Why you should toss the tech aside and read a book

Reading has been around for years and unfortunately has lost its former glory to technology today. In the old days reading was a main form of entertainment and a privilege to most. Women weren’t even allowed to read during the Renaissance era seeing that reading was only meant for men because they were the intellectuals. I remember as a child how much joy I got out of reading, getting lost at sea with Captain Nemo or imagining myself in every story I read. It is sad that reading doesn’t play such a huge part in our daily lives anymore especially considering how easy it is to have 1000 books stored on one kindle or tablet. Here are a few reasons why we should take time out of the bustle and settle down with a book.

Why you should toss the tech aside and read a book

Enhance your verbal abilities

We all know that words are powerful and with words come knowledge. Reading gives us joy and relaxation but also allows you to better your vocabulary and increase your verbal ability. Words that you might have never heard of can sometimes be found and learnt while reading your favorite book. I am sometimes amazed when at the age of 35 I still learn new words. The best training for your brain is to read a book in other words you will get smart by reading! Read more about the benefits of reading for your brain.

Improve your concentration

With so many children suffering from ADD today, it is quite obvious that we need more reading in the world. Reading a book will help improve your concentration and focus allowing you or your child to be able to focus better on other things like work and homework. Click here to read more about scientific research that proves how good reading is for you.

Support the arts

Authors don’t hold the same esteem as they did in the old days where books were the main form of entertainment. Support the authors and in turn the arts by purchasing new books, reading them and enjoying it. You will do your part for creativity and get an enriching experience at the same time.

Reduce stress with reading

Reading is fantastic for stress -relief. Just the idea of letting yourself go into an imaginary world and seeing the world through the author’s eyes will allow you to escape your own harsh reality for a bit. Sometimes it is better to step away from your concerns and come back to it later to get a better perspective.

Great in-flight entertainment

If you are planning a trip, say for example you want to fly to Florida make sure you take a book with you. It is a known fact that people that are anxious fliers feel calmer during a flight by reading a book. It is a great method to cut your trip short. If I read on a plane I tend to forget that I am flying.