When You are Looking for Water in a Book Title, Read These

Some of us are hugely fascinated by water. We love to drink it, swim in it, listen to it gurgle in a stream or crash on the shores of a beach. Water is soothing, cleansing, and health-instilling. When we have the opportunity to pair our love of water with our love of reading, life is all the more grand. So, when you are looking for “water” in a book title, read these books on our list.

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When You are Looking for Water in a Book Title, Read These

Books That Might Include Water

Bear in mind that the books on our list simply include the word “water” in the title. That does not mean they are water-based storylines, or that water even plays a significant role in the theme. However, these books should bode well for your reading pleasure out by the lake or relaxing on the white sands of a sunlit beach. Here are the books that might include water, for your reading indulgence:

  • Water for Elephants– Penned by Sara Gruen, this book is about a train jumping orphan by the name of Jacob Jankowski. He finds his refuge in the circus and you’ll find yours in the hands of this 335 page paperback.
  • The Water is Wide: A Memoir– Please recall the Prince of Tides, as this book is by the same author, Pat Conroy. This is his true life story about the time he invested on Yamacraw Island and how much its people gave him in return. Learn more.
  • The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother– James McBride writes about his mother and the men she married, and the children she raised. Many believe this book to be wholly inspiring as it touches on issues of racial identity, compassion, realism, and insight.
  • Water Music– This is T.C. Boyle’s first novel, and is on its 25th Two interesting individuals meet in the heart of Africa, at its darkest, in the late 18th century. One is a thief and pimp, while the other is a Scottish explorer. This book is full of wit and fierce descriptions.
  • The Hidden Messages in Water- A New York Times bestseller, Masaru Emoto’s book, which was translated by David A. Thayne, is only 159 pages long. The concept is that our thoughts, emotions, and words can literally effect molecules of water. It’s worthy of further investigation, so you can learn more about it here.
  • Green Grass, Running Water- Written by Cherokee author, Thomas King, Green Grass, Running Water gives readers a glimpse of the Native American Sun Dance. Three individuals return to the Blackfoot reservation for the ceremony only to discover nothing in their lives will ever be the way it was.

This is not an all-inclusive list, so feel free to click this to read some more great books. And, if you have realized that the water you are currently ingesting may be in need of help, the PurifierAdvisors are a great source of information and guidance.