Top Things to Read When You Are Tired Of Books

Books are fantastic.  They improve your ability to read, they improve your general knowledge and they can magically transport you into a crazy and imaginative world where anything can happen.  A book is a great escape from your stressful life and calms you in a way nothing else can.  But to read takes time and fewer and fewer people have time these days.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up reading entirely.  There are plenty of websites that is loaded with great articles that can provide you with all the great benefits of reading books and does not take up a fraction of the time that books consume.

Why readers are addicted to Can You Actually

Can You Actually is a great website for readers who love to read but don’t have the time to get into the mood that book reading requires.  The website is fantastic for expanding your general knowledge because it is loaded with great articles about interesting facts, occurrences and developments.  Or you can alleviate depression and improve your social skills by reading some of the funniest and most hilarious things in the world.

Top Things to Read When You Are Tired Of Books

Top things to check out on Can You Actually

Would you rather questions – The would you rather questions are great for improving your social skills, breaking awkward silences and for giving your mind a mental image that you simply cannot shake.  These tough questions are also great for getting to know your friends better and finding out how they feel about some of the most embarrassing or painful things in the world.

Interesting articles – Readers who read to improve their general knowledge should definitely check out the interesting page and read up on interesting facts and happenings in the world.  You can learn something interesting in less than twenty minutes and find out something crazy like what happens when you reward monkeys unequally or check out the thirty greatest conspiracy theories in history.

Hilarious things – Hilarious articles are always great for fighting depression and for putting you in a great mood before you go out to your friends.

OMG Hacks – These crazy things that people did and some of the crazy DIY solutions that people are using can transform your life for the better and make common difficulties in your life a lot easier.  There are also some fantastic home improvement tips and DIY ideas that you would absolutely love to try for yourself.

Other great sites for readers

Local news sites – It is always good to find out what is happening locally instead of just reading about the craziest things in the world.  Your local news feed is just as important as a good book because you can brush up on everything that is happening in your area.

Social sites – Social sites can be a waste of time to readers because it is often loaded with a lot of false junk and complaints by your friends that you would much rather avoid.  But there are some great pages to follow on social sites that can give you useful or interesting information.  Plus you will actually know to ask your friends about certain things that are happening in their lives.