the best part of it all, they didn’t face and negative side-effects either, which is not something every other weight loss supplement can guarantee.

Other effects of green coffee beans

Green coffee bean extracts have other benefits as well, aside from just the weight loss. Experiments show that it is safer than green tea and that it has a positive effect on our metabolism, reducing glucose absorption in our bodies, which is also a good management for diabetes. It is also good for the heart, as has a positive effect on our blood vessels.

Furthermore, it has been found that a dose of around 140-720 mg every day can significantly reduce blood pressure, which is once again good for the heart. As mentioned before, it also works as an antioxidant, which is also good for the skin as well as for weight loss.

Bottom Line

Try Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss, as it is a surefire way to lose that unwanted weight. It can also be useful for a lot of different things, for diabetes and heart disease management, for instance so do try green coffee beans, as they’re a healthy way to lose weight.