Ways to Promote Your Book

Writing a book is one of the best feelings in the world. It gives you a chance to pour your heart out on the pages. However, publishing it and then promoting it can be a pain.

The promotion of your book doesn’t end with the launches. In this world of digital gadgets, your promotion might go longer than expected as your digital books and audiobooks are always in stock. Therefore, you have to keep on marketing these for better sales and fame.

Before going to the promotion part of writing a book, make sure you have taken care of all the necessities. In Today’s era of Kindle, mobile phones or tablets embrace digital/audiobooks and that holds equal importance as the hard copies. If you haven’t converted you book into an audiobook yet, without further ado look for audiobook narrators for hire. This process is very simple to follow. The voice realm provides variety audiobook narrators for you to choose from.

Ways to Promote Your Book
Ways to Promote Your Book

The simple process consists of choosing a number of artists and then auditioning them. You listen to the samples you receive and then choose the artist you like, after that you make a payment and receive your audiobook. They have a wide database from which you can look for the artist you want. You can either choose a male artist or a female artist. Moreover, they have artists in different age groups.

There are a few things you should know before hiring an artist for your audiobook. They get paid based on the word count of your book and not at the time of the recording. You can choose one from different speeds. The voice over artist can speak in slow, regular, and fast manner. Another significant thing is that you get the audio in raw format. It is neither cleaned nor is any background music added. If you need any further editing you need to specify that.

After you are done converting your book into an audiobook you can come to the promoting part of your publishing experience. Here are some of the effective ways to promote your book:

Make a Facebook page:

Facebook is the first and foremost advertising and promoting medium that should come to your mind. Once you are done publishing your book, make a Facebook page and promote it as much as possible. Only making the Facebook page won’t do the task. You will have to post regularly regarding the book. Post pictures and videos of the launch. Create events for the launch and post these on your page.

Furthermore, timely response to all the comments you get attracts a lot of readers. Don’t take a long time in replying. Give short, to the point and on time replies to all the comments. You should also avail the live feature, go live every now and then to engage the readers and tell them that their queries and problems are listened to.

Send free copies:

In today’s digital era bloggers are as much of a celebrity as the TV and movie celebrities. Millions of folks follow and worship these bloggers. As a promotion conduct a survey and find bloggers that are into reading. Send them free copies of your book and ask them to review your book, this way just in a matter of days you will be able to promote your book to millions of people.


Who doesn’t like gifts or goodies for free? Holding a giveaway related to your book on your Instagram and Facebook that engages people in certain activities can boost the promotion of your book. You can ask the contestants to play a game or do a quiz based on your book and then tag a few individuals in the comments. This way you can reach more persons every day.