Ways to Turn the Heat Up While Reading

Winter is the best time for reading.  In winter it is too cold to really enjoy the outdoors.  You are also constantly battling the flu or bronchitis in winter which makes it basically impossible to enjoy sports.  So why bother with outdoors activities at all when you can read books and be safe and snug inside. Your books will instantly transport you to another world where you will escape the chilly winter weather and follow your favorite characters through on their quests.  But no one likes to read while they are shivering in cold.  Here are some great ways to be warmer on your winter reading days.

Ways to Turn the Heat Up While Reading

Get a tankless water heater

There is nothing like reading a fantastic novel in a hot tub of water while sipping a glass of crisp wine.   There is also nothing more annoying than lusting for such a hot tub reading session only to find that your old geyser is no longer providing hot enough water.  A tankless water heater is just what you need to get your tub water extra hot every time you are in the mood for reading.  These heaters are attached to your home’s water mains and do not require a tank in the roof.  The water is heated as it flows through the heater which means you will never run out of hot water and you won’t be constantly wasting energy on keeping water warm in the geyser.  Check out some of the best tankless water heater reviews to have a look at some hot water systems.

Invest in a few hot water bags

If you love to read in bed or on a sofa then a few hot water bags are just what you need.  You can apply hot water bags to all the chilliest areas of your body and cuddle around the hot water bags comfortably.

Get a coffee maker

Coffee is always yummy in winter and always goes terrific with a bit of light reading.  With a coffee maker you can enjoy coffee without all the hassles of making coffee and your coffee will be restaurant quality delicious coffee each and every brew.

Fleece blankets are always great

Heat systems are good for heating up a home but nothing ever beats that fuzzy snuggly feeling of curling up into a big sofa with a fleece blanket while your eyes slide over the pages of a book.

Read something hot

If you are looking for a bit of inner heat then a hot book is just what you need.  You can check out some of the hottest selling naughty books like works by Sylvia Day or E.L. James.  These are sure to put some color in your cheek no matter how chilly the day is.

Get a fireplace

Fireplaces are always terrific for winter times and will create the ultimate reading vibe in your home.  You don’t have to install a huge fireplace these days.  You can invest in a small, steel fireplace and still enjoy all the benefits that large fireplaces have in store for homes.