Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

There are a lot of fantastic benefits to playing music instruments.  When you can play a music instrument you increase the capacity of your memory, you refine your organization skills, you learn perspective, you build team skills, increase your mathematical capabilities and much more.  There is no doubt that learning to play a music instrument will benefit you.  The only problem is figuring out what music instrument to play when there are so many choices out there.  If you want to play something a bit different and be a bit different then perhaps it is time to give the trombone a try.

Is the trombone the right music instrument for you?

The trombone might look simple but is actually one of the hardest music instruments to play because you have to control your breath and trombone slides.  To be a successful trombone player you need strong lungs and a lot of patience.

Trombone Tips to Read Before You Give This Hobby a Try

Find the best student trombone

Band Instruments Guide is a review site that you can check out to find a good quality student trombone.  The site features reviews on all of the best student trombones like the Getzen 351 trombone with its chrome-plated nickel silver inner hand slide or the Yamaha YSL-254 trombone that is easy to hold thanks to the nickel silver bracing guards.  These trombone reviews will give you a good idea on how to pick the best student trombone and what to look for when you are starting out.  You can also check out all of the pros and cons of each different trombone.

Online trombone lessons you can check out

You can learn to play the trombone even if there aren’t any trombone tutors available in your area because there are so many online tutorials that can also give you expert advice on playing the trombone.  YouTube, for example, has lots of free trombone lessons available that you can use to get started in this music instrument.

Trombone books to check out

On Amazon you can find quite a few trombone books that will help you learn this music instrument.  Here are just a few trombone books that you can pick up for under $10;

  • Essential Elements for Band – Trombone Book 1 by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Yamaha Band Student Trombone, Book one by Sandy Feldstein and John O’ Reilly
  • Essential Elements 2000; Book 2(Trombone) by Hal Leonard Corp
  • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nolin

Look for local trombone bands

The best way to practice a music instrument is by joining up with friends or music groups for performances.  Look for a local marching band and try to sign up with them so you can practice and have fun while learning your trombone.

Learn to care for your trombone

You should also learn how to care for your trombone properly before buying a trombone so you can invest in the right gear.  A trombone should be stored and hauled around in a secure trombone case to prevent scratching, bending and denting.  You also need to know how to clean your trombone correctly so you don’t end up scratching your music instrument.