Why You Should Read Up On Juan Pablo Molyneux before Starting Your Career in Interior Design

Choosing a career path is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life and you have to research interior designing properly before you decide on this career path so you don’t end up in a line of work that you cannot maintain or simply don’t like.  One of the best ways to find out if interior designing is for you is by reading up on one of the world’s most famous interior designers such as Juan Pablo Molyneux.  By reading up about the life, experiences and actions of a famous interior designer you will know exactly what to aim for when it comes to your own career and you will know all about the ups and downs in interior designing.

Why You Should Read Up On Juan Pablo Molyneux before Starting Your Career in Interior Design

Learn what type of person you should be to be successful in this profession

Yes, you have to be a certain type of person to be successful in interior designing.  Juan Pablo Molyneux, for example is exceptionally good with people and with making contacts.  To this very day his main way of promoting his business is through word of mouth.  He is ultimately creative and is never afraid of any challenges when it comes to interior designing.  Molyneux has no fears when it comes to traveling and to handling even the biggest of projects or starting his own firm.  If you want to be an interior designer you have to be creative, good with people, fearless and hard working.

Find out what qualifications you need for interior design

Juan Pablo Molyneux studies architecture and interior designing at universities.  By following in his footsteps you will get the best possible start on your career path so you will be able to make a success of your own firm or out of working as a designer in a major design firm.

Learn what it takes to become an interior designer

Interior designing is not just fun and games and certainly entails a lot more than drawing up a few creative images on paper.  Molyneux, for example, has hands on approach when it comes to his projects.  He is constantly on site where he controls the project and ensures that everything is going according to plan.  He is also completely informed when it comes to all of the latest fashion, art and décor trends.

Find out what it is like to own an interior design firm

If you are planning on starting your own design firm one day then you might want to read up on a few interviews that Juan Pablo Molyneux did throughout the years because that is exactly where you will find out what it takes to run your own interior design firm and whether it is worth the time and investment or not.

Find out what life is like for interior designers

Is interior design all that you think it might be?  Do you actually get to enjoy life and traveling while you are handling one massive project after another?  Is the fame and criticism worth it?  All of these questions can be answered by simply reading up about Molyneux’s life and his choices.